Gym Knee Sleeves Review

Gym Knee Sleeves Review

A knee sleeve has numerous advantages and can assist anyone with their physical chores as needed.

Knee Sleeves & Compression Brace (1 Pair) With Gym Bag - IPF Approved - for Squats, Fitness, Weightlifting, and Powerlifting - Gymreapers 7MM Sleeve Pair - For Men & Women - 1 Year Warranty (Large)
  • MAXIMIZE ATHLETIC PERFORMANCE & LONGEVITY - Through strenuous product testing, research and experience our 7MM neoprene knee sleeves will provide superior knee support and protection for years into your fitness endeavors. Keeping our community strong and healthy as they achieve and surpass their health and fitness goals.
  • STOP KNEE PAIN & PREVENT INJURIES -With reinforced stitching & 7MM neoprene material, the compression effects from our knee sleeve pair are shown to assist in recovery, mobility, and injury prevention. Determine your size by referring to the photo gallery..
  • EQUIPPING ALL YOUR FITNESS NEEDS - We included a reinforced gym bag at no charge to store and carry all of your gym equipment. A perfect fix to the problem of carrying too many things at once.
  • 5 STAR CUSTOMER SERVICE & QUALITY- Discover why our customers rate Gymreapers #1 in customer service and product quality. Our products are backed with a 60-day hassle free return option. Try them risk free today!
  • JOIN THE MOVEMENT - Whether you're powerlifting, cross training, weightlifting, bodybuilding, or trying to figure out where to begin our knee sleeves are perfect for your chosen craft. With our 1 Year Warranty, get a free replacement if you have any issues. 100% Guaranteed.

The sleeves are impactful enough to help decrease pain while granting you the absence of injuries.

The sleeves likewise aid in keeping muscles more effectively, which can make the force seem much less intense and all the more sensible. 

About Gym reapers knee sleeves

Gymreapers is one of the very few companies that offer knee sleeves for strength training. Most people are not aware of the dangers of using knee-highs when lifting weights. If your gym has heavy bags or other hard surfaces, you may experience knee pain after a while. 

That's because the weights pounding will eventually wear down the cartilage on the inside of your knees. 

It can lead to arthritis or something else that will cause you pain. Using knee sleeves can prevent this from happening. 

Is it good to wear knee sleeves while working out?

They fit securely over your regular gym shorts and provide a layer of padding between your knees and the hard surfaces. It prevents stress on your knees and allows them to recover more quickly. 

Knee sleeves are an essential item if you plan to do any strength training for any period. They are an excellent investment for those who already have knee problems and healthy individuals who want to prevent future problems.


  • Neoprene knee support sleeves can be used as compression sleeves to relieve pain, swelling, and inflammation. It helps you perform better and recover faster.
  • Made high-quality neoprene material that provides outstanding support. Ultra-flexible, lightweight, portable and easy to wear.
  • One size fits all–ideal for both men (6″-14″) & women (5″-13″). Knee sleeve is 8″(L)x10″(W). Additional sizes also available.
  • Made for strength training and heavy lifting. Perfect for Powerlifting, Cross Training, Weightlifting, Bodybuilding and much more.
  • Hand washable and dryable. Compression knee sleeve offers support during workouts and keep knees warmer to prevent injuries.


Are lifting knee sleeves worth it?
  • Black/White, Military Green/Black, and Black/Red are three different colour schemes available.
  • There are small sizes as well as larger sizes up to XXL.
  • Knee support is provided, and injuries are avoided.
  • A one-year warranty is included, as well as a 60-day money-back guarantee.


  • The skull graphic may fade over time
  • It is expensive

Customer reviews

  • The knee sleeves are great; they fit legs of all sizes, they help with knee pain during training. – (February 13th, 2018).
  • I bought them because of the seller’s promises, and after receiving them, I realized that it was worth the money. I’m so happy that these had helped me a lot because, before them, I felt terrible, but now my knees hurt less than when I started with these exercises… Amazing! – (February 23rd, 2018).
  •  I am so happy with these knee sleeves, I have suffered from bad knees for a long time, and when I got them, they helped!! – (March 12th, 2018).
  •  They are really good; they are padded and support my knees and make them less sore. – (December 2nd, 2018).
  • The knee sleeves that I ordered came pretty quickly and fitted perfectly. The quality is excellent as the material is very thick. My knees feel so much better, and I think they help a lot. – (February 18th, 2018).


RockTape Knee Sleeves: 

Rocktape Assassins Knee Compression Sleeves, Knee Brace for Weightlifting, Cross Training & Working Out - Reduce Strain & Swelling (2 Sleeves)
  • SUPPORT, COMPRESSION & WARMTH RockTape Assassins provide support, compression and warmth to your knees during any activity, from cross training to weightlifting to running!
  • TWO LEVELS OF SUPPORT RockTape Assassins are available in both 5mm and 7mm Neoprene thicknesses - 5mm is great for general workouts and WODs, while 7mm is perfect for those who exclusively weightlift or need extra support due to knee pain.
  • SOLD AS A PAIR RockTape Assassins Knee Sleeves are always sold as a pair. You have two knees, so you deserve two sleeves!
  • ONE YEAR WARRANTY RockTape Assassins carry an industry-exclusive 1-year warranty against defects in craftsmanship that cause seams to tear or materials to fail. Work out with confidence!

If you are looking for a cheaper alternative to Gymreaper knee sleeves, RockTape knee sleeves are also perfect and can provide you with the same benefits. 

RockTape is a compression sleeve in various sizes and colour schemes to fit any needs. The manufacturer also offers a money-back guarantee with unlimited warranties on all of their products, which makes them very appealing to these reviews.

Bear KompleX Elbow Sleeves: 

Bear KompleX Elbow Sleeves, 1 Pair for Instant Support and Compression for at-Home Workouts, Reduces Joint Pain, Stimulates Muscles for Weightlifting, Powerlifting, Bench Press, and Crossfit
  • 😎CRUSH YOUR AT-HOME WORKOUTS: This listing is for a pair of Bear KompleX Elbow Sleeves that not only provide great physical compression & protection but give you the mindset needed to perform your best. Sleeves help prevent injuries by keeping your elbow tight and warm. Perform better without experiencing any discomfort or pain. It relieves tension and has the right amount of pressure to keep your arms moving.
  • 💪ELBOW SLEEVES ARE 5mm FOR OPTIMAL SUPPORT AND COMFORT. Don’t miss your next workout due to pain and discomfort from your last heavy arm day. We’re here to do the hard work for you. These Elbow Sleeves will help your blood flow closer to your muscles and joints rather than your skin. Elbow sleeves help prevent the inflammation of tissue and reduces swelling. It’ll help you achieve higher performance.
  • 📈MEASURE CORRECTLY: Our goal is to help you GET BETTER, so be sure to check out our sizing chart to get the right size sleeves for YOU. Simply measure the circumference of your flexed bicep across the center. Are you in-between sizes? Consider sizing up! They are comfortable and lightweight; made for athletes to improve performance. We are so confident you will love our Bear KompleX products, that if your expectations are not met for any reason, we will refund you within 60-days of purchase
  • 💪HIGH QUALITY AND DURABLE: Bear KompleX Elbow Sleeves are made from high-quality materials and are guaranteed to retain elasticity and support. While performing a variety of exercises, Bear KompleX Elbow Sleeves will stay in place. They are snug, comfortable, lightweight, and made for athletes to improve performance and break that personal record!
  • 🏆WEAR IT LIKE THE PROS: As an Official Sponsor of the CrossFit Games, Bear KompleX products are top-notch and trusted by the best athletes. When you use Bear KompleX you are using the same gear as the pros.

In a similar way to RockTape, Bear KompleX offers elbow sleeves that come in various sizes and colour schemes.

Their sleeves are also very affordable, and they provide 60-day trial periods to allow you to test their products.


Knee sleeves are an essential part of any workout, especially if you intend to lift weights or perform any physically demanding exercise.

Gymreapers knee sleeves go above and beyond all expectations, providing the most comfortable and impact-absorbing materials available. 

In addition, they offer a significant level of support while still allowing the user to move freely without feeling restricted.

The only downside of the sleeves is their price, which makes them difficult to justify over cheaper alternatives.

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