In present scenario, it has become very difficult to keep your body healthy and fit but due to continuous lethargic work of the day, it becomes impossible to the body to respond to some situations. People have to be careful of their diet as it will directly affect immunity system and can cause severe problems at a later stage of life.

Certain fat burner side effects come due to mismanaged diet schedule where the food mainly involves unhealthy oil for the body. The fat burner generally contains all those chemicals which affect the appetite of the human body and there are certain harmful reasons which affect the lifestyle of a normal human.

It is a human characteristic to want a quick fix to any given problem. That is why fat burner supplements are so popular when it comes to losing weight. The fat burners work by affecting your hormone levels, and as a result fat is metabolized in one’s body as a source of energy. However, there are some thermogenic effects that fat burners have which causes a rise in metabolism and body temperature.

Studies have shown that fat burners do work rapidly but they are accompanied with major side effects. It is important that we learn about fat burner-side effects. Some of these effects include:

Blood Pressure

As we have seen earlier, fat burner works by increasing body temperature and metabolism. This in return increases the heart rate which results to high blood pressure. Didrex which is a common fat burner is said to cause an increased heart rate and high blood pressure. products:- Theobromine, Forskoin

The people should eat within the limits as recommended as it will balance the authorised claiming of the food and retain it. This will certainly keep the blood pressure in limits even as everything in excess is a cause of a big problem.


The dehydration problem is very dangerous as it complete effects the performance and response of the body. It is important to eat healthy food which can protect you from headaches and eating medicines to cure them. The best remedy to resolve such problems is eating home-made food which will give enough energy to stand and work properly during the entire day. products:- Green Coffee Extract, Caffeine

Many people overlook dehydration; which is a very dangerous condition. Dehydration normally results to headaches and in very severe cases one may even collapse. Fat burners normally cause dehydration especially if combined with physical activity.

Heart at Risk

Chances of getting a heart attack and stroke are increased by use of fat burners. The Sibutramine fat burner was removed from the US market because it had adverse heart side effects such as stroke and heart attack. Products:- green tea, Epherda, Theobromine, Mustard Seed

Heart at risk, is one of the issues, which people should keep in mind while working as well as eating the food. It is of great concern for some of the people, as unknowingly and on incorrect timing, they eat so much that the stomach is not able to handle it and so it directly affects the body and heart.


Caffeine is a major ingredient in the fat burner pills as this is what normally increases heart rate and metabolism. Caffeine can impact very negatively on your sleep patterns. In some cases, one can even completely lose sleep. This is known as Insomnia. Lack of sleep normally weakens the immune system. Products:- African Mango, Theobromine, Yohimbe, Dendrobium

The fat burners are important till some time it is stimulating your body. Excess dose can cause problem and insomnia and the metabolism get dismantled as people will never be able to maintain their diet schedule properly.


In very extreme cases people who usually suffer from the side effects of fat burner pills tend to have mental instability. Some even go as far as committing suicide.

On noticing effect on other people, the people move with the mentality that they will even be able to enjoy the same fat burners with zeal, but this generally ends up in harming their body and the stability is dismantled.


Fat burners are highly addictive because of caffeine. Once you start using fat burner pills you get highly dependent on them. Products:- Green Coffee Extract, Caffeine

Generally people get an addiction that they counteract and start eating more of fat burners which affect their skin as well as body system more. If it is not going to affect you today, then this addiction will surely cause harm in future as the bones start getting weak and people have problems while walking and sitting even.

Behavioral Changes

Fat burners have been proven to cause nervousness, emotional mood swings, anxiety and aggressive behavior.

As the appetite to eat a certain product changes, the body starts showing certain behavioural changes which affects the body and the control over it. It is important to take care of all the supplements and then rise above all the powers.


There are some people who are highly allergic to the ingredients used in making fat burners. These people have symptoms ranging from itchiness, stomach upset and brown colored urine. Products:- Guggul, Gelatin, Forskolin, Cayenne Pepper.

The main problem the body experiences is variant allergies to different eatables. When your body starts engulfing more of fat burners, then it gets immune from other important and healthy food diets. This causes a separation from the original food and the people start getting addicted to more of fat burners.


Jitteriness mainly arises when one tries to withdraw from the pills. Withdrawing from them is not easy and one may need serious help. Some effects are jitteriness where no energy and no work makes the body dull and irresponsive to various situation. Products:- Green Coffee Extract, Caffeine, Garcinia Combogia


The feeling of dizziness comes when your body does not have enough balance diet intake and you do not have proper food access required by your body in time. Products:- Epherda, Dendrobium, Garcinia Combogia


It is important to note that fat burners are supplements and not a magical pill that mysteriously burns fat out. A supplement is defined as anything that is added to complete or strengthen the whole. If you must take the supplements make sure that you combine with exercise. The best way to burn fat is by decreasing calorie intake and performing regular exercise. If you have a weight problem, don’t go for the easy quick fix. Go the longer and hard way which is through exercise. If you need supplements to help you, make sure you do a proper research before engaging in them.

People should make sure that they eat and work properly and on time. There is a necessity to take certain important ingredients in food on time which will make sure that you are good at heart and you have had something good to eat. It is important to lead a happy life rather than running after food burners. To some, the fat burner bills are mainly a cause of death and the reaction is very harmful, as an overall result. The people should be concerned of their body and make sure that they do not have to fight against all the diseases when they are at their last stages of life. To lead a happy and prosperous life, it is good to break rules sometimes, when it concerns food but breaking it daily can cause severe health effects on the body and thereby, ultimately death.