Top 5 Tips For Losing Belly Fat

Many of us suffer from a few extra pounds around the mid section usually known as the spare tire. You can lose belly fat by combining a healthy diet with exercises specifically targeted to working off the fat that accumulates around the mid-section, belly and love-handles.

Here Are Some Tips

Start Eating Healthier

Eat the right kinds of carbohydrates, including fruits and vegetables and whole grain foods.  Limit foods with excessive amounts of salt, sugar and useless starches. Choose a diet plan that will encourage fat burning such as a low-carbohydrate diet and follow government recommended guidelines for portions and calories.

Get Up Off Your Butt

Losing belly fat requires cardiovascular exercises which target the full body. Swimming and walking or jogging are excellent exercises for losing belly fat by getting all the major muscle groups involved in the fat burning process.

Target The Belly Flab

Use some specific exercises that will target the mid-section to encourage fat burning in those areas.  Specific exercises would be side bends, crunches, sit-ups, toe-touches and leg lifts.  Any exercises that get the abdominal and lower back muscles involved will encourage burning off the belly fat.

Do The Twist

Torso twists are a great low-impact exercise for losing the belly fat.  Stand with your feet apart at shoulder width.  Twist your entire upper body slowly to the right, turning just the torso, not the hips.  Go as far as you can without straining and hold for 5 seconds.  Then rotate back to center.  Repeat in the other direction and continue these for 5 to 10 minutes per session.

Skip The Beer

Minimize alcohol intake in order to melt away the belly fat.  Each glass of alcohol can contain 200-400 calories which will quickly add up to negate your workout sessions completely.