Teami Colon Cleanse Detox Tea Review – Does it Fulfil What it Promises?

Teami Colon Cleanse Tea is a detox beverage that works to purify the body inside out by improving digestion, strengthening immunity, naturally suppressing appetite and relieving excess bloating.


Teami Colon detox tea comes packaged in tea bags and all you need to do is dip in hot water and drink it. It claims to contain natural ingredients and stimulants which aid in boosting natural energy and metabolism.

It comes in two flavors, original and lime, with 100% natural ingredients without any artificial flavors or preservatives in it. Lets review if Teami Colon Cleanse Detox Tea fulfils what it promises.


It is available in smaller packages that are affordable and at a lower price tag in Amazon, along with some offers and discounts.

Teami Colon Cleanse Tea

Florida based Teami Blends is the manufacturer of this tea. Teami Colon Detox was first launched in the market in 2015. The company was initially started by three friends who wanted to provide true value to their customers.


The Teami Colon Cleanse Tea contains 100% natural ingredients that help our body regain our energy faster and increase immunity. Here are a few of the ingredients that are blended in the Teami Colon Cleanse tea. 


Aesthetic Look

Teami Colon Cleanse Tea packages and sachets look delightful as they are made of natural recyclable materials and packings.

The premium quality tea comes in pyramid tea bags. Each serving comes in high-quality bags, which allows the ingredients to move around more freely in the sachet, resulting in higher quality brew in a short time


Side effects

Though there are no annoying side effects experienced by the tea users, yet there are few that might come up when you have it for a longer run. 

The Teami colon Cleanse tea has some side effects like headaches, ear ringing, diarrhea, confusion, mood swings, irritability, etc. when consumed for a longer duration. 


Customer ratings on Amazon

The Teami Colon Cleanse tea is rated 4.1 out of 5 on Amazon. Customers have good reviews on the natural ingredients and energy level it provides throughout the day while there are few complaints about its taste. 


The colon cleanse tea bags create a gentle laxative effect to flush out all of the unwanted toxins. Usually, this means that you go to the bathroom first thing when you wake up. You may experience slight cramping and frequent visits to the toilet due to the laxative effect.

Yes, when you start detoxing, you can experience cramping as the body is trying to rid itself of all the toxins. It gets better once it is all out of your system, so stick with it! I also recommend steeping the Teami Colon for 1-2 minutes, then REMOVING the bag from the mug, and that will stop the tea from getting any stronger. You can increase the steep time as your body gets more used to the tea’s detox effect.

This blend contains a small amount of all-natural plant-based caffeine, but it will not keep you up at night! Drinking a cup of hot tea before bed is a great way to promote a more relaxing and restful night!

We do not recommend drinking this blend while pregnant or nursing! The Teami Colon Cleanse flushes out toxins from the body and while you are pregnant or nursing you want your body to keep all of the nutrients, so detoxing is a no-go! We do have some blends that are loved by our pregnant and nursing moms, like Teami Skinny, Teami Relax, and Teami Nursing!

It is enough if you boil the tea bags as they come in mesh materials, so they don’t tear while immersing in hot water. 

Our Verdict

The bottom line is that Teami Colon Cleanse tea is recommended only for healthy individuals. People with cardiac problems, pregnant women, and those under any medications are not to consume it without consulting their doctor. With a vast array of natural ingredients and benefits, we recommend the product as a value-added addition for a healthy lifestyle.

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