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Does A Fat Burner Make You Poop?

Have you been eating fat burners to lose weight? Is it making you poop more than before? 

These are some questions that  people who are starting on a fitness journey may have. 

What does fat burner really do?

If you’re looking for answers to your burning questions, we’ve got all the information about fat burners right here! Keep on reading to learn what fat burners are, whether you poop a lot more after eating these pills and whether using them will give you the result you want.

Fat Burners: What are they?

Does Fat Burner reduce belly fat?
A fat burner is an over-the-counter supplement that increases the body's production of energy. 

Fat burners may contain herbs, nutrients, vitamins, minerals, and certain types of amino acids with fat-burning properties. They typically work to increase metabolism and help people lose weight and belly fat.

Things you need to know about Fat Burners:

Fat burners are not magic pills

Is there a magic pill to lose weight?

If there was a magic pill that helped us burn away fat, we all would be using it. However, with the lack of any conclusive science and studies to back up their claims, fat burners are not yet considered a magic pill to lose weight.

They will not make you lose weight quickly and easily. If you’re expecting to lose 10 or 20 pounds within a week, you may be sorely disappointed.

While some fat burners give you results, they are not the best way to lose weight in the long term. 

Even if they are not burners, they do work

Fat burners do work but the results are not very dramatic. While taking fat burners, you may experience a slight increase in your metabolic rate, some energy boost, and definitely a few pounds loss. 

There are different types of fat burner available in the market: 

Diet pills

There are many diet pills that claim to be fat burners. They generally fall into two categories: stimulants and thermogenics.

Keto diet pills

Are keto diet pills safe?

Keto diet pills are formulated to help you follow a ketosis diet. They contain ingredients that help you limit your carb intake, but they don’t burn fat per say.

Thermogenic diet pills

Do thermogenic fat burners work?

Thermogenic diet pills work by increasing body temperature so that your body burns more calories by just doing daily activities. As an added bonus, they also increase heart rate and blood flow resulting in increased energy and focus.

Side effects of fat burners

Do fat burners make you feel sick?

Fat burners will help you lose a couple of pounds at first, but this weight loss is not permanent. They can also cause some gastrointestinal issues and heartburn, so it’s best to be careful before taking them. Some of its side effects are:

  • Fat burners may cause diarrhea
  • Fat burners may cause gastrointestinal issues
  • Fat burners do not affect your blood sugar levels
  • Fat burners may increase blood cholesterol
  • Fat burners may cause heartburn, gas, and bloating
  • Fat burners are not meant to be taken with medication

How do fat burner pills work?

Fat burners work by increasing your body temperature slightly and boosting up your metabolism.

This is done by inhibiting the effects of an enzyme called thermogenesis, which turns the heat from your body into energy. This effect is temporary and only occurs while using fat burners.

Do they really work?

Yes, but the results will not be dramatic. While taking fat burners, you will experience a slight increase in your energy levels and a few pounds loss.

Some people have also said that their cognitive abilities have improved while taking fat burners. You may also experience some increased focus and motivation to workout.

Should you eat fat burner pills?

Only if you are willing to spend money on them and be cautious about the side effects they may cause.

If you are not willing to spend money, try weight loss basics like exercising regularly and eating a well-balanced diet.

Also, some people may be very sensitive to stimulants so please check with your healthcare provider before taking fat burners.

Do fat burners decrease belly fat?

Fat burners indeed claim to help decrease belly fat. They can give some quick results, but they do not address the underlying problems of your weight gain.

They only help you shift the storage of body fat from your belly to other locations in your body.

So does fat burner make you poop?

While using fat burners, you may have noticed that all the pooping has increased over time. It is because fat burners have diuretic properties, which can make your body release more fluids.

You may experience an increase in the frequency of pooping. You may also notice an increase in flatulence, bloating, and digestive issues.

The best advice for this is to measure your intake of water and consult your doctor before taking any new pills.

Therefore, it is important to note that you need to be careful and aware of these side effects when using fat burners.

The Bottom Line

If you’re looking to lose weight in the long term, fat burners are not your best bet. But if you want to lose a few pounds and just need some help in getting started on your weight loss journey, a fat burner could be a good supplement.

If your goal is to reduce the risk of obesity in the future or just want to lose a few pounds, fat burners may help. 

To see an increase in your weight-loss results, you should probably combine your fat burner with a workout program and a healthy diet plan.

We hope we have answered all your queries regarding fat burners. If you still have some doubt, feel free to drop a comment, We will be happy to answer.

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