Schwinn 270 vs Nautilus R616

Schwinn 270 recumbent bike vs Nautilus R616 bike

If you are not a serious exerciser or an athlete -but you still want to be able to workout to keep you healthy and fit enough to get into the older clothes, because going to the gym intimidates you then you’re in the right place.


If you don’t find time to go cycling around your place or visiting a gym, an exercise bike is a great alternative. For all the comforts, recumbent bikes remain the best choice for seated workouts as they provide enough comfort for back and for seating positions. 

They are designed specifically for low-intensity workouts and for those who find it difficult to use an upright bike because of lower back pains and discomfort. The awesome thing is that in recent years, at home cardio and workout equipment like stationary or recumbent bikes have become more affordable and accessible than ever, without sacrificing quality. 

Recumbent bikes vs upright bikes

If you are unaware about the difference between the recumbent and upright bikes, here are simple features that can distinguish both. Stationary bikes come in an upright position and the recumbent bike comes in a reclined position. Unlike upright bikes, the recumbent bikes have the pedals that are placed in front of the body allowing the user to pedal them comfortably while resting their back. 

The recumbent bike unlike upright bikes focuses both upper and lower body and cardiovascular exercises along with full back support and comfortable seating positions. Unlike in an upright bike, your spine and back don’t have to stay in a curved position throughout your workout sessions. 

Why Recumbent Bikes?

In short, recumbent bikes are more comfortable than other equipment as you get full back support while sitting back on a larger seat. The bike lets you relax the muscles of your upper body and concentrate on the cardiovascular system simultaneously. If you are a beginner or newbie to the workouts? Recumbent bikes are a great way to get started. The recumbent bikes allow you to read or watch movies while you still exercise. These bikes are more encouraging as the bike allows you to stay for a longer time without getting bored. 

In order to get full benefits from the workouts, it is necessary to exercise for enough time. People with medical conditions or for those who want to recover from the injuries can strengthen their body without making it worse by using the recumbent bike. As seating heights and positions can be adjusted to fit any person irrespective of age or weight, the bike is best suitable for comfortable workout sessions. 

Schwinn 270 Vs Nautilus R616 

Cycling on a recumbent bike on a regular basis is an effective way to keep you fit and helps you lose weight to get in better shape. 

The two most preferred recumbent bikes in the market – Schwinn 270 and Nautilus R616 are from the two most respected fitness equipment manufacturers today. 

These two recumbent bikes are excellent choices for people who want to get fit in the comfort of their homes and without stressing their backs. But which is the better model? 

In this article, I will break down two of the absolute best picks for the money, the Schwinn 270 vs Nautilus R616 – these are two extremely popular, mid-range recumbent exercise bikes. You can rely on them to better keep you physically fit with the exercises while you still can lose weight. 

Schwinn 270 review 

Created by the reputable fitness company Schwinn 270 recumbent bike is one of the most comfortable and technically advanced exercise bikes available from home use. 

This is a home use recumbent bike that is priced at $550. It is a more advanced recumbent bike with the key performance qualities of having a reclined seat and a magnetic resistance system of 17 pound with 25 settings. 

Many features were upgraded in the machine after the reviews of the user from Schwinn 230. And so there is a light hike in the price of the equipment. 

The equipment has 29 workout programs and four user profiles for multiple members. The seat cushioning and features are similar to that of the 230 model, except for its padding that offers more comfort for long workout sessions. 

The Schwinn 270 bike comes with a dual – track backlit LCD system and has tremendous features of media shelf, water bottle holder, and a dual speaker system. You can use wireless bluetooth connectivity to connect any device while you are still doing the workout sessions. 

The presence of sensor strap and Fitness pal option allows the user to update the programs and track your progress towards your goal. It is the top recommended for the shoppers who want a low impact trainer for cardio that feels modern. 

Nautilus R616 review 

The Nautilus R616 is a mid-range recumbent bike designed by the fitness manufacturers Nautilus to bring great features on a bike at an affordable price. that is designed for home use. 

It is a quiet, smooth and comfortable bike to use at home. It features a balanced flywheel that gives a vibration free, secured workout with 25 levels of ECB magnetic resistance. To go on from easy to hard levels, the machine provides 10 quick resistance keys to change. 

Nautilus also provides 29 programs and additional features packed that comes at an affordable price. The walk through frame allows the user to access the easy way to mount and dismounting option. 

The two integrated levelers & the large mid-frame support give you a solid and stable bike platform to do workouts. 

With two LCD window systems you can watch 13 different display feedbacks. The nautilus connect portal and MyFitnessPal allows you to keep track of progress and download the data to an USB drive for goal tracking. 

There are integrated speakers for listening to music through your smartphone, ipad or MP3 player while you can still do the exercise. The three speed workout fan, vented back and bottom seat keep you cool while doing the workout. 

Thanks to the wheels beneath the bike for providing excellent portability options within the house. Consumer reviews for this model have been excellent and is the smart review top pick for exercise bikes. 

Similarities between Schwinn 270 and Nautilus R616

With the research done, it is not the question of which of these two bikes are best as they are the same exact piece of equipment except with slight differences in brands and marketing behind each. 

Price comparison

The Schwinn 270 and Nautilus R616 recumbent bikes are designed to compete with one another and so they are very similar in price. They are mid-range pickup bikes and not the sort of bargain type that will fall apart the moment you hop on. 

Both the bikes have outstanding features and durability proving that they are of immense value for the price given. Also check out our best recumbent bikes under 300.

Feature comparison 

Like it is mentioned earlier, both Schwinn 270 and Nautilus R616 have 29 preset exercising programs and 25 resistance levels making it more easy and convenient for the user to adjust to their needs and preferences. Transiting from one level to another never feels too harsh so users can increase their fitness level gradually. 

Display comparison

The display features and onboard computer options of these two bikes are almost identical, except for the logo of the brand. These recumbent bikes have a small digital readout screen at the top to display a number of metrics with the white fonts over the blue background. The screen gives details about resistance, expiry time, calories burned so far, etc. 

These bikes contain controlled buttons at the bottom to help easy toggle between the programs, resistance settings, and others. 


The bikes are highly capable workout machines that allow you to do your aerobic activity quite fun. The bluetooth connectivity and USB connectivity allows you to transfer data and sync with various fitness related apps on your phone such as MyFitnessPal and Nautilus Connect. 

The bikes have integrated speakers and an input port for your MP3 player that makes the user pedal while they can hear their favourite music or beat. 


The bikes come with a similar warranty pattern with the frame of 10 years, 24 months on the mechanical parts, 1 year on electronics and 90 days warranty for labor. 

Similarities don’t stop there as these have bottle holders, USB charges, connectivity, speakers and media shelf placed on top of the dual display. The bikes offer 4 user profiles, three speed modes of fan that comes in handy during the intense lengthy exercising. 

Differences between Schwinn 270 and Nautilus R616 bikes

Seat Design

Schwinn 270 bike can accommodate users who can stand up to 6’3” tall and has a seat with impressive inbuilt and design quality. It has a chair-like seat that can provide superior lumbar support and the bottom of the seat is well-padded with perforated back support to keep the users cool while doing workout. Some users complain that the seat tends to wobble over time. 

Nautilus R616 built with the comfort of its users in mind. The bike comes with the ventilated back and padded at the bottom of the seat providing a comfortable ride for most of its users. It has an aluminium sliding rail system that you can turn off for adjusting and locking the seat in place unlike wobbling in case of Schwinn 270. 

Features comparison

The Schwinn 270 recumbent bike the workouts can be done by holding the hand-grip with inbuilt sensors, while Nautilus R616 can be done using the chest strap. 

Assembling and dimensions

Both the exercise bikes aren’t too troublesome to assemble. Thanks that the manufacturers of the bikes provide pre-assembled frames, tool kits, and detailed manuals. With the help of these assembling these exercise bikes is a matter of an hour. 

The Schwinn 270 is quite smaller in dimensions of 64” x 27.7” x 49.9” when compared to that of Nautilus R616 with the dimensions of 65.3” x 28.3” x 49.6”. 

Weight comparison 

With the significant difference in the weight of the bikes, they can still be easily carried anywhere around the house. The Schwinn 270 bike weighs 86.6 lbs which is slightly less when compared to that of Nautilus R616 that comes with the weight of 91.9lbs.  

Pedals comparison

The Schwinn 270 features a 3-piece crank that offers a more pleasant pedaling experience. The pedals are oversized, which means more space for bigger shoe sizes. It is also textured with a strap that can be tightened or loosened. 

The Nautilus R616 pedals are quite big meaning most people would have no problem using it. It has diagonally angled straps to prevent pinching and sliding out while doing the workout on the bike. 

Console comparison

Both these models are equipped with hightech consoles. The Nautilus console has a backlit LCD window system with bluetooth connectivity. The latter is quite arguable with the biggest difference between the two bikes. With the enabling option of the bluetooth connectivity user can easily transfer fitness data from Nautilus to another app. 

But that is not to say in Schwinn 270 which has a low-tech console. Its display comes with 3 x 5 inches while the lower display is a little smaller at 1 x 5 inches. The 2 LCD backlit display option makes the console readable even in a dark room with low lighting effect. Although it cannot be argued that the lack of a bluetooth function prevents the bike from getting over its competitor. 


From comparing the above features between the two brands – Schwinn 270 and Nautilus R616 exercise bikes, it is impossible to say which one of these are better. With very slight differences in the design it is difficult to choose one among them to buy for you. Even standing next to them, users find it hard to notice much in terms of contrast. 

They both are equally sturdy, better quality, reliable workout machines you must want to have them at home and can enjoy together with your family. These home fitness machines practically have the same features except for the integration of a bluetooth function in the Nautilus R616 gives it the slight edge over the Schwinn 270 bike. 

Perhaps, the Nautilus R616 will win your heart because of the advanced console, that is, if it matters for you. If you wanted to save some amount on the buying price, then choose Schwinn 270. 

To wrap up, you really can’t go wrong. They both are fantastic mid-range, at home exercise bikes that should last you years, with sturdy construction and plenty of workout options available, along with a pretty manufacturing warranty. I would give these two recumbent bikes the same score.

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