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What Did You Miss? – Measuring A Jump Rope For Double Under

Your jump rope is too long to perform a double under? This blog post has you covered. Follow these easy instructions for sizing your jump rope for double under.

You have nothing to lose and a world of possibilities to gain!

To get the most out of your double under, you need to maximize your speed and efficiency. Ideally, the rope should be able to turn around your body with the least amount of effort while maintaining maximum rope control. On the other hand, a rope too long will be difficult to handle.

We propose a rope length for double underdetermined by the rope's clearance above your head as you are performing the trick.
How long should my jump rope be for my height?

If you’re doing double under, aim for a height of 6″ to 10″ (0.5ft – 1ft)  above your head.

It may be assessed by leaping in front of a mirror or having someone observe your jump. Reduce the size of the rope till it is inside that range.

Check that your hands are properly placed at your sides and slightly in front of your hips.

It is common to go into a CrossFit gym and find athletes doing double under with ropes 12″ to 36″ long over their heads! These athletes are giving up speed and pushing more than necessary. Unfortunately, a long rope for double under is a recipe for disaster!

Your rope needs to be long enough to allow maximum speed. If you go far beyond the recommended rope length, your double orders will be sloppy and problematic.

Try sizing your rope down to 6″ to 10″ (even if it’s painful at first) and watch your double underscores increase!

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