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ATIVAFIT Indoor Cycling Bike Review

If you’re looking for an affordable, no-nonsense indoor bike that gives you everything you need for a complete workout, the Ativafit is an excellent choice.

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It features a sturdy frame and a powerful, easy-to-use magnetic resistance system. 

The digital readout on the handlebars makes it easy to monitor your progress, and the included arm resistance bands make sure your arms get the workout they deserve. 

In addition, the foldable design allows you to take this bike with you wherever you go, and the slim profile means it takes up very little space in your home or office.

It’s the first bike of its kind with a built-in, easy-to-read digital display, which means you get all sorts of helpful information as you cycle. 

For example, you can see how far you’ve travelled, how many calories you’re burning, your pulse rate, and your time in minutes, seconds, and hours.

Then, all you have to do is connect your phone to the bike’s included cradle, and you’re ready to go!

Lets us now look at the features of this bike

Can you lose weight by cycling indoors?

Build quality

The AtivaFit Indoor Bicycle is likely to meet your needs if you’re searching for a lightweight yet robust indoor stationary bike to bring home so you can crush your fitness objectives. 

The steel frame of the exercise bike is solid and resistant to harm. Steel is also rust-resistant, so your bike will not acquire brown flakes!

Despite its light weight of 83 lbs, the device is robust enough to withstand 275 pounds. 

Furthermore, transportation wheels are attached to the bottom of the exercise bike, making it simple to move the equipment from one location to another.

The bike is outfitted with high-quality, precisely built parts, allowing for a perfect indoor training session.

Quality of Parts

The AtivaFit Indoor Cycling cycle includes a PVC “multi-grip handlebar” that provides a pleasant grip and allows users to work out in various postures. The leather seat is also adjustable and provides for a comfortable sitting posture.

The flywheel on the bike weighs 35 pounds. It also has a belt-driven mechanism and a wide range of adjustable resistance. By changing a tension knob, one may change the intensity of their training.

The flywheel is equipped with a felted wool braking mechanism, ensuring that your spin bike does not produce a rumbling noise as you cycle. 

Additionally, with the ability to alter the resistance, a person may tailor the intensity of his workout to his fitness level.

The indoor exercise bike also features an emergency stop button to assure your complete safety while riding.

Design & Technology

The AtivaFit bike is ergonomically designed to improve exercise efficiency to get the most out of his riding session. 

Its measurements are 40 x 29 x 10 inches, and its design is appropriate for nearly any type of home decor. Furthermore, the bike’s alloy steel frame is quite strong.

An LCD monitor is near the handlebar, where the cyclist may examine data such as training time, pedalling speed, distance, heart rate, and calories burnt. 

While exercising, one can watch television or listen to music to keep the activity from becoming tedious or a burden. There is also an iPad holder on the device. 

Aesthetics and Styling

The bike has a unique black and white appearance that makes a statement in any space. It features a small design that allows you to fit it anywhere you desire. 

When you bring this indoor bike home, you will be able to have a real-world cycling experience from the comfort of your own home!

The steel frame is coloured black and grey. It is the ideal combination of usefulness, durability, and excellent aesthetics, and it will complement any home design.

Pricing and warranty

Ativasit Indoor Bike is available at a competitive price of $299.99. In addition, the bike comes with a 90-day warranty and a 1-year satisfaction guarantee.

The manufacturer ensures that its product is of high quality. If you’re not satisfied with the indoor cycling equipment, you can contact the company for a refund or replacement within one year of purchase!


  • It makes use of cutting-edge technologies.
  • Felt resistance and belt drive
  • Pedal cage with anti-slip design.
  • It’s not at all noisy.
  • Design for ergonomics.
  • Skeel shape; simple to store
  • Parts are guaranteed for life.
  • It can handle people up to 6’5”.
  • Handlebars and seats are each adjustable.
  • When compared to other felt resistance spin cycles, this one makes less noise.


  • It can hold a maximum weight of 275 lbs, which is pretty low.
  • Assembling the bike may be a stressful and time-consuming process.
  • Some users have noticed that the knob becomes loose after a while.


What is the difference between an indoor cycling bike and an exercise bike?

What are the levels of resistance?

There are eight different levels of magnetic resistance, each corresponding to a different level of difficulty and intensity. 

So the bike can adjust to whatever fitness level you need at the moment--whatever it may be. The eight levels range from 1-8, with Level 1 the easiest and Level 8 the most challenging.

Is the seat adjustable?

The seat is adjustable, but you may have to get off the bike to do so. However, it is a simple process that will only take a few moments.

What technology is used?

The AtivaFit Indoor Bicycle has magnetic resistance, and it features a belt-driven flywheel. In addition, the LCD monitor allows for an easy means of tracking your progress throughout your exercise session.

How many programs are there to select from?

There are three programs that you can choose from Normal, Fat Burning and Endurance. Each of these three programs is tailored to your fitness level. 

As you progress, the display will display an appropriate number of calories burning every hour so that you know how well your workout will impact your overall fitness level.

Customer reviews

Are indoor cycling bikes worth it?

“This product is perfect for my needs. I wanted exercise to help me lose weight and improve my health. It’s a very good quality tool, and it helps me achieve my goals.

The delivery process was a little slow, but that is understandable since it was shipped from Asia.”

“I am enjoying this spin bike, especially the magnetic resistance, which I found much easier than the friction type found on bikes at the gym.

“I’m on the lower end of the weight limit, so it’s very sturdy for me. I love that I don’t need to line up at a gym and deal with everybody else’s drama. When I get done with work, I pop in my earbuds and go for a ride.”

“Great bike, great price. It is quiet and smooth while riding up front, where you can see it. The display is simple to operate and read. The seat is removable for cleaning.


We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.

Overall, the Ativa Fit Indoor Exercise Bike is an excellent choice for anyone looking to enhance their workout regimen by adding an overall cycling experience. 

With its magnetic resistance system and its easy-to-use LCD, you can track your progress every step of the way. Its sturdy steel frame will ensure that the bike will be able to withstand years of daily use. 

This exercise bike would be an affordable alternative to a gym membership.

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