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SNODE WR100 Water Rowing Machine Review

The SNODE Water Rowing Machine is a high-quality, portable exercise machine. It allows you to get the full benefit of an indoor rower workout without having to invest in an expensive home gym. 

The sleek design and sturdy construction make this an excellent option for people on the go. What’s more, the low-profile rollers minimize the amount of space it takes up on any given floor.

Constructed with a combination of steel and polycarbonate, the SNODE Machine is durable yet lightweight and folds up easily for convenient travel or storage.

It features a large LCD with dual pushbuttons, wireless remote control, and a built-in workout timer. All of them are designed to provide easy-to-read, real-time feedback on your progress. 

The machine also comes equipped with a large, soft, adjustable seat that is ideal for all users. And an additional cushion is included to accommodate further users who may be experiencing lower back pain. 

In addition, the SNODE Machine consists of a one-year warranty and all of the necessary accessories you will need to get started right away!

Let us look at the features in a little more detail.

Are water rowers a good workout?

Machine Quality

The rower comes with a sturdy and durable design, and it is incredibly lightweight, making it easy to store and carry for convenient transportation.

The machine comes with a sturdy steel frame that ensures that the machine can withstand abuse. It also ensures that the machine doesn't suffer from wear and tear as time goes on. 

In addition, the powerful hydraulic pistons ensure that the machine provides a smooth rowing experience with resistance based on your rowing intensity. 

Its heavy-duty steel rails ensure that you can experience a very smooth ride.

In addition, the upgraded hydraulic shock absorbers ensure that the machine remains stable despite your hard, hard work in the water.

Seat Quality

The seat featured on the machine is removable, which allows you to adjust it for any height.

It also comes with a soft foam cushion at the bottom, ensuring that you can sit comfortably when working out without experiencing any discomfort. 

The seat also features a broader range of adjustments that can be used to adapt the seat for different bodies.

Display Quality

The display is easy to read, and it is designed to present you with real-time feedback on your progress as you work out in the machine. 

The large LCD screen features a dual push pad and wireless remote control, which allow you to easily track your performance and view data on the machine's performance and various options on how you can customize your workout experience on the device. 

It displays your total distance, total calories burned, the amount of time you spent on your workout and all forms of feedback on your activity.

Resistance System

The hydraulic resistance system allows you to adjust the resistance based on your rowing intensity. A rowing stroke is an intense form of exercise that taxes both your upper and lower body. 

It involves you working against the water to glide smoothly across the vast, sturdy rolling surface.

The higher your intensity, the more resistance you will experience, resulting in a more challenging workout for your body.

The machine comes with a wireless remote control that adjusts the resistance level based on your rowing intensity.

Price and Warranty

Perhaps the most attractive feature of the SNODE home water rowing machine is its extremely low price! The model costs around $450 on Amazon and falls squarely into the popular entry-level rowing machines category. 

Of course, you are not getting a top-of-the-line linked home exercise machine, but it is difficult to go wrong with a home rower from a reputable fitness company like SNODE at this low price. 

SNODE’s warranty is quite ambiguous since it gives a 12-month warranty to repair any parts or frame.

It is a pretty poor warranty compared to the rest of the home exercise machine market, but most consumers will ignore it to get a lower price.


  • At this price, this item represents excellent value.
  • Users are kept steady by a solid steel frame.
  • The 331-pound maximum weight capacity and 16-fan resistance system allow users to feel the water with every stroke.
  • Wheels for easy transportation
  • Seat cushion with an ergonomic design
  • Foot pedals that are completely adjustable
  • You may access the FitShow app through a smartphone or tablet.
  • Included is a free motorized water pump.


  • Uncertain warranty
  • There is no specific webpage for research or customer service.
  • There is no manual resistance adjustment.
  • You cannot fold the frame
  • There is no backlight on the monitor, and there is no USB charging port.
  • Even with a Bluetooth connection, technology is limited.


Can you lose belly fat on a rowing machine?

What is water resistance?

The term water resistance refers to simulating the dynamic resistance offered by rowing in actual water conditions.

Water-resistance is created by enclosing a flywheel or other dynamic weight inside a tank filled with water. 

As the flywheel spins, it creates waves within the enclosed water tank that offer a natural form of resistance – just like real-life rowing.

How much does the SNODE home water rowing machine weigh?

The SNODE home water rowing machine weighs around 44 pounds.

How do you fold up this machine?

You can fold the SNODE exercise equipment into a vertical position for storage or transportation purposes.

The exercise equipment folds easily into a small, compact size for ease of storage and convenient transport.

Customer Reviews

What does a water rower do for your body?

There were many positive comments and reviews about the SNODE home water rowing machine. One satisfied customer gave it a 5-star rating and wrote:

"I purchased this for my wife. She has used it 3 or 4 times and loves it. I would recommend this product for anyone looking for a rowing machine with low impact on joints."

Another review by a satisfied customer who gave it a 5-star rating and wrote:

"I purchased this item at the recommendation of my husband, who purchased one earlier this year.

Some negative reviews focused on the bad customer service, while others criticized the assembly process.


Marcy Recumbent Rower With PM3

If you want a more challenging workout experience, you can try the Marcy Recumbent Rower With PM3.

The machine offers a smooth glide motion with resistance based on your rowing intensity. 

The machine is appropriate for all ages and fitness levels. In addition, it is designed for even distribution of weight on the user’s part, making it ideal for any size person.

Mr Captain rower 

Mr Captain Rower is a well-designed water resistance rowing machine. The design integrates many features and functions for a great experience, such as the easy-to-use dual controls and variable resistance settings. 

In addition, the machine is quiet, lightweight, and easy to assemble. You can also use it as a workout bench.

Concept2 Model D Indoor Rower

The Concept2 Model D Indoor Rower is an excellent choice for those who want a higher quality indoor rowing machine with the look and feel of a commercial rower. 

With a durable, commercial-grade rower blade, the rower uses magnetic resistance for smooth, quiet rowing motion.


If you’re looking at the SNODE water rowing machine, you’re probably in the market for an entry-level home rower.

Unfortunately, these versions feature restricted technology and critical flaws, such as a manual resistance adjustment. 

With a strong, well-built frame and FitShow app connection via smartphone or tablet, the SNODE home water rower does give customers a good rowing experience.

There are no apparent drawbacks at this pricing point. However, customers can buy the Mr Captain home water rower for around $200 extra, which provides a more robust water rowing experience!

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