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SereneLife Home Rowing Machine Review

The SereneLife Home Rowing Machine is a compact, low-cost option for those who want to get a full-body workout without leaving their home. 

The machine is easy to assemble and use, has an easy-to-read display and clear instructions. It also comes with a 1-year warranty and is easy to maintain.

The rowing machine is great for sports training, aerobic fitness, fat burning, and weight loss. This cutting-edge rowing machine uses modern technology to measure time, distance, pulse, calories, strokes per minute, count, and goals.

Let us look at the features of the SereneLife Home Rowing Machine.

Can you lose belly fat on a rowing machine?

Frame construction

The SereneLife Home Rowing Machine has a steel and aluminium construction. It weighs 48 pounds and supports users who weigh up to 250 pounds. 

When assembled, the machine measures 22 x 78 x 12 inches, easy to transport or store in your exercise room or garage. 


The seat of the SereneLife Rowing Machine is made from durable, durable plastic and covered with thick comfort foam. The plastic construction is smooth and easy to move around. 

There is also an adjustable seat that gives you a more comfortable angle for rowing or allows you to adjust the seat if it's not comfortably erect.


The console and monitor of the SereneLife Rowing Machine have a digital display with user-friendly instructions.  You can easily adjust it with buttons on the monitor. 

It has several tracking options such as the count, time, distance, strides per minute, strokes per minute, and calories burned. It also tracks heart rate via a wireless chest strap (included in the package).

Resistance system

The SereneLife Rowing Machine features durable nylon straps with adjustable magnetic resistance.

It has ten different resistance levels to help you focus on your fitness goals or increase your workout intensity. 

Users can also remove the resistance straps to use air resistance, which allows users to feel lighter rowing and easier rowing.


The SereneLife Rowing Machine has a thick, cushioned vinyl paddle for smooth rowing and comfortable rowing. 

The wide cushioned vinyl swivels and allows you to adjust the rowing angle. To ensure comfort and convenience, the top of the unit has sizeable rubberized grip handles. 

Assembly and Maintenance 

The SereneLife Rowing Machine is easy to assemble and use.  It comes with detailed instructions and easy-to-follow instructions, so that  you can assemble it within an hour.  

The unit also has a foldable design that makes it compact for shipping or storage.


The SereneLife Rowing Machine comes with a 1-year manufacturer warranty and a 90-day Money Back Guarantee. 

The SereneLife Rowing Machine has several pros and cons. Let’s take a look: 


  • Construction is relatively strong – it can support individuals weighing up to 250 pounds (113 kilos).
  • To conserve space, you may keep it vertically.
  • Wheels for transport on the front base;
  • Both base bars have adjustable stabilizers.
  • Dual rail system for more stability;
  • Large footrests with heel protectors and straps that may be adjusted;
  • Seat cushioned and moulded;
  • Air resistance for a natural, dynamic rowing reaction;
  • There are ten degrees of magnetic resistance for adjusting total tension.


  • The HR chest strap is not included
  • The fitness meter does not have a backlight.


What is the difference between Air and Magnetic Resistance?

The SereneLife Rowing Machine has two different types of resistance. The first is ‘Air Resistance.’ In this system, air resistance pushes against the water tank to provide you with a workout. 

The second type of resistance is 'Magnetic Resistance.' In this system, magnets pull on iron bars attached to the frame to provide you with a workout. 

Is it possible to adjust the degree of intensity?

The SereneLife Rowing Machine has a 10-degree resistance system. This system allows you to select a specific intensity and resistance level.

Can I keep this machine in my home?

Yes, you can keep the SereneLife Rowing Machine in your home. It is compact and lightweight.

Customer Reviews

Can you get in shape by just rowing?

The SereneLife Rowing Machine has received 4.7 out of 5 stars based on 1,086 customer reviews. Users have enjoyed the precision of the device to track their exercise goals and have praised it for its quiet operation. 

The device's display screen is easy to read and maintain. In addition, the machine's resistance system works well even if you adjust the magnetic resistance. 


Stamina 1405 Precision Rower

The Stamina 1405 Precision Rower is another excellent alternative to the SereneLife Rowing Machine.

This rowing machine tracks many of the same workouts as the SereneLife Rowing Machine, but it has additional features. 

For example, the Stamina 1405 Precision Rower calculates calories burnt by multiplying time and intensity levels. 

Concept2 Model B Rower

The Concept2 Model B Rower is an excellent alternative to the SereneLife Rowing Machine. This rowing machine can track your heart rate via a wireless chest strap, and its resistance system allows you to select from six tension levels. 

The Concept2 Model B Rower also shows real-time strokes per minute and calories burned. 

Stamina Air Rower 1399

The Stamina Air Rower 1399 is an excellent alternative to the SereneLife Rowing Machine.

This rowing machine has large footplates with heel protectors that keep your legs from slipping on the footboard while you work. 

It also has a padded seat and backrest for more comfort during your workout. In addition, the machine’s resistance system tracks the time, count, calories burned, and distance. 


The SereneLife rowing machine is intended for use at home. It has an air and magnetic resistance mechanism with ten unique tension settings. It also has a twin rail system for added stability, a prominent and relatively high seat.

There’s also a fitness monitor that measures all essential training data, including heart rate (pulse strap does not come included).

It’s ideal for a full-body aerobic workout, muscle toning, stamina improvement, and weight loss. It’s also one of the cheapest rowers with a combination of air and magnetic resistance, with an excellent price/value ratio. 

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