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How To Keep a Gym Bag From Smelling?

When you go to the gym, you have to leave everything in your bag.

Unfortunately, many people don’t understand that they need to take out their sweaty clothes and wash them as soon as they get home. 

It can result in a disgusting gym bag that causes an odour in any room it is closed up in. Yes, you should take out your dirty clothes and wash them, but you also need to keep your gym bag smelling fresh.

Keeping your gym bag clean is a part of having a clean body and can help you have a clean mind to keep your focus on when at the gym.

But, how do you keep your gym bag smelling good? Which one to use chemicals or strong soaps? 

Not at all. Many natural products can help you keep your gym bag smelling like a field of flowers.

This article will show you how to keep a gym bag from smelling.


Here are some ideas on how to keep a gym bag from smelling.


The most important thing you can do to keep your bag smelling good is eliminating the elements that may cause the smell.

How do you get the smell out of a gym bag?
For example, if you have dirty, sweaty clothes, take them out and wash them. If you have some fruit or vegetables starting to go bad, throw them away or give them away. 

You can also put those items in plastic bags outside your gym bag; this will help keep the smell from getting in your bag. Yes, these are the things that make your bag smell terrible, so take them out and throw them away.

Due to lack of breathability, almost every gym bag will make the smell worse, but it is a good idea to open up your gym bag now and then to let the air come in, so your things don’t get contaminated. To do this, take off the backpack straps and open them up.


After you have removed all the elements that cause odours in your gym bag, you can start making your gym bag smell fresh again.

You can do this by buying or making a spray bottle of deodorizer that you can spray on the inside of your bag or putting bowls or cups with baking soda around and inside your gym bag.

One way to do this is by using lemon scents. Lemons are very good at eliminating unpleasant smells and are also very useful in cleaning other things besides smelling a gym bag. 

For example, lemon is excellent for ridding a room of foul odours and cleaning cutting boards, countertops, and refrigerators. You can also make a lemon-scented deodorizer for your bag by just putting a lemon in the fridge for a few days.

There are several other ways to get rid of foul odours with lemons for those who do not have a large enough refrigerator at home. Lemon is a natural disinfectant and will help kill bacteria, so you can cut it up into slices and put it in your bag or around the inside of your bag. 

Another way to use lemons is to put them in a cheesecloth and tie off each end so that the lemon juice will seep out into the fabric. Then tie the cheesecloth into a bag and put it in your gym bag.

You can also make a deodorizer by adding baking soda to water and heating it. Then, you can then mix it with some other things like lemon or cedarwood (optional). It will help keep bad smells at bay.


An effortless way to keep a gym bag from smelling is to put your gym clothes in the washing machine with a natural fabric softener and put them in the dryer on low heat. It is so easy because many washing machines have an automatic setting for delicate fabrics or wool. 

You should check this setting, mainly if you use any materials that tend to get rough or dirty.

There are also washers and dryers out there that will take care of your gym clothes for you, but they tend to be more expensive, so you should check online before buying one. 

Another easy option is to throw away anything that gets dirty inside your gym bag. But, again, it is better to do this than keep a gym bag with bad smells.


Another way to keep odours away from your gym bag is by making sure you always have a deodorizer in your gym bag. For that, you can buy one of the natural deodorizers or by making it yourself. 

How often should I wash my gym bag?
In addition, you can purchase a spray bottle with a scent of your choice (like lemon, lavender, peppermint, etc.) or make your homemade spray. 

For that, take a paper cup, fill it with vanilla extract (you can buy this at any grocery store), and put in some essential oil that you like the smell of. 

You can also put in other fragrances like eucalyptus or tea tree oils. You can use any of these for odour control and help keep your gym bag smelling good.

6 Tricks to Keep Your Gym Bag Fresh:

Here are some useful tricks to keep your gym bag smelling fresh.

Tea Bags as Air Fresheners:

Keep a few used tea bags (generally made of linen). It will keep the odour away and help eliminate the bad smells.

Keep It Airy:

The more air you let into your gym bag, the less likely it will stink up. To do this, remove the backpack straps and open them up to let the air get in there.

You can also put things like a dryer sheet or deodorizer in there, but you'll probably have to replace those now and then because they can run out eventually, whereas letting air in will always be there for you.

Dryer Sheets:

You can put dryer sheets in your gym bag to make it smell good. They are generally made of lavender and have a pleasant smell, so if you have a few lying around, you can use them to keep your gym bag smelling fresh. You can also buy them at most grocery stores or get them online. 

To use: Fold a dryer sheet into a triangle, put it in your gym bag, and close the lid. If it is not in the right spot, drop it in there and then fold the bottom of the sheet up against the sides to keep it from getting unfolded again; this will help keep odours away from your bag.

White Vinegar: 

Keep a bottle of white vinegar in your gym bag. It will help clean and deodorize it, plus you can also use it for other things around the house.

Disinfecting Wipes: 

If you have a spray bottle, you can disinfect your gym bag with a disinfecting wipe. You can get these wipes from your local grocery store or online.

They are generally made of bleach and water, so once you use a few wipes on some part of your gym bag and the smell is gone, throw those wipes out and replace them with new ones.

Essential Oils: 

You can also put on a cotton ball and use it to deodorize your gym bags, such as tea tree oil or cedarwood oil. Just soak a cotton ball in the oil, then put that in your bag.

9 Things to Do In The Gym To Keep Your Gym Bag From Stinking:

Is a weekender bag considered a carry-on?

So now you’ve got the best odour eliminator for your gym bag, and you are ready to use it! Don’t forget these things while you have your gym bag out:

Hold Your Gym Bag FL at Seams and Corners:

Remember to always hold your gym bag in the places that have the seams and corners. It will help keep them from getting dirty, which will also help keep odours away. You can also put a dryer sheet in there to clean it up.

Keep It Open: 

Always keep your gym bag open when you are not using it. It will make it easier for things to dry out whenever something spills inside or if something happens to get wet (like sweat). Remember, you don’t want odours seeping through the fabric into your clothes!

Wash Your Gym Bag Regularly: 

Wash your gym bag at least once a month. It will help keep it clean and also help with odours. Remember to put your outfit in a shower curtain or towel to make it easier to wash (you can then throw the dirty material in the laundry after).

Wash It in Cold Water with Woolite: 

Make sure that you use cold water and use Woolite; otherwise, your gym bag will shrink (as some bags are made of wool).

Use a Tennis Ball to Scrub Your Gym Bag: 

If there is any dirt or dust in your gym bag, use a tennis ball to clean it. It will remove all of the dirt and dust.

Add 3 drops of Tea Tree Oil to Your Shampoo: 

When you wash your gym clothes, add three drops of tea tree oil to the shampoo you will use. It will help kill germs and keep everything sanitary and smelling fresh.

Use a Shoe Cleaner to Pre-Treat Stains: 

If there are any stains in your gym bag, use a shoe cleaner to pre-treat them and remove all the dirt.

Use a Plunger or Blow Dryer to Dry Your Gym Bag: 

When you are washing your gym bag, suck up water with a plunger or blow dry it with a blow dryer and get rid of any moisture inside it. It will help keep odours away.

Hang Out Your Gym Clothes After Every Workout: 

Make sure that you hang out your workout clothes after every time you work out so they can dry completely. In addition, it will help keep your gym bag smelling fresh.


So remember, consider using a natural deodorizer like lavender or tea tree oil whenever you need to get rid of smelly gym clothes.

You can also use deodorizers with the same ingredients to help eliminate odours. Whatever way you choose, make sure you do it!

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