How Many Calories Burned P90x Cardio?

How Many Calories Burned P90x Cardio?

If you happen to take note of TV or online fitness ads, you will probably have noticed weight loss programs like P90X. 

This home-based fitness program burns a lot of calories and changes your body in 90 days. 

Calorie calculation can also prove to be an effective marketing tactic. If you take the time to calculate how long and how intensively you’re working out, then you’ll need to do more than just read the label on your elliptical machine.

If you want to know how many calories burned during P90X workouts, this article is for you! This post will cover everything you need to know about P90X, including why it’s so popular and where you can get it.

We'll also go over the program's benefits and give tips for those looking to avoid certain pitfalls.

What is P90x?

What is P90x?

P90X is an innovative home workout system that has gained widespread popularity. It is also known as Power 90. Radical improvement is promised to those brave enough to go through the procedure.

Tony Horton invented this program in 2005 to give people results within 90 days while challenging and pushing anyone who dared to try it.

Lets Answer The Question How Many Calories Does P90X Burn?

How Many Calories Does P90X Burn?

Different factors will affect how many calories you burn in a day. Your fitness level and current size will play a role, but so too do your age, gender, ethnicity, and health condition. 

You’ll burn about 550 calories per hour with P90x for the average 200-pound man and 450 calories per hour with the average 165-pound woman.

The key variables to consider are:

How much you weigh

The main variable for burning calories is your present weight. If you weigh more, you'll burn more.

What activity you are doing, and how long you are working out for

The duration and intensity of an exercise play a role in how much it’s going to burn. So if you’re doing high-impact aerobics, you might burn more than slow-paced activities like Yoga.

The more you increase your heart rate through the routine, the more calories you will ultimately burn.

How intense the activity is

Intensity is just as important as duration. When you push yourself hard, you’ll see that your number will grow. If you invest only 50%, then you can expect to achieve 50% of success.

How to Calculate Calories Burned?

How to Calculate Calories Burned?

This is tricky because the variables are specific to the user and what portion of the program they’re working with.

To make it simpler, there is an online calculator. Input your weight and the workout you'll be doing, then input how intense and long it is.

The calculator does all the math for you, so you don’t have to. It spares you the trouble of doing the math yourself and gives you an exact number.

How Much Does the Average Man Burn?

We can calculate the number of calories burned by having an average man working out at a mid-level intensity for one hour.

If we put the average man who’s 190 pounds and make him work out at a mid-intensity for one hour, we can then calculate the range of calories burned.

He can burn 440 calories during a workout like Chest, Shoulders, & Triceps.

More strenuous activities like Plyometrics can burn up to 660 calories in an hour.

How Much Does the Average Woman Burn?

Likewise, to men, the number of calories burned is dependent on what exercise you do.

The type of exercise you choose depends on what you want to do.

A woman can burn around 302 calories in chest, shoulders, and triceps workouts and up to 544 calories during Plyometrics.

What Are The Benefits of The P90X Program?

P90X is a workout program that offers drastic results in a short time. The key benefit of the P90X Program are:

  1. If you stay active and engaged during a workout, your heart will be working at a high rate for the entire session. This is a great way to burn calories without taking breaks.

  2. Each exercise is explained in detail, so you feel like you have a personal trainer right there with you.

  3. You can train at home with a fitness app for less than the cost of traditional personal training sessions, and you don’t have to leave your home.

  4. The variety of 12 DVDs will go a long way in preventing boredom. While testing, many find it to be rewarding.

  5. The setup for this program is surprisingly low effort and inexpensive. You may already have what they are looking for, but if not, you can get it cheaply.

Conclusion: Does It Work?

Does P90x Work?
Whether P90X will be advantageous for you will depend on how committed you stay determined to the program.

Owning a fitness program certainly won’t give you results by itself, but if you work hard to follow the instructions and put in the time, it will get you into fantastic shape.

P90X Workouts are designed to get you fit and challenge your body beyond your current limits. 

The routines are designed to push you past what you think is possible and keep pushing until you achieve results.

I hope that now you know everything about the P90X program and how many calories it burns according to the different levels of workout and various other factors mentioned above in the article. You can now decide if this is a program for you.

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