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Hypervolt Plus Vs TimTam – The Battle Between The Better Massage Gun

Massage guns are a modern-day miracle and have substituted the age-old practice of manual massage. They use percussive therapy which focuses on manipulating soft tissues and helps in the faster recovery of the muscles. It helps reduce fatigue, the build-up of lactic acid improves flexibility, and helps relieve muscle stiffness. If one has injuries, then they should be careful when using these guns to prevent more harm.


In this comparison of these two premium massaging devices- Hypervolt Plus and TimTam. We will discuss their specs, pros, and cons so that you can choose the best one according to your need and preference.

Hypervolt Plus

This is one of the most popular massage guns which is also the quietest, and it is the second-generation massager from the Hyperice company.

Key Features



Power Rating






Weight And Size

Battery Life


Where To Buy

Users’ And Non-Users Of This Device

Hypervolt plus is appropriate for the following users

The gun may not be appropriate for those whose budget is strapped and casual or lifters who are beginners since they need instructions on how to use it.


It is suitable for all body types.

Brand Value

Hyperice is established with pro terms, and their brand is huge.

Key Benefits

  • Quiet massager

 If you are going to use this massager in places where silence is crucial, then Hypervolt is the preferred option for you.  

  • Polished product

Hypervolt has a more polished look from the packaging to the actual look and the performance of the product. 

  • Option for lower intensity

It is useful for someone who does not like strong massages since it allows you to lower the power and still be persuasive when needed, you can always adjust its power settings.

Durability And Warranty


Our Verdict

Hypervolt Plus is expensive, but its stellar reputation is of great advantage. With fantastic design and flexible settings, this gun delivers quality results of relieving muscle soreness. The athletes can consider Hypervolt plus since it serves their exercise needs like warm-ups and cool-downs, and it is pocket friendly. It is ideal for anybody in need of a percussive massager. It is sturdy and easy to use since it is self-massager. 

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This massager is useful for people who are looking for less vibration and more percussion.

This massager helps to hit deeper layers of soft tissue and offers two power settings of 8 out of 10 when 10 is firmness and 1 is softness. More power helps one to move the muscle group to muscle while undergoing treatment. With self-use, it can reach most parts easily.

Key Features

Construction And Design



TimTam may feel different when used in different parts of the body.

  • Shoulders and Forearms

The gun is rolled over these areas shallowly, and it provides instant relief since these parts do not have fats; hence, they are easy to massage.

  • Legs 

You can use this for calves and quads, and another person can help you massage hips, glutes, and hamstring because they need more power. Alternatively, you can get another attachment to work on these muscles effectively.

  • Back

It is compact and flexible and helps loosen the back in a few minutes. You can reach your traps, and if not, then you can look for someone to help you achieve them.

Battery Life


You can adjust the shaft, it is ergonomic


The market price can vary from one place to another. It goes for $ 399 at Amazon and $249.99 at Walmart.


TimTam has introduced an app that you can install in a smartphone, and connect it to your device using Bluetooth.


It is known for its raw power.

There are situations where TimTam is preferred. These are:

  • Carrying case

If you want to travel, then the device will not be damaged since it has a case that protects it.

  • Options for Expandability

Soreness can be attacked in various ways because this device has options to switch from cold, hot, and blade.

  • Ergonomic grip

This device can be used for long without getting fatigued since the handle is comfy. The shafts can be adjusted to allow massaging at different angles.


Our Verdict

This gun can be used by anyone to break down the knots and enhance quick recovery. It has pure strength, and therefore it is considered as a powerful massager. It makes the muscles not send pain signals to the brain, and you can keep training without feeling soreness. 


Massaging devices play a crucial role in relieving pain, stress, and stiffness. Tim Tam and Hypervolt Plus both have their advantages and disadvantages. While Hyervolt is noise-less and its power can be adjusted for various massage levels, Tim Tam is suitable for those looking for a lower-priced massager that does the job. 

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