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Tim Tam Power Massager Pro Review – Recover In Seconds With It

Gone are the days when people would need traditional manual massages to get relief from body aches and muscle pain. With the latest hand-held massage gun devices, you can get relief from muscle soreness, body pain and ache in seconds right from the comfort of your home. These hand-held massage devices are used by athletes, work-out freaks, office goers and homemakers who prefer to use the latest percussion massage guns to regain their lost energy. 


Get instant relief from muscle soreness and aches with the latest massage guns. Massage guns and particularly percussion guns are backed with oodles of scientific research and latest technology which make them the best recovery workout tool. Tim-Tam Power Massager Pro is one of the latest handheld percussion massagers which help in deep tissue muscle recovery which uses the latest tech to achieve great results. 

Tim Tam Percussion handheld massager provides deep tissue relaxation with three different tissue speeds and comes with an excellent battery backup option. 

Here is a detailed review of the Tim Tam Power Massager Pro to help you decide if it is the best for you.


It is pricey as it is a top notch model with all the latest tech and costs around $400. The price is exclusive of shipping on Amazon. 

Key Features


Tim Tam Power Massager Pro Accessories

The Tim Tam Power Massager Pro comes with the following accessories along with it: 

  • Vibrating Ball Tip – The moving ball tip adds a new dimension to the massage by relieving aching muscles, stimulating blood flow, and reaching deep into your muscles. 
  • On board heated tip –It aids in quick recovery with the heated tip by supplying heat to tired and aching muscles.
  • Cold Tip – This is an excellent complement to the heat tip to assist numb, sore and aching muscles. With 2800 strokes per minute, this delivers a cooling sensation to your aching muscles for customized pain relief like never before. 
  • Trigger point tip – The trigger point tip conically formed and created with aircraft grade 6061 aluminum permits a definite massage to targeted trigger points. This relieves myofascial release, relieving pain and soreness associated with knots in your muscles. 
  • Warm–up tip – The warm up tip is ideal for providing firm, effective massages to muscle groups before an exercise to get blood flowing and muscles heated and activated. 
  • Recovery blade – The recovery blade is created to work massively on targeted muscle groups with machined aluminum and a beveled edge for effective application. 

Dimensions And Weight Of The Product 

The Tim Tam Power Massager Pro – handheld percussion massager gun that delivers 2,800 strokes per minute comes with 4 pounds weight and the shipping weight of 6.1 pounds. The package contains 1 lithium ion battery

Alternative Products 

If you are not satisfied with the current Tim tam power massager, then the alternative products are as follows:

  1. OPOVE M3 Pro Massage Gun Deep Tissue Percussion Muscle Massager for pain relief.
  2. Pulse Fx Powerful rotating percussion massage gun that treats the deep tissue muscle, pain relief and enhanced recovery for athletes.
  3. OPOVE M3 Pro Black competes with the Tim Tam power massager with its  super quiet brushless motor. 

Customer Rating On Amazon

The Tim tam Power massager Pro was rated a 3.2 out of 5 by the customers on the Amazon. The customers rated it 3.4 for its easy to use option, 3.0 for the amount of pain relief and 2.0 for the battery life. 


Yes the product comes with three different size ball 

The most important point which was not mentioned 

Final Thoughts

The all new Tim Tam Power massager Pro is intended to be the quietest and most powerful massage gun suitable for all groups and athletes. Reaching around 2800 strokes per minute and quieter than before, the massager has taken the all new version of your recovery to a higher level. 

Additional features of the new Tim tam massage gun Pro is that it has a one touch trigger and comes with antimicrobial plastics. With a better battery life, three deep tissue speed technology, lightweight and portability, it makes it a top device on the market. 

Author’s Rating 

With all the above features and incorporated additional technology, the Tim Tam power massager Pro stands out among the other massage guns in the market. The power massager is 100% self use and comes with an excellent battery life that delivers around 2800 strokes per minute. With these I would rate it a 4.2 out of 5. 

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