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How To Make The Most From A Recumbent Bike Workout?

A recumbent bike workout is more relaxed and effective in comparison to using equipment like treadmills, rowing machines, stationary bikes, and more. It’s no secret that recumbent bikes are more comfortable due to their reclining position and support they offer with a huge seat. Have a look at our 10 Best Recumbent Bikes which will help you to choose the best according to ones needs.

A recumbent exercise bike workout lets you relax the muscles in your upper and focus on the lower body and cardiovascular system.

Workout efficiency on recumbent bikes

Cycling on the recumbent bike offers an effective way to lose weight and get in better shape. It seems like an easy cardio routine and provides a serious workout to the entire body.

Recent reports revealed that healthy elderly people regained their strength, power, and other functional abilities after working out on recumbent bikes. The low and high intensity workout sessions on these bikes improve the strength and power the same way as that of resistance training. 

It provides a great range of fitness benefits and pedaling on a recumbent bike produces greater activity two of the four muscles especially the semitendinosus and tibialis anterior.

Recumbent bike workout benefits

Recumbent bikes are stationary equipment that helps you improve on cardio fitness, promote muscular strength, and restores range of motion among users of all ages. 

Here are some of the benefits you get by doing workout on recumbent bikes:

  • During the low or high impact workout, you get full back support
  • Less stress on joints and targets major muscles without much effort
  • The reclined body position makes it easy for you to lean and exercise the lower back especially the lumbar spine.
  • The seat of all the recumbent bikes are large to do a longer workout and also reduces post-workout saddle soreness.
  • Bikes have varying resistance levels and also speed that renders customized workout programs.
  • Those who want to have strenuous workout sessions can use the simulated riding settings for up and down hill type movement.
  • It has excellent folding and wheeling and is the best indoor workout equipment.
  • The bike is safe and effective for those who wanted to recover from injuries or cardio limitations
  • Older people prefer it to workout their thighs, calves, glute muscles, without much straining.

Recumbent bike workout schedule

The workout schedule on the recumbent bike is very similar to the regular exercise bike. The bike provides an excellent workout for your butt and lower back when you pedal on it and it also helps to burn calories effectively. 

By working on the recumbent bike you not only slim down, but also tone your glutes, quadriceps, hamstrings, and calves.

Here are some of the bike workout schedules to lose weight and also to gain muscle strength:

  • Initially, you should adjust your seat according to your height as it not only makes things comfortable, it also increases the effectiveness of your workout. Make sure you adjust your seat until your legs are slightly bent while pedaling.
  • It is necessary to stretch out before you start working on the recumbent bike as the workout is similar to doing exercise. Spend 5 minutes or more to stretch your toes, legs, trunks to get them fully stretched before you workout
  • Don’t directly start working out on the bike, spend additional 5 minutes to pedal on the bike, and make sure you start your workout at a slow and steady pace.
  • Warm-up yourself as it helps to loosen your muscles and increases the body temperature before you begin your workout
  • Maintaining proper form is necessary to prevent injuries and also to help burn calories
  • Select the right resistance that suits you and try to get interval training on the bike workout
  • Adjust the settings on the bike to the correct duration for perfect weight loss and body fitness

What muscle groups does a recumbent bike work on?

Recumbent bikes help in strengthening your heart and lower body, pedaling fast also helps in heart-pumping and ramping up the resistance makes your leg muscles burn.

Although these recumbent bikes are meant for an aerobic workout, other muscle groups get activated during the workout:

  • Rectus femoris – It strengthens the quadriceps muscles that are responsible for hip flexibility.
  • Vastus medialis – This quadriceps muscle located in front of the thighs gets a workout while you pedal on the bike.
  • Vastus lateralis – This muscle located on the side of the upper thigh gets worked out while you pedal.
  • Semitendinosus – The bike strengthens this hamstring muscle located at the back of your thigh.
  • Tibialis anterior – The muscle that runs the front of the shin gets strengthened when doing exercise on the bike.
  • Medial gastrocnemius – This is a calf muscle that helps plantarflex the foot also strengthens the leg during the workout.
  • Bicep femoris – Another two-part muscle which is complex and is responsible for hip extension, internal and external rotation also gets strengthened
  • Gluteus maximus – This is the largest muscle in the butt and said to be the strongest muscle in the body also gets trained during the workout program.


Is recumbent bike a good workout?

Yes it is a good choice for most people as it provides a workout for individuals of all ability levels. It is safe and provides low impact total body workout and so it reduces the risk of pain and strengthens the muscles. 

How long should I exercise on a recumbent bike?

The best benefit from riding the recumbent exercise bike is pedaling for long enough and according to the analysis it is enough to aim for at least 30 minutes of cardio per day. 

Can you get a good cardio workout on a recumbent bike?

Recumbent bikes offer great support for an effective cardiovascular and lower body resistance workout. It is the best and safe workout for cardio and offers a versatile way to challenge individuals at every fitness level. 

We have also written on the difference between Recumbent bikes & upright bikes.


Recumbent bikes provide extra support for all the cardiovascular and muscles of the lower back. The bike is extremely safe and versatile to challenge individuals at every fitness level. It helps to alleviate discomfort while working out and also brings many benefits to keep you fit and help in weight loss.

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