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Schwinn 270 Recumbent Bike An In-depth Review

People today are more conscious of their health more than ever; they know exactly how much calories are in their food, seek out healthy alternatives, and include routine exercise.

All the information they could possibly need is on the internet. Diet is only a part of a healthy lifestyle; you must include regular physical activities to keep your body and mind active, preventing lethargy.

One of the most straightforward and convenient methods is biking. A 30-minute session can work wonders for your body, and you might also enjoy it.

Doctors also agree that cycling is a great way to balance your health while preventing or reducing the effects of conditions like obesity, high cholesterol, diabetes, and even high blood pressure.

Your body also benefits from proper blood oxygenation because of both aerobic and anaerobic movements in the same exercise .


For all those who live in crowded cities without much time to spare or the weather is not always with you, consider buying a stationary bike; it also saves you the cost of a gym membership and allows you to train comfortably at home anytime.

Your family members can also use it at home, it may even encourage your kids to start working out.

Stationary bikes are recommended by most because it places less stress on your knees than heavy gym equipment which sorely focuses on building leg muscles.

They are also more comfortable due to adjustable seating positions and versatile as it can be used to increase stamina, strength, and even endurance.

A stationary bike can burn anywhere from 500 to 1100 calories per hour.

Why choose a Recumbent Bike

Out of all the stationary bikes available on the market, recumbent bikes provide the right combination between long workouts and comfort. The seat comes with added back support, and they are generally easy to use even for people with no experience operating one.Let’s see what a recumbent bike offers you over other models.

Now for those who still can not make up their mind on whether they should get a recumbent bike. I will go through some of their benefits and use cases.

Let’s talk about the seating position; recumbent bikes have a more natural seating position, which supports the lower spine compared to spin bikes, which stresses your back if you use it for an extended amount of time. Also, the seats are more extensive and broader, which can accommodate a larger person without discomfort, unlike a traditional bike seat, which has a smaller seat.

The structure of the recumbent bike is such that your knees and ankles are positioned well and the back supported by the extended seat, all of which are designed to keep your joints relaxed but muscles active. Speaking of muscles, the seating posture works both the hamstrings and the quads simultaneously, so you get a more evenly balanced workout and muscle buildup.

As the seating position does allow one to stand on its pedals, beginner type ankle injuries are avoided. The bike can handle users of all levels, even those with neurological conditions, it’s also best for people with back or hip injuries as the weight is distributed evenly along your back without putting stress on any one part. 

In short, recumbent bikes reduce the chances of injuries while providing a good mixture of exercises without harming your joints. The bike can be adjusted to fit any kind of person, no matter how old or big. The functions provided are versatile, and your body gets a more even workout targeting multiple muscles at once.

The Schwinn 270 Recumbent Bike – Its Amazing Features


Schwinn was founded by Ignaz Schwinn, who was born in Germany but migrated to the US in1891. Then after quitting his job, he partnered with Alfred Arnold; together, they successfully captured the hearts of the people by selling bikes with radical new designs and thus expanded their brand. The company took steps into the fitness industry in 1965. In 2004 the company was last bought by Dorel Industries and still produced one of the highest quality bikes and equipment.

The Schwinn 270 Recumbent Bike is one of the best recumbent bikes available under 500$ in the current market; compared to its competition, the Schwinn 270 contains a simple to use electronic system with multiple profiles for different family members and a ton of features like the 29 preset workout programs. The vast majority of people who bought it have a favorable opinion after using it for months.

Features of the Schwinn 270

Let’s start with the size first; the Schwinn 270 is 86.6 lbs, 49.9 inches high, 27.7 inches wide, and 64 inches long. And it can handle a maximum of 300 lbs on its seats without compromising stability.

Dual Track LCD Blue Backlit Display

The Schwinn 270 comes with a dual-track display meaning the 13 different feedbacks are shown split into two columns. One side of the display shows the current workout session, and the other shows the overall progress of your selected goal. This allows you to continually track your progress, and it’s useful for motivating yourself to finish that particular session. The LCD and other electronic functions run directly off the wall, this rules out battery failures in case of repairs, and it will make the machine much easier to troubleshoot.


As you know, the Schwinn is computerized, so all the data like distance, RPM, your pulse, and intensity of the workout can be stored and transferred to a USB drive. The system can be connected to MyFitnessPal or to SchwinnConnect on iOS as well as android to continually track your progress and make changes to your workouts. You can place your tab on a holder above the screen connected with a USB port so that you can watch movies or shows while charging.

There is also a new mobile app called RideSocial available on both android and apple OS that works like a virtual tour around the world on the most beautiful trails like Venice Beach, Iceland, Norway, Ireland, and even Tibet. The footage of these trails was captured with VR 360 technology, so using your VR goggles along with the adjustable street level height, you can take in the surroundings and will make your experience more immersive. This app also allows you to connect to your friends and ride along with them like a VR adventure game.

The beautiful scenery will make you want to keep riding; with this technology, exercises can become a form of entertainment that you will actively take part in.

There are dual speakers built-into the console that can be connected to your device, creating a good mood for long sessions; the volume is controlled by the device’s interface; the machine does not have volume control buttons.

Workout programs

One of the features that stands out the most is the 29 workout programs, which includes a quick start mode, four user-defined programs, Three fitness tests containing beginner, advanced, and recovery options, nine heart rate control programs (four beginners and five advanced), and finally 12 custom profile programs. Now the machine comes with 25 resistance modes that can switch to lighter to heavier workouts with a push of a button.


I have mentioned a few times that recumbent bikes, especially the Schwinn 270, has a very comfortable seating position. People who want to stay in shape and do not want to strain their backs usually opt for a machine that offers this kind of posture. The seats are padded and modified to provide more support to the lower back and can be adjusted to suit any person.

Heart rate sensor

The Schwinn 270 comes with a rather unique sensor that’s built into the grip so you can check your pulse by just holding the grip. This is very useful to people who have a hard time focusing or don’t want to lose their flow during a session. This sensor is also used in the nine heart controlled workout programs adjusting the resistance to keep your heart pumping at your desired rate.

Additional features 

A three-speed Cooling fan is provided just below the display between the speakers to cool you off during your workout sessions.

An oversized side-mounted water bottle holder is given, so you don’t have to move around for a cup of water.

The machine comes with transport wheels to help you move it to your desired place rather quickly and without effort.

The large seat is adjusted through an aluminum slider seat rail system with a quick and easy lever for fore and aft seat adjustment. Being made of metal, it is both durable and sturdy.

The seat bottom is padded, and the back has a large vented structure to keep you cool.

The 25 levels of resistance is adjusted by a high-speed inertia perimeter weighted flywheel that keeps the center of mass very low, meaning the machine is very stable no matter the vibration produced during workouts.

The console also sports an audio jack and Bluetooth connectivity feature for all your musical needs.

The flywheel is perfectly designed so that it’s very silent and does not interpret your flow.

Build Quality

As you know, the company has been around for almost a hundred years and has been paving the way for unique, innovative bike designs. The Schwinn 270 is built with high-grade materials that can withstand intense, extended workouts. The structure is made with a single-piece frame, 2 integrated levelers & sizeable mid-frame support for an incredibly stable platform, which, combined with a low gravity centered weighted flywheel, makes sure that the machine doesn’t rattle or sway side to side during workouts.

The built quality is impressive, especially considering the price point, and it will not fail you during any of your workouts.


The frame of the machine has a 10-year warranty, the mechanical parts have 2 years and the electrical components 1 year, and finally, a 90-day labor warranty. The warranty period is pretty good and allows room for you to get a good understanding of the feature and functions before accidentally breaking anything. 


The assembly process is not complicated; if you follow the manual, it should only take a maximum of 2 hours to complete. There are a lot of parts and pieces that you need to carefully arrange before starting to put them together. Take extra care while handling screws; do not drop them into the gaps of the wheel area. You will have to turn the entire thing upside down to get it out.

The price may vary according to your delivery service; in some places, Amazon charges extra for shipping from 40$ to 60$, and most of the time, it is not included in the final price. So ask the seller before you buy it. 


  • Great price and compact quality build.
  • 29 workout presets and 25 resistance levels for all fitness levels.
  • Adjustable seats with padded seat bottom and ventilated seat back.
  • Magnetic flywheel resistance mechanism.
  • Heart rate sensor built into the grip.
  • Cooling fan and water bottle holder
  • The wireless heart rate transmitter is compatible with the console.
  • Ride social and My Fitness Pal are both available.
  • There are four workout profiles available,allowing each of your family members quick and easy setup for their sessions.


  • Some have reported that the grip heart rate sensor is slightly inaccurate.


The Schwinn 270 is a steal for its price; the combination of features given here is something you find in devices double its price. You won’t find a recumbent bike with such quality and digital elements. It is built with comfort and versatility in mind; a person with any medical condition can adjust the bike to fit their body.

The Schwinn 270 was created from the feedback received from the previous model, the 230. The company listened to its customers meaning they care about your money, so you can trust them. Overall the Schwinn 270 is an excellent buy that you should definitely consider before looking at any other models.

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