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Revitive Review – Is This The Best Circulation Booster? Find Out

Revitive circulation booster is a blessing for anyone enduring poor circulation in legs as well as inflated feet and painful legs.

Revitive reviews reveal detailed information on the clinically proven circulation booster, so that you can make an informed choice while buying it.


Revitive Circulation Booster is primarily an electrical medical device that provides a better circulation for your legs and feet.

The device utilizes Electrical Muscle Stimulation, known as EMS for increasing blood circulation throughout your legs and feet area and lightening your body muscles up.

This circulation booster machine is recommended by the physicians and is one of the best products for reducing leg pain and swelling vigorously.


Revitive circulation booster is crucial for fighting against poor circulation. It speeds up your lower limb nerve endings and stimulates healthy circulation through WavePulse technology. The product costs around $ 220 but is completely worth it.. Check the current price now


Revitive reviews tell us how this advanced product helps in relieving the pain in your feet and legs as well as other parts employing the patented WidePulse Technology.

It features a unique ISOrocker system, fifteen variable waveforms, and last but not the least Electrical Muscle Stimulation technology.

The ISOrocker system provides oxygen-rich blood to your body muscles for reducing your pains and strengthening body muscles. In short, you can say it is truly a drug-free pain-relief and wholly useful.

Revitive Circulation Booster features fifteen patented simulated waveforms for boosting muscle potency and allows you to walk freely for a longer time without feeling any aches. Useful features of Revitive circulation booster as follows

99 Different Intensity Levels

Revitive Circulation booster comes with ninety-nine different intensity levels and you can choose each of those according to your circulation requirements. So it is good for everybody who undergoes various poor health conditions. 

15 Simulated Waveforms

The circulation booster device offers fifteen stimulation wave forms with different patterns by which you can get rid of muscle habituation and stimulate your muscles quite effectively.

ISORocker System

It houses the ISORocker system which is instrumental in relaxing your leg muscles and proper ankle joint movement.

EMS Electrical Muscle Stimulation

EMS is a drug-free technique and used for intensifying calf muscles. It helps you lessen the pain and enhance blood circulation.

WidePulse Waveforms

WidePulse Waveforms is the latest technique that channelizes the stimulation process in a convenient way.

Revitive - IsoRockers System

Usage Direction

Revitive Circulation Booster comes with few instructions for usage and you should adhere to that.

If you have embedded electronic devices like a cardiac pacemaker or defibrillator then you should stay away from this circulation booster.

Using this may lead to death or serious injury because of electric shock. Furthermore, go through the label fixed on the device and use it accordingly for a better and safe result.

Advantages Using Revitive Circular Booster

Revitive - Electrode Body Pads

Revitive Circular Booster is a circularly designed device that stimulates numerous nerves of your foot for relaxing the muscles and boosting blood circulation.

Because of 99 levels of speed variations, it is quite useful. According to research, the Revitive circulation booster is capable of enhancing your blood circulation by more than 50 percent.

Alleviate Your Exhausted Legs

It is quite obvious that after a certain age because of high blood pressure and high cholesterol your body is prone to poor circulation and that leads to swelling and sore feet.

In such cases, the Revitive circulation booster is the best medium to alleviate your tired feet and legs.

It also boosts blood flow in the legs and feet area to help you in maintaining a healthy life without feeling any uneasiness.

Get Rid Of Cramps

The circulation booster helps your muscle get relieved and extracts fresh and oxygenated blood for your legs.

Exceptional Stimulation

Its patented Wide-Pulse muscle stimulation waveforms hit the affected muscles and enhance oxygenated blood flow to help you walk freely.

Patented ISORocker

The patented ISORocker system in the Revitive circulation booster allows the machine to assist during calf exercises.

Setting Up Toning Tower For Use

Place the supreme toning tower in the place where you wish to set it up.

Ensure that there is enough space for you to exercise, and the ground on which it is placed is level. 

Just lift the toning tower up. It would clip into place securely

Go ahead with the workout. Follow the exercises on the DVD or watch the online videos to do pilates and barre exercises. 

Once the workout is over, release the clips at the base of the equipment.

The tower would fold down flat. You can now store it in a folded form wherever you want.

What Do Customer Have To Say

This circular booster has gained a rating of 3.9 out of 5 and because of usability, it has received 4 out of 5 which is quite commendable.

Revitive Review

Alternative Products

If you don’t get desired results using Revitive circular booster then we would like to recommend you EMS foot massager foot circulation device.

It is also FDA approved and class II medical instrument and features similar efficacy.


There are mainly four types of Revitive circulation boosters namely Revitive Advanced, Revitive Medic, Revitive Regular and the special one exclusively for healing Osteoarthritis is Arthritis-knee.

Revitive circulation booster includes one unit of the circular booster, a remote control, ten pads and replacements along with one adaptor.

The device is quite easy to use and you only need to start the machine and put your feet on the footpads.

For changing the intensity level, you can control it through the remote control or manually through the buttons.

For a better result, you should use it regularly for at least thirty minutes each time.


Revitive - Final Verdict

Revitive reviews validate that it enhances the blood flow in your leg through electrical pulses.

Hence if you are fighting with defective leg muscles and unable to walk longer then Revitive Circulation Booster is the ideal choice.

It is medically tested and approved and comes with a simple operation procedure so that you can experience an immense change in your circulation and nagging muscles.

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