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Should I Take Fat Burners Before A Workout?

Do fat burners work better when you take them before a workout? That’s a question many people ask themselves before popping a pill. 

Fat burner supplements are not magic pills that will make you lose weight by swallowing them, but they provide some extra benefits when taken before a workout.

What is the best fat burner to take?
Many fat burners have ingredients that can increase your metabolic rate and increase energy levels.

Here’s a quick and easy explanation of what they are, how they work, and the best time you should take them.

Before we go any further, let’s define what ‘fat burner’ means. A fat burner is a type of weight-loss pill that aims to increase your metabolism by targeting your body’s natural process for burning energy.

If you’re not a calorie counter, I’ll break it down for you. When you eat food, your body requires energy to digest and absorb the nutrients. You get this energy from your body and pushed out of the body as heat through skin and breath.

This process is known as 'thermogenesis' (a fancy word that means heat production due to caloric intake). Fat burners work by promoting this 'thermogenic' process, which increases your body's ability to burn fat. 

The typical fat burner will combine ingredients, typically caffeine, ephedrine, yohimbine, and other stimulants.

Who are fat burners made for?

What is the best fat burner for belly fat?

Many people avoid fat burners because they are not effective or ‘too much hard work.’ Although this may be true, fat burners can help you lose weight and body fat if you take the recommended dosage.

Ideal candidates for using Fat Burners are people who work out regularly, have a high body-fat percentage and a low muscle mass.

Most fat burners contain fat-burning stimulants such as:

Ephedrine: Ephedrine is the most common ingredient present in fat burners. It doesn’t directly increase the body’s ability to burn fat but stimulates metabolism and heart rate. 

What is the drug ephedrine used for?
  • Caffeine: This boosts energy that also facilitates fat burning by increasing the body’s ability to burn fat. 
What does caffeine do to your body?
  • Yohimbine: “Yohimbine is an alpha-2 adrenergic receptor against, an ingredient that increases your body’s natural resistance to stress hormones” (source). It increases the body’s ability to burn fat without losing muscle and making it easier to lose weight.
  • L-Carnitine: L-Carnitine is an amino acid that enhances the body’s ability to make energy from fat.
What does L carnitine do for you?
  • Tyrosine: “Tyrosine promotes the production of brain chemicals called neurotransmitters, which are involved in energy regulation.”
  • Phentermine and phenylalanine: “Phentermine is a central nervous system stimulant that increases metabolism by encouraging faster heart-beats and more efficient calorie-burning” (source).
  • Green tea extract: “Green tea extract is a natural stimulant that increases metabolism and also increases the thermogenic effects of ephedrine” (source). 
What does green tea extract do?
  • Cayenne Pepper Extract: It is an ingredient that stimulates thermogenesis, making it easier to burn fat.
What is cayenne pepper extract good for?
  • Linoleic acid: “Linoleic acid is an unsaturated fatty acid that increases the body’s ability to burn fat, especially when taken with other fat burners.”

Many scientific studies show that these ingredients help people lose weight and effectively assist them in burning calories more efficiently. In addition, there is a multitude of different controlled studies that prove the effectiveness of fat burners.

How do I identify a good fat burner?

The best way to identify a quality fat-burner is to find one with clinically proven ingredients. However, finding a product with all of the ingredients mentioned above may be difficult, as many products claim to have them yet list ‘other natural ingredients as their primary ingredient.

When to take fat burners and maximize their effects?

Now that we know the ingredients present in fat burners let’s see the ideal time you should take them for maximum results.

Before Exercise:

The ideal time to take fat burners before working out is 30-60 minutes before (This is because the ingredients listed above are most effective when taken 30-60 minutes before exercise).

Before Bed:

Another great time to take fat burners is before bed. It allows you to maximize the amount of time to optimize their benefits. Typically, people take fat burners just before bed, so they’re able to sleep straight through the night.

In the Morning:

Although you can take fat burners at any time of the day, taking them in the morning will improve your metabolism. It is not only that; there are many other tremendous benefits of taking fat burners in the morning.


Taking fat burners before a workout is another great way to maximize their benefits. It allows you to get maximum benefits from the ingredients listed above. 

On an Empty Stomach:

You can take burners on an empty stomach, but it’s important to note that sometimes you may experience some side effects.

For example, many customers who take fat burners on an empty stomach often feel jittery before and during the workout or may feel nauseous. If this is the case, you should take your fat burner after a meal to avoid these adverse side effects.

With a meal :

Next, you can take it with or without food, so it’s up to you to see how you react to them. Taking fat burners with food and enough protein will provide you with added nutrients that the fat burner may have stripped from your system.

Tips to maximize effects for fat loss and get better results

What burns the most fat?

Drink plenty of water:

Dehydration is a leading factor leading to weight gain, and it can also reduce the beneficial effects of fat burners. So make sure you drink plenty of water throughout the day; never forget.

Eat healthily:

Ensuring you have a balanced diet with the right amount of protein is a significant factor in optimizing fat burners.

The first place to start is with what you drink; replace sugary teas and sodas with water. Also, make sure that you avoid junk food and fast-food restaurants, as these places contain very unhealthy foods. 

Get proper sleep

Getting the right amount of sleep is also essential. If you’re not getting enough sleep, it can reduce the effectiveness of fat burners and any other drugs or supplements that you may be taking.

Getting the right amount of sleep allows the body to rejuvenate itself and increase its natural ability to burn fat. Also, exercise is another excellent tool for weight loss and burning fat.

Exercise More:

Eating a balanced diet and regular exercise will help you lose weight and burn fat faster.

How many times should you take a fat burner?

What does fat burner really do?

You can take fat burners up to 6 times per day, but it is important to note that this may have adverse effects. Taking fat burners too often will cause your body to become resistant to it, and the results will not last as long. 

What to do if you have a medical condition?

If you have any underlying medical conditions, don’t take any ‘diet aid pills’ without getting approval from your doctor first.

Fat burners are an excellent tool for burning fat and losing weight if done correctly. They are a perfect option for people trying to lose weight and keep their weight off. 

If you are interested in inadequately using fat burners to lose weight, make sure you have a healthy diet and exercise regularly.

So, Should you take fat burners before a workout?

The answer is, it depends. If you exercise regularly and eat healthily, then yes, you may want to consider taking fat-burning pills before your workout. It is the ideal time to take fat burners because it will increase the rate at which you lose weight. 

On the other hand, if you’re not exercising or eating healthily, then no, you may want to try something else that won’t have side effects.

We hope that this article has been helpful and informative. If you have any questions, please feel free to leave a comment below. 

Here’s to your health!

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