Loose 4-5 Kilos In A Week With The Best Navy Diet Plan

With the lean body trend kicking in, everyone is going gaga over it. We indeed idolize our favorite athletes and crave for a body like theirs. But don’t worry; we’ve got your back. All you got to do is to replace your regular diet with the renowned Navy Diet Plan or commonly referred as the 3-day diet. It is believed that if followed strictly then one can lose up to 4-5 kilograms in just 3 days. Yes, you read it right!

Although, the origin of this diet is obscure as no health institution has ever come forward to claim the entitlement to this diet plan; notwithstanding, it has fervent followers.

What Is Notable About This Diet?

1. Low Calorie

The food recommended in this diet is mostly very low calorie. By the less consumption of calories, the stored fat in our bodies begin to burn and hence help us lose weight.

2. Coherence

It doesn’t require you to spend hours on planning about what you need to consume or how much calories you’ll intake. It’s designed in a way that all you are going to need is the will power to follow it. It doesn’t require you to go for a special grocery shopping to acquire the ingredients of this diet.

3. High Metabolism

It is believed that the ingredients of this diet are organized specifically to increase our body metabolism at a very high rate which will eventually burn the stored fat rapidly.

We’ve contrived this diet plan for you. Substitution of the food items is not advisable. For the optimum results, you need to stick to this plan only.













Presence of ice-cream in this diet chart might baffle you but it is important for the body to take some amounts of fat regularly. Ice-cream does have other nutrients like calcium which is good for our bones.

For the next 4-7 days you can stick to a low calorie diet because a sudden increase in the calorie intake might turn out detrimental for you. An intake of maximum 1500 calories a day is usually recommended. The results of this diet plan vary from person to person. But apparently, the diet has shown favorable outcomes, therefore, it is safe to rely on it.

Precautionary Measures

Not every change in our body is accommodating. So, you might want to consult your health doctor before you pursue this diet plan. As each body has distinct needs, the consumption of protein, fat, calories, vitamins or carbs varies from person to person depending upon age, gender and various other factors. This diet is also suggested to people suffering from heart diseases but a proper consultation from the health supervisor is necessary before it.

This 3-day diet not only helps us in losing weight but also lets us pursue a healthy lifestyle. Regular exercise and a low fat diet will give you the fine lean body that you desire.

Happy Dieting!

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