How Long Should A Jump Rope Be For Your Height?

How Long Should A Jump Rope Be For Your Height?

Jump ropes are inexpensive pieces of exercise equipment found in most sport or kids’ stores. Adding it to your workout session will have many benefits. 

However, if your rope is too long or too short, it may become difficult to jump rope. Therefore, you need to have an ideal length. So, how long should a jump rope be?

Let us find out! 

To keep a steady pace, you need the correct length of jump rope. Having a jump rope too short can be as hard as having a rope too long. 

It is easier to have one that is a bit too long because it will be easy to adjust the length, but having one too short is harder to fix. 

How do I adjust my jump rope to my height?

Measure your height:

To determine the length of your jump rope, you first need to measure your height. Next, stand in the middle of your rope and pull both ends up upwards.

If the tips reach your armpits, it is the correct jump rope size for you. 

If it does not reach your armpits, the length is too short. If it goes above your shoulders, then it is too long. A reasonable length for a beginner would be between the height of your armpits and shoulders.

Note: Do not wear shoes while measuring your height; use socks or bare feet to measure your height. 

Skip rope length chart for heights :

It is a chart of how long a jump rope is for your height. The Rx smart gear website has the perfect chart for your needs. The chart is very informative and a great guide to help you determine your length. 

Length of jump rope for different jumps

  • For beginners – A longer jump rope is better for beginners because they start slow. Having a longer rope will make it easier to keep the rope moving. The tips of the handles should reach your armpits. 
  • Double unders – If you are jumping double unders (two rotations for each jump), then a slightly longer rope than your preferred rope length is best. The rope should clear about 6 to 10 inches above your head.
  • This is because you will be jumping higher when attempting double unders. 
  • Freestyle – Freestyle jumpers usually need long ropes to perform various jump rope tricks. Freestyle jumping requires a longer rope (about 1 foot longer than your height) to execute side steps and jump over the rope. The apex of the rope is 12 to 24 inches from the jumper. 
  • Speed jumping – A speed jumper needs a slightly shorter rope length than a beginner. The height of the apex is about 2 to 6 inches above their head. These jumpers are fast and do not pause for tricks. It’s about the speed and control of the jump rope. 

How to adjust your rope size

An adjustable jump rope will help you adjust it to the proper jump rope length. It is more expensive but maybe worth it if you are a serious jumper. 

How do you set up a skipping rope?

Make sure your cable has room to adjust and be shortened or lengthened depending on how tall you are.

There are several ways to shorten the length of rope; you can tuck and tape the handles into the middle of the rope. The best way to prune a rope is by taking off the handles and cutting the excess rope cord off with a wire cutter to the correct length. 

Final thoughts

If you are a beginner, then consider picking a longer rope. Depending on your height, choose the right length to help you get started. 

To adjust your jump rope, consider buying an adjustable one if you are serious about getting better at jumping and reaching your fitness goals. 

Have any questions, comments, or concerns? Please leave them in the comment box below. 

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