Tidal Tank Aqua Bag Review

Tidal Tank Aqua Bag Review

Sandbags are an excellent tool for strength and endurance training. Are you looking for something to shake up your routine? The Tidal Tank Adjustable Aqua Bag is a great choice. 

For this review, we will look at what the Tidal Tank Adjustable Aqua Bag can do for you and consider some of the features and benefits. 

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About Tidal Tank aqua bag

Tidal Tank Aqua Bag is an excellent water bag that features a black and blue exterior. The fabric is sturdy, durable, and soft to the touch.

Tidal Tank Aqua Bag
High-quality neoprene is paired with nylon for increased durability and resistance from puncture-type injuries and responsible use of materials.

The Tidal Tank Aqua Bag can be inflated in minutes by using any external pump or hands-operated manual breathing device because the valve seal increases pressure without leaks. 

It is a new and unique fitness tool that allows you to create your full-body workout by using the water inside it. The weight of the water and the resistance will depend on how much you pump the handle.

The Tidal Tank is easy to use; just put the handle under the tap and fill it up to the desired weight. Then the water in the tank is at its highest level; therefore, the weight is the heaviest. 


Tidal tank is easy to use:

  • put the handle under the tap and fill it up to the desired weight
  • push the pin once to open it up for water
  • hold it under the faucet until you reach the desired weight
  • push the pin again to open it up for air, attach a pump and give a few pumps until firm. You’re ready to go!

Tidal tank is adjustable up to 49 lbs (but feels much heavier):

  • use the handle to come up to the desired weight
  • each time you pump, more water is pumped into the tank, making it heavier
  • giving you a workout that feels heavy
  • The cumulative effect of the many repetitions is increasing resistance and making it feel heavy.

Tidal tank is made from durable materials:

  • high-quality neoprene and nylon combine for maximum softness and durability
  • resistant to puncture injury and responsible use of materials during workouts (DNR).
  • a hand-operated manual breathing device is needed to inflate the tank

Tidal tank is easy to travel with:

  • When the Tidal Tank is empty, it is only 3 pounds and two by 5 inches when folded up.
  • push the pin once, place it under the faucet, fill up to desired weight.
  • push the pin again, attach the pump, give a few pumps until it is firm.

Tidal tank is competitively priced:

  • cheaper than other water bags of similar quality on the market
  • includes free training access to our online training centre with many exercises for your inspiration
  • Priced at $55


  • Adjustable weight.
  • Can be easily packed away.
  • Best to inflate with a manual breathing device because the valve seal increases the pressure without leaks.
  • Comes with free online training access
  • Easy to use; just put the handle under the tap and fill it up to the desired weight


  • Heavy
  • Requires a hand-operated breathing device
  • Can’t use hot water in it

Customer reviews

Tidal Tank Aqua Bag

It has mostly positive ratings from customers. Customers have been happy with the workout from the water and the ease of use, especially those who had tried other exercise regimes before and struggled to achieve a good workout. 

One customer said, "It is the first water bag that keeps me moving." Another added, "...it works your whole body, even though you think it will only work your arms (I thought this too), The Water Weights are worth buying."

However, although the product seems popular with customers, some have been unhappy with the product. These customers say that their tanks were too heavy to use, leaked, or were faulty somehow. 


Like the Tidal Tank, there are other water-based workout tools on the market. However, they do not seem to be as popular with consumers as the Tidal Tank.

The Wavemaster Water System is another water-based system. Amazon has a rating of 2.9 out of 5, from 12 customer reviews and like the Tidal Tank, it also has an average star rating of 4 out of 5 from 11 customer reviews on Amazon. 

The Wavemaster Water System has a built-in pump, so it is effortless to use. It makes it lightweight and portable; however, it can leak if the pin is pushed too far. 

In addition, it does not have a handle, which may make it harder to put under the tap. The Wavemaster Water System can be used in both home and outdoors.


The Tidal Tank is a fun and easy way to work out and stay healthy. At the very least, it helps to improve your flexibility and make you more aware of how much you can push yourself before you cause an injury. 

The Tidal Tank might also be better for some people since it is easier to understand how many pounds of water they should fill without estimating how much weight they can move. In addition, it works more gently on your joints than carrying weights themselves. 

The Tidal Tank also benefits from the fact that it is compact and easy to bring anywhere. It makes it ideal for travel or when you are on the road.


Does it come with a pump?

Yes, the Tidal Tank includes a multi-speed pump with a gauge to assist in the loading process. You can also attach your hand-operated breathing device to inflate the tank.

Does it leak?

Tidal Tank Aqua Bag

The Tidal Tank is watertight and guaranteed not to leak.

What is the weight limit of the Tidal Tank?

The Tidal Tank can hold 49 lbs of water.

Can I control the level of resistance?

Yes, you can use your hands to push on the bottom of the tank, which controls how much water is in it. The more water it holds, the harder it becomes to move since you are carrying more weight.

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