Cardio or Running: Which Is Better For Weight Loss

Are you looking for a new, exciting sport to help burn some calories and shed some pounds?

Cardio or running might be a sport that can work for you! But which is more beneficial for weight loss? 

This article will talk about the differences between cardio and running for weight loss.

Why should you go running?

Running is the best activity for weight loss, but it will take a lot of time to lose weight, and when you run, you will be sweating, and you may feel tired. 

What are the benefits of running everyday?
If you hate running, cardio exercises will help you burn fat quickly, and you won’t feel tired during a workout. 

You can also try to do fast walking or jogging in your free time, play basketball instead of playing video games, join the gym and take an aerobics class.

Why should you do cardio exercises?

As I have said, running is an excellent exercise for weight loss, but it takes time. It is the only reason why you should do cardio exercises. If you want to lose 2 to 3 pounds, cardio is the best option. 

Why should you do cardio exercises?
Running is not the right way to lose weight. You need to do cardio for this reason if you want to lose weight fast.

Which is good for fat loss?

Running is the best sport for weight loss, but it requires a lot of time, so if you are looking for an easy solution, choose cardio exercises.

On the other hand, if you plan to be in the gym every day, you should run. 

What are the differences between running and cardio?

Running is best for burning calories, but you will feel exhausted if you do it for an extended period. So if you are doing prolonged exercise over a long period, choose cardio exercises.

If you are looking for fast results to lose weight fast, it is better to do cardio exercises. This is because cardio exercises are the best way to burn fat in the shortest time frame. 

In addition, cardio exercise helps shed off extra fat where running takes a longer time.

Why choose running over cardio?

Cardio burns fat faster

You can burn as much as 30 to 50 percent of your daily calories in just 20 minutes of cardio. So, if you are doing cardio, then you will burn maximum calories in a short time. In addition, it will shed off fat in a short time.

Which cardio burns the most fat?

Cardio is easy to do

If you hate running and don’t like this kind of exercise, you can do any form of cardio such as cycling, rowing, and elliptical machines. 

Cycling is one of the best ways to lose weight and keep you fit and healthy. If cycling is not your favourite sport, then you can take an aerobics class at your local gym to help get the heart pumping and muscles working.

Burn more calories

If you are doing cardio, you will be sweating, which will help you burn more calories. You will feel so energetic and fresh after you exercise and you can do anything in the day without getting tired. 

Cardio exercises help your heart and lungs

Regular cardio exercises help to keep your heart and lungs healthy. If you love running and do it for some time, you will have a chest problem or lung problem. You should avoid running if you want to keep your chest healthy. 

If you plan to reduce the risk of heart disease, then choose an aerobic class to do cardio exercises. You can also join the gym if you plan to lose weight fast.

Cardio is more beneficial for people with a high BMI

People who are overweight will find it difficult to lose weight by just doing exercises like cardio. But when they do cardio for 20 to 30 minutes, it will help them burn more calories. Conclusion:

Cardio for weight loss

Which cardio exercise is best for weight loss?

According to the research conducted so far, cardio is one of the best activities for weight loss. For example, people doing cardio for 20 minutes lose 2 pounds per week, but if you are doing some high-intensity exercise, you may lose 10 to 15 pounds in just a month.

Cardio is not just easy but also fun

You need to consider many things when you are doing cardio exercises. If you love running and plan to lose weight fast, it is better for you. If you can do cardio exercise in your free time, it is better. 

You can do cardio exercises in the gym if you want to burn more calories in a short time. Still, if cardio exercises are not your favourite thing, cardio classes are also available in the gym. 

You can have a lot of fun in a cardio class. You can go to the gym or join an aerobics class, and it will make you forget all your problems. The time will pass quickly, and you will be sweating after the exercise. 

The choice is up to you, but you need to consider your activity level, the purpose of losing weight, BMI, total energy expenditure (TEE), and health before taking this decision.


Both cardio and running are effective for weight loss, but you should choose cardio exercises for losing weight fast. Cardio exercises can help you to lose weight in a short time. 

Cardio is the best way to burn fat in a short time frame. If you want to select a sport, I suggest you do cardio exercises because it burns the most calories, and if you want long-term benefits, then run or jog for exercise.

Make sure you do cardio exercise for 20 minutes a day. Also, you should do cardio at least three days a week. And if you want to get the best results, try some high-intensity cardio workouts.

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