How To Prevent Uneven Lats And Cure Uneven Body Strength

While exercising the firs thing to keep in mind is that the posture needs to be correct even if the weights are not increased. But, people focus on increasing their weight quicker than they should and due to this the muscle does not retain the right posture thus leading to development of uneven muscles.

Almost 4 out 10 bodybuilders become the prey of this disproportionate body shape due to uneven exercises and irregular increase of weights in their lifts.

But, There Might Be Another Reason To It…

What To Do About It?

The First Thing Is To Identify Your Weak Points In The Body.

How To Prevent Uneven Body Muscle Growth

What Happens With Uneven Lats?

Take a look at this picture for an example and let us know if this looks good in any way possible…

If you look closely, you will notice that this person has uneven lats which when flexed become quite visible.

Note: Do not notice the pink fluffy doll cat below the television.

How To Identify Uneven Lats



As it is said a lot, prevention is better than cure. Similarly, in case of your body a shape not deformed and maintained is better than deformed and cured. So, try not to oversize your exercises by drastically increasing your weights and focusing more on one side of the body. Every exercise needs to be performed equally on both sides. The muscle development will take time but will be equal and good in shape always.

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