How Long Is P90x Yoga?

How Long Is P90x Yoga?

Are you wondering or checking your schedule and trying to find the answer to

“How long are P90X Yoga workouts?”

So that you can incorporate them into your lifestyle.  After all, everyone wishes to stay healthy and fit. 

Well. The P90X version of Yoga is a DVD based intense exercise. It is commonly considered one of the most challenging parts of the entire program.

The P90X yoga routine includes many different types of Yoga – both fast and slow pace.

It strengthens and tones your body while simultaneously improving your flexibility.

What is P90X Yoga?

What is P90X Yoga?

P90X Yoga is an extension of the P90X workout program which Tony Horton developed. The program’s goal is to help you improve your overall general health by focusing on three main areas.

These include Muscular strength, Muscular endurance, and flexibility.

The P90X Yoga routines are designed to take you through a series of postures or asanas to achieve these benefits. 

They start slow and easy with the beginner asanas and progress throughout the routine while gradually building up your flexibility, endurance, and strength.

You can estimate how long a particular asan will take from its surrounding vinyasa: the sequence of standing poses that leads into inversions.

How Long is the P90X Yoga Routine?

How Long is the P90X Yoga Routine?

You can incorporate the P90X Yoga routine into your schedule regularly. It doesn’t matter if you are starting or have been doing it for years because the critical thing is that you do it consistently.

There are a few things that you should keep in mind to get the most from this type of workout:

This routine will vary somewhat depending on whether or not you have been working out before. However, there is still a general breakdown of the routine that you should be aware of below:

Each workout for P90X Yoga is broken into four different phases. Each phase has a specific purpose:

  • General Warm-Up phase20 Minutes This segment focuses on warming up your body, ensuring that all of your muscles are getting blood flow and oxygen supply that they need to assist you in achieving the benefits of the following workout.
  • Cardio30 Minutes This segment prepares your body for the more intense work that will happen over the next 16 weeks. This can be known as a cool-down if you are doing the program for six months without stopping. 
  • Strength phase 30 Minutes During this phase, you will gradually introduce different types of Yoga poses researched and tested to improve your flexibility, endurance, and muscular strength all at once.
  • Relaxation10 Minutes As the name implies, this segment is a time for your body to relax and rejuvenate itself after you have completed the routine. This is done through some basic stretches and breathing exercises.

Final words:

Is the P90X yoga any good?

P90X Yoga goes beyond the traditional yoga class. It integrates the typical yoga moves with a more challenging workout.

It is aimed at people who want to lose weight, gain more flexibility and core strength.

It is important to note that P90X Yoga also includes some stretching, balance and core exercises that build up your overall fitness level.

The best thing about P90X is that it incorporates weights into each exercise routine so you can tone your muscles without bulky muscle mass.

Hope you liked the article. Let me know about your experience with P90X Yoga.

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