How long is cardio recovery insanity?

How Long Is Cardio Recovery Insanity?

An insanity workout? You know things will be intense if the word “insanity” is involved. But what exactly does it entail? How long will the workout last? And is it for everyone?

We’re getting to know this intense exercise routine, and today we want to focus on something a little less well-known: cardio recovery insanity.

So read on to learn more about its duration, intensity level, and what makes it unique from other types of Insanity workouts.

Cardio Recovery is a DVD based exercise performed once every week to permit your muscles and cardio motor to recuperate from the extreme power that is the INSANITY exercise.

This way, there is no cardio at all in this exercise; no jumping or running or whatever would make your muscles fight significantly further.

Instead, it is about an hour of extending, yoga postures and profound muscle work.
Does insanity cardio recovery burn calories?

The Cardio Recovery Insanity workout is an intense and innovative fitness program that gives you a cardio blast for 30-60 minutes. It combines the best of two great programs: TurboFire and Insanity.

You’re probably thinking


Only 30 minutes?

Is that it?

No sweat, no pain, right? Well, if that’s your mindset, then you surely don’t know what Insanity is! Insanity workouts are one of the most intense workouts to date.

It differs from a treadmill or elliptical workout because it is not just cardio. In an insanity workout, you have strength and cardio combined in a very intense manner.

This routine helps people with illnesses such as high blood pressure, obesity, and type-2 diabetes.

The benefits of an insanity workout are numerous but at the same time also come with some significant risks such as delayed onset muscle soreness, greater loss of energy quickly post-workout, and potential injury to muscles or tendons.

It is an advanced program that involves bodyweight exercises, deep muscle work, and many high-intensity cardio intervals training exercises.

And it is recommended for people who have a moderate fitness level – no matter if you are a regular exerciser or not.

But the question is – How long is it?

Cardio Recovery Insanity Duration

The routine lasts for about 60 days and is split into three workouts: cardio recovery, plyometrics, and core/cardio abs.

And there is another workout which is called the Max Interval Circuit Workout (MIC). The MIC provides you with maximum performance in an interval workout lasting for 25 minutes.

This workout contains a mix of low and high-intensity interval training to improve overall cardiovascular improvement.

It is usually conducted in a group setting and is led by your very own personal trainer.

There are ten workouts: 5 cardio recovery workouts, five plyometric workouts, and two core/abs workouts. 

There are also two additional workouts in the third phase used in conjunction with your main exercise. These workouts include MIC and Max Interval Circuit Workout (MIC).

The insanity program provides you with a total body workout that involves all of your vital organs and muscles.

It provides you with complete conditioning of your body and increases your general health and fitness. 

And this 60-day program also helps burn fat, build lean muscle, improve your stamina, and boost energy levels through an intense cardio workout. 

In the first month, there are five workouts – 

  1. Fit Test – 30 minutes
  2. Plyometric Cardio Circuit – 40 minutes
  3. Cardio Power and Resistance – 40 minutes
  4. Cardio Recovery – 35 minutes 
  5. Pure Cardio – 40 minutes
You will do a week of warm up recovery workouts like balance routine, slow squats, and core cardio before starting the more intense workout of the second month. 

In the second month, there are 4 workouts –

  1. Max Interval Circuit – 60 minutes
  2. Max Interval Plyo – 55 minutes 
  3. Max Cardio Conditioning – 50 minutes
  4. Max Recovery – 50 minutes

The insanity level is very high, and you will do a lot of complex power moves and exercises. And it is recommended that you don’t do the cardio recovery insanity on your first or second attempt as it may take time to adapt to this workout.

Targeted areas:

  • It targets your abs, arms, legs, glutes, and back. 
  • It also helps with cardiovascular health, general fitness, strength, and stamina.
  • It is not recommended for people with a health condition like arthritis, knee pain, or heart disease.

Shaun T is the creator of Insanity as well as many other programs. He started creating fitness programs when he was only 19 years old and has worked with a lot of celebrities like Ryan Reynolds, Kim Kardashian, and Jessica Alba.

Final thoughts

How long is pure cardio on insanity?

This workout is not for people who are fitness newbies. It is best suited for people who have a moderate fitness level.

The 40-60 minutes of bodyweight exercises may be daunting for you to start with, but it decreases as the routine progresses. 

It is an intense workout program that will help give you your desired results if you are dedicated and stick to it. 

It is also important that you engage in other forms of exercise such as yoga or stretching so that your muscles won't tear or hurt.

Now that you know how long it lasts, are you thinking about giving it a try? Or do you think you are not ready for the 60-day exercise routine?

Let us know what you think in the comment section below. 

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