Things To Know While You Measure A Jump Rope Crossfit

Did you buy a CrossFit jump rope, but it’s too long for you? Do you want to buy one but don’t know how to measure the size? Look nowhere else!

The consequences of a wrongly adjusted rope are low jumps, impaired balance, and injury! Of course, you don’t want these!

In this article, you will learn about what size is your optimal jump rope length.

  • Adjusting your skipping rope according to your body height: The rope should be about a foot longer than your body height. You can change it back and forth by pulling the rope down or pulling the rope up. If it’s too long, take the rope off and shorten it.
  • Handles to shoulder technique: Stand in the middle of your rope and pull it towards you. The handles should come between your armpits and shoulders. 
If it's shorter than that, the rope is too short for you, and if it goes above your shoulders, then it's too long for you.
  • The Nipple technique: Step on the ropes and bring the handles up to your nipple on the same side as the foot.  

These three methods help to determine the optimal rope length for you.

Does the rope size matter?

How long should your jump rope be CrossFit?

Yes, the rope size does matter. A short rope will make you bounce off it, leading to injuries, lack of balance, and bad form. 

When you do a jump with a long rope, when your arms cannot reach across to the other side of the rope, your feet are forced towards the front of your body and cause an arch in the back, throwing you off balance.

You cannot perform your favourite tricks with a wrongly sized rope. The rope size also matters to some extent in terms of speed. 

A longer rope will allow you to jump further, while a shorter one will force you to move your feet faster and faster.

There are many rope size charts available online, like on the rxsmart gear website. It has all the rope sizes for all types of heights! Make sure you check it out before you buy one!

Now that you know how to measure a jump rope, you can get the best one for you! Then, experience every CrossFit jump rope workout with your newly bought rope.

Did you learn how to measure a CrossFit jump rope? Are you ready to buy one? Comment down below!

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