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Choosing The Right Jump Rope Crossfit – What To Look In It

There are many jump ropes to choose from, and it cannot be easy to figure out which one is the best jump rope for you.

This article will explore how to select a Crossfit jump rope according to your workout type.

The first thing that people typically look for in a CrossFit jump rope is adjustability. If the handles are too long or short, adjusting the length will not be convenient to use.

You need to adjust the handles of a jump rope to have a comfortable workout with it.

How do you size a jump rope for CrossFit?
If you mainly do double under and snatches, you need long enough handles to accommodate those moves. 

If you are using your jump rope for high-intensity cardio and interval training, you may want a lightweight rope with short handles to focus your energy during the workout.

So let’s not waste your time and get straight to the point. 

How to choose a CrossFit jump rope- A beginners guide


The weighted ropes are extremely popular among athletes. They are 10-33 pounds in weight. If you are into fitness games, weight training, or combat sports such as boxing or wrestling, a weighted jump rope is just what you need. 

This type of rope will help enhance coordination and explosiveness. However, if you want a rope for double under, then go for lighter ropes. 


The best way to measure the correct length for you is to stand in the middle of the rope so that you can measure the distance from one end to the other on both sides. 

If your measuring tape is too long, you will have to adjust the perfect length by cutting off some rope. 


Ropes come with long cables to allow you to adjust according to your fit. Some jump ropes have a two-cable which is for advanced athletes. 

This type of rope allows you to adjust the length of the handles according to your workout style and physical condition. Ensure that the cables are long enough to execute your moves as quickly as possible. 


It is one of the most important concerns for people when they are purchasing a jump rope. A lousy quality rope will dull your performance, whether you are working out on it or not. 

You need to look for jump ropes made of high-quality materials to ensure that you have a long rope and will last for a longer period. The best materials to look for are:

Cable thickness

The thickness of the cable is another factor you need to consider. You can choose between thin, medium and thick wires. 

What jump rope do they use in CrossFit?
A thin cable is a good choice if you look for a better result in your workout, especially if you are a pro. The 2.0mm cable is the standard rope that pro athletes mostly use.

 A thicker cable is harder to break and has a longer lifetime, but it is less elastic, and you may find it more difficult to jump rope with. 


The grip of the rope is a crucial factor to consider as it will determine how you perform your workout. 

Cheaper ropes come with plastic handles, which can get slippery when you sweat, but if you are an advanced athlete, you should go for a grip made of rubber or silicone. 


If you are buying a CrossFit rope, you want it to be as fast as possible. Speed of the rope is critical if you are going to be doing double under. 

You can buy the Fire 2.0, which is a perfectly balanced rope and is extremely fast. 

Price point

Consider buying ropes that offer a reasonable price. The ropes provided from $25 to $90 are generally made of low-quality materials and are barely durable, so you will not get your money’s worth. 

Instead, you can choose ropes made of premium materials, increasing the lifespan and giving you a better rope for your workout.

Wrapping up

You should buy a rope that is comfortable for you so that you can perform well during your workout, and the one that lasts long enough. 

If you are looking for a jump rope that can help you achieve a quicker and consistent pace during your jump rope workout, then the Fire 2.0 is one of the best CrossFit ropes out there. 

Which CrossFit jump rope did you choose? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

Happy training!

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