How To Preserve Muscle And Strength While Cutting Fat

In the body building world, there are basically two paths of exercises. First that builds the mass and buffs up the body and second which cuts mass and weight. Many people who go through a buff routine end up gaining unwanted fat in a lot of body points due to the heavy diet along with it.

But, the best way to exercise is to maintain a ratio between both kinds of exercises. But it is almost impossible to maintain as both of them have a different style of diet routine. So, the first thing to bring in notice when cutting while retaining the muscle is the diet.

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Here you will come across some of the most successful tips to preserve muscle while cutting fat

Thermogenic Consumption

Fruits And Vegetables

Weight Lift Sessions

Morning Cardio


Controlling Hunger

Note: Prefer salads and veggies to take with you for work or school and keep munching them in small intervals. This will divert you from hunger preventing aversion from hunger.

Thermogenic Consumption

  1. Caffeine: PDE inhibitor, beta 1, 2, 3, adrenergic agonist, acetylcholine antagonist.
  2. Yohimbine HCL: Alpha 2 adrenergic antagonist.
  3. Aspirin: Inhibits alpha-glycerol-phosphate, the re esterification enzyme of free fatty acids.
  4. Green Tea Extract: It inhibits the breakdown of norepinephrine.
  5. Synephrine: Known as bitter orange, this plant extract works much like caffeine without the jittery side effects.
  6. L-Carnitine: Acts a fatty acid transporter to get fats into the mitochondria where they get burned as energy.
  7. Forskolin: Helps activate hormone sensitive lipase.
  8. Capsaicin: Chemical in chilli peppers that supports the metabolic rate.
  9. Guggulsterones: Thyroid stimulation that helps this gland picks up iodine from bloodstream.

Fruits And Vegetables

Perform Regular Weight Lift Sessions


Always remember that the three key ingredients of a body fitness regime are determination, knowledge and implementation. If these three are dwelling in your mind and body then any achievement can be possible.

So, for all those who want to lose weight while maintaining their lean muscle, the above tips with a proper determination will give you the best results in just a month of time.

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