Easy Effective Tips For Best Lower Bicep Built And Shape

Exercise is one thing that every person should do regularly for a good health and body. But, body building is a lot different from a normal exercise routine. You have to keep track of your diet, bring variations in the intensity and keep a track of the improvement.

Body building is a vast region and one of the most common workouts is of biceps. A person who builds his body takes the first glance at his biceps as they are very quick to grow. But what many do not concentrate on is the shape of the bicep that is being developed.

A perfect bicep can be defined as the one having both upper and lower bicep in proportion in size and shape. A bicep looks complete only when it is concentrated both in lower and upper areas otherwise irrelevant of size of the bicep, it will always look half developed.

Big high peaked biceps might be very good to feel but they are literally nothing without a set of lower biceps which swell all the way down to your elbows. The perfect shape comes only when both of them are in a justified proportion.

Here is an example of an incomplete bicep. The upper or higher ground bicep is shaped and built perfectly but only because there is no length in the bulge because of lack of lower bicep workouts, it looks incomplete.

This is the example of a perfectly shaped bicep which includes both the short head and long head. Look carefully that the bicep when pumped up goes up till the elbow. Even though for every person the shape of the bicep is different a basic reference can be made with this.

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A good workout is based on three things – dedication, proper knowledge and a disciplined diet. Even though people have leisure on the first two parts of the exercise routine at times, they prefer not to compromise on the part of the diet and get very scrutinizing all the way.

Every food product related to body building and control falls under some or the other controversy as well as comparison. If one supplement works well for one person, the other works better for someone else. This mostly does not have a relation with the product but the compatibility and confidence of the consumer over that product.

One of the most misleading controversies in the world of diet and body building is the comparison between white rice and brown rice. People have made it a fact in their mind regarding brown rice to be better than white rice when following a controlled diet with enhanced nutrition.

How To Get The Best Biceps

Those who go to gym regularly know the exercise of upper biceps already as these are the starter exercises as well as the common ones followed by trainers in their routine chart.  But, what you must focus on consistently is your bicep workout to include lower bicep exercises too equally.

Here Are Some Of The Best Lower Bicep Workouts For Perfect Shape And Size

Firstly, do not start your bicep exercise with a barbell. A barbell does not allow the wrists to turn or twist which is the core need for the lower biceps to build. So, prefer dumbbell exercises for lower bicep workouts. Also the reps done in lower bicep workouts tend to give better results if done as painfully slow as possible.

Hammer Curl

Seated Inclined Alternate Dumbbell Curls

Barbell Curl

Hammer Curl

Follow the steps as shown in the video below

Seated Inclined Alternate Dumbbell Curls

The seated alternate dumbbell curls focus on the peak of the bicep muscles which builds the length and hence shows an effective increase in the size of the muscle as whole including lower and upper biceps. Follow the steps as in the video below

Follow the steps as shown in the video below

Barbell Curl

As you go further in the bicep exercise, use the barbell for higher concentrations of on the overall muscle. After the muscles have been rep up using the dumbbell exercises, barbell curls enhance the effect for a longer duration.

Follow the steps as shown in the video below

What Is The Controversy Between Dumbbell Curl And Hammer Curl?

Both help in building the lower bicep but they have been in controversy for which one is better in building bigger muscles. In this case both have their own uniqueness. Hammer curls build the side muscles and up to the elbows while dumbbell curls work only on the overall biceps.

So, if a little preference should be given it should be hammer curls as they concentrate both on biceps as well as the side muscles of the biceps. Watch the video below to see how they both work and which one gives a bigger build of muscles.


Biceps are really sensitive and with regular and proper exercise can be built into a massive peak of muscles which is the best feeling a body builder will ever get. So, always remember to keep the ratio of lower and upper bicep workouts in equal proportions to make your overall biceps look complete.

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