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How To Use Creatine For Best Results And Prevent Bloating

Supplements play an important role in building the muscles and giving a proper shape to them. But, the most important thing that differentiates them from being good to bad for health is the way you use it. Any supplement if used improperly can cause serious health issues.

What Is Creatine

Creatine is a compound formed in protein metabolism and present in much living tissue. It is involved in the supply of energy for muscular contraction. It is naturally formed in the body in a regular person but for building body muscle, the amounts of Creatine need to be increased in subtle amount.

Creatine has been recognized as a product which delivers to its promise in the body building/athletic world to provide enough sprint energy as well as increase muscle size.

Benefits Of Using Creatine

Increases Muscle Strength And Size

Creatine carries water with it and thus provides enough hydration to the muscles to increase when taken at a proper time prior or after the workout session. Creatine has a tendency to cause the muscle cells to inflate thus giving a more volume appearance to the muscles. It acts as a stimulus for protein synthesis resulting in quicker conversion of proteins to energy.

Increases Ability For High Intensity Workout

When it comes to the best uses of Creatine, the ability to enhance the ability of a person for high intensity workout is tremendous. Creatine supplies the 11b muscle fibers which ensure that the muscles do not prematurely fatigue.

This helps in better contraction of the muscles and allows the user to perform more reps with higher weights.

When compared to other supplements which enhance the workout power supply, this is the safest if used as directed.

Enhances Recovery Of The Tired Cells In Muscles

Creatine has post exercise regeneration properties which is a big benefit for body builders and athletes as they require quick energy regeneration for workout on a daily basis. Creatine carries water cells along with it and when the proportion of water is enough with the amount of Creatine intake, the regeneration process becomes quicker.

Creatine Improves Brain Function

More than just the erogenic properties Creatine have neurological benefits too. It is common for the people who workout to build a neurological disorder regarding the muscles. The energy metabolism and production of reactive oxygen species are thought to underpin many degenerative disorders and Creatine is believed to improve the brains ability to survive the metabolic and physical trauma due to high intensity workouts.

What Are The Potential Problems Cause By Use Of Creatine

Creatine has ever since its discovery in the body building community been in controversy. As much as it is popular for its positive attributes, it is negatively rumored by many too. It is believed that Creatine has many side effects as well as bad influence on health over the longer period of use.

What people do not understand is that any product if used more than required will cause in a negative effect. Even food eaten more than required can cause inflation and acidity or even worse. So, the basic motive behind the use of Creatine is proper knowledge of requirement as well as endurance capability to it in every individual.

It is necessary for every workout individual to consult a health expert to get a knowledge of the amounts and intervals of Creatine intake required for a good health as well as best results in body building.


One of the most common negative affects of Creatine is bloating. Creatine tends to carry water molecules along with it and if it is not utilized during the workout it sticks to the muscles till it drains out of the body through urine or stool. But, till that time it can cause serious dehydration the muscles or even bloating.

So, the prevention of it is only in the hands of the person working out. He/she has to be careful about the time the supplement is taken and full fledged usage of it in the workout so that is not left. Second prevention is always staying hydrated when using Creatine and bloating will never occur.


The tests conducted Dr. Kreider and his colleagues found that over a period of 21 months usage of Creatine, many of the subjects started facing muscle cramps often.

Muscle pull and tightness was also one of the major found illnesses in them. But, it was found out later that it happened in them only when they went irregular in the intake of Creatine.


Creatine is as safe as any other supplement till it is used with proper knowledge and regulation. It has better results than any other supplement in a lot of aspects as it is present naturally in the body too. The acceptance and utilization of the Creatine in the body is marvelous when done properly. So, be aware of proper dosage and you will have the best results in your experience with Creatine in the world of body building.

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