ORBITREK MX - Seated Under Desk Elliptical Review

ORBITREK MX – Seated Under Desk Elliptical Review

Everybody wants a healthy body and the way to get is a good diet along with a workout regimen/  But, time is very constraint nowadays. 

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People are often busy with their work and therefore they look for an elliptical machine that can help them out. But like time, finding space in your home to fit a whole gym kit can be challenging. 

That's why the Orbitrek MX Seated Under Desk Elliptical is such an intriguing option; you can get an extreme workout while sitting at your desk.

The Orbitrek MX is fitness equipment that fits under your feet, and you can use it while seated. This product is small and portable, which makes it easy to take with you, and an excellent addition to any fitness routine. 

In this article, I will review the Orbitrek MX elliptical machine, look at its features, and see if this product is worthy of purchase.

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Do seated ellipticals actually work?


  • Height: 19.3 inches
  • Width: 17.1 inches
  • Length: 11.6 inches
  • Weight: 17.6 pounds


Motorized Exercise Movement

An exercise equipment that duplicates an elliptical machine but only uses the user’s legs and feet. Its foot paddles move in an up, down, and roundabout design that gives a development of your legs and feet that takes after strolling up an incline.

Electric Workout Options

The fitness machine features eight different versions for use. There are three modes of training and five-speed levels to choose from. It allows you to change the intensity of your exercise regimen each time. 

You can use whichever levels and speeds you feel best for at the current time.

Compact Design

The Orbitrek MX is a small and compact machine that quickly picks it up and carries it to other locations. You can place the device into corners very soon because it is of a manageable size. 

If you want to hide your machine, it can be put away and hidden until its subsequent use.

Wide Textured Foot Pedals

The Orbitrek MX has extra-wide, textured foot pedals. These are designed to aid the workout of your feet, legs, and thighs. 

Moreover, the texture helps to eliminate slipping while you are working out. The pedals also have ridges to allow your feet to stay in place.

Remote Control

This fitness machine is used on the feet; bending down to change a workout set can be challenging. 

Thus, the Orbitrek MX has a remote control to help you control the machine from a distance. The remote that comes with the device has a wide range of settings. 

For example, start and stop lets the individual start or stop the machine without bending down. There’s also speed, direction, function, and mode for the exercise settings.

Lastly, there is a power button.

Low Impact Elliptical Path

The noise of the machine is minimal, which makes it easy to use. You’ll get all the rewards of running without making any noise. 

It will allow you to stay undistracted if you are reading or working while working out. You also won't distract others if they are around you when completing the workout,

Fully Assembled

This product comes pre-assembled, so no need to pull out the toolbox and screws. If you’re not tech-savvy or want to jump right into your workout, this is perfect for you.

Is an under desk elliptical worth it?
When you unbox your machine, turn on the monitor or the remote and get started.

Digital Fitness Monitor

This machine has a built-in digital fitness tracker that is on the top. This fitness monitor can track your speed, calories, and distance while you’re working out. 

In addition, it will let you see your real-time workout data—you can see when you've completed the exercise and know when to stop.  

Provides Health Benefits

If you want an exercise machine that provides an all-inclusive workout, this is the machine for you. 

This machine can help you sleep better and feel happier by giving you an activity that releases endorphins. When you feel more comfortable, you'll sleep better at night.

Pros & Cons


  • Low impact movement
  • Improves mobility and circulation
  • Fun and easy to do
  • Exercise anytime and anywhere
  • Activates muscles and increases heart rate
  • Weight loss benefits
  • Increased energy levels
  • SAFELY exercise in your home – on your schedule
  • Compact, Powerful, and Advanced Exercise Science
  • Fully assembled 
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee


  • The instructions manual does not provide all the information.
  • Overheats and shuts down often


There are more than two thousand reviews of the Orbitrek MX on Amazon. The average review rating for this product is four and a half stars out of five.

So as you can see, most customers love the machine and the positive effects that it has brought to their lives.

Below are a few of them what customers had to say about this elliptical:

  • “I love these elliptical machines as I can work out while watching TV or working at my computer.” By W. Ehrlich
  • “I have the Orbitrek MX and am completely amazed at how well it works.” By Mauricio H.
  • “I am a 55-year-old woman that has been able to get in some pretty good workouts with this elliptical.” By F. McAllister A.
  • “Love my new machine! I do not have much space at home, so I wanted an alternative to my treadmill/ cross-trainer, which is also easy on the back.” By D A D
  • “It’s a great machine; I love the foot paddles and the fact you can adjust it from the remote.” By G R P
  • “These are excellent machines. I have had mine for a few years and just bought the upgrades.” By Ken Lincoln
  • “I use my Orbitrek every day. I feel much better when I get up from the computer. It’s a great machine to have.” By M. H
Why you shouldn't use the elliptical?


We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.

I hope that you have found my review helpful and informative. For me, this is a great machine, and I would recommend it to anybody that needs a good home elliptical machine.

Overall, this elliptical is a great machine. It provides a ton of benefits, and it is not very expensive. This elliptical machine can be used indoors, outdoors, or at work. 

And for those who need to lose weight, the elliptical machine will help them achieve this goal. 

If you are still wondering about purchasing this machine, I recommend that you do so immediately. 

If you have any questions about this machine or would like to share your workout results with me, please feel free to leave a comment below.


How does ORBITREK MX Work?

The Orbitrek MX works by providing two pedals that form to your feet and allowing movement to be made that resembles an elliptical motion. 

Once you begin pedalling on the machine, you can choose which workout setting or speed you would like to work out on. 

It is helpful to use the remote control to decide which speed and intensity level to change to so that you won’t have to bend down.

What are the Benefits of Using the ORBITREK MX?

The benefits of using this machine include increased flexibility, improved circulation, weight loss, and increased energy levels.

Those who use this machine will gain several advantages that they can use throughout their lives. 

Can I Use My ORBITREK MX in my home and the office?

You can use the Orbitrek MX in any room that you would like. You can use it in your home or at work. People have used this machine while at the office, doing household chores while it is outside.

Where can I buy the ORBITREK MX?

You can purchase the ORBITREK MX official website and from any retailer that carries an elliptical machine or Amazon if you are concerned with customer reviews. 

How much does the ORBITREK MX cost?

The Orbitrek MX elliptical machine is a good value for the money. You can find it online or at any store that sells elliptical machines as well as on Amazon.com for $235.19.

What is the warranty on ORBITREK MX?

The Orbitrek MX has a 30-day limited warranty from the date of purchase from the official website or from any retailer that sells elliptical machines. 

How Long Will It Take for Me to Use This Machine?

The average person will use this machine for approximately 45 minutes daily. Most people will use it for at least one hour per day to lose weight and get more fit.

How Do I Set Up the ORBITREK MX?

After opening the box and removing all of the contents, you need to put it on a flat and stable surface and set up the machine according to the directions that come with it. 

Once you put on your socks and shoes, you can adjust how high or low the pedals will be on your feet.  After that, you can use this elliptical machine all day long. 

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