Suples Bulgarian Bag Review 1

Suples Bulgarian Bag Review

Making the right purchase can be difficult. Many products on the market, many of them claiming to be of high quality and to offer great value for money. 

But which one is of high quality? Which one offers excellent value for money? And which ones are just trying to take your hard-earned money with false claims?

This article will review the Suples Bulgarian Bag. It will be looking at the bag's specifications, its price, and how it compares with other bags of its type.

What is a Bulgarian Bag?

Suples, founded by Ivan Ivanov, is the firm behind the original Bulgarian bag. The company manufactures and designs the highest quality Bulgarian Bags available on the market today.

Bulgarian bags were initially created to aid in the training of wrestlers, grapplers, and combat athletes. 

Therefore, it is prevalent and is currently regarded as an excellent general fitness tool for developing functional and primal strength. 

Bulgarian bags' popularity has grown in recent years, with Crossfitters, athletes, gym-goers, and weightlifters using this equipment in their training routines.

It’s also an excellent piece of equipment for those wishing to improve their functional fitness and strength. It aids in the development of power, which is beneficial in everyday work. 

Because of its adaptability, the Bulgarian bag is an excellent investment. There are numerous Bulgarian bag workouts to choose from, but you can also be creative and include them in your regimen. 

It may easily target the legs, shoulders, chest, back, arms, and, most importantly, the core. 

You can either target specific muscle groups or take a more comprehensive strategy. 

Benefits of a Bulgarian bag

  • Very adaptable and durable, you may utilize it in a variety of workouts. 
  • Mobile: ideal for personal trainers and exercise courses 
  • available in a variety of sizes and weights 
  • suitable for all levels of fitness 
  • Movement-focused: improves functional strength that will help you in everyday life.
  • Improves anaerobic fitness. 
  • Improves grip like no other fitness equipment.


  • Weight alternatives
  • It is possible to use it to train both the lower and upper bodies.
  • Various handles allow for a wide range of movement patterns.
  • Simple to clean and wipe


  • It is costly


  • The small Bulgarian Bag is 6 pounds
  • The enormous Bag is 84 pounds
  • The outer material is made of leather
  • It is used for martial arts and judo


The Suples Bulgarian bags come with a hefty price tag. The smallest bag costs $130, and the enormous bag costs $400. These prices are almost double the price of most other bags on the market. 

Of course, the bags come in different sizes and weights, but that still does not justify such a high price.


Although there is no other product on the market that could compare to the Bulgarian bags, alternatives exist.

An example of this is the Thera-band. Athletes use this equipment for strengthening and toning muscles in their bodies. 

However, it cannot provide the same benefits as a Bulgarian bag because it lacks the versatility of a bag. You will not be able to use it for any movement routine. 

But it is an effective exercise tool for toning large muscle groups, improving cardiac function, and increasing blood circulation in your arms and legs.

Customer reviews

The Suples Bulgarian Bag has a high customer rating of 4.8 of 5 stars on It is praised for its quality and versatility. Customers have also found the bag to be very durable. 

Suples Bulgarian Bag Review 1
Most of the complaints on Amazon are from customers who wanted a giant bag because of its small size.


There are no substantial disadvantages with the Suples Bulgarian Bag. Although the price is high, the value for money is excellent.

The bag would be even more helpful if it had a bigger size, but this would pave the way for an even higher price tag. 

Those wanting to improve their fitness regime can always choose to use other comparable products cheaper than the Suples Bulgarian Bag. I highly recommend this product, and it’s a great buy!


What is the weight of the bag? How heavy is it?

The Suples bag weighs 6 pounds up to 84 pounds. It is very light, but you can choose the model that suits your needs by considering it yourself to get the one that suits you best. 

You will not feel any muscle pain while training with it because it is so soft and comfortable for you that every single move will be fun and good for you!

Will the Bag fall apart after some time?

The bag is made of leather, so it will most likely last long. It is also designed to endure any stretching because the materials are predisposed to be elastic and durable.

Many have already tested the product's durability, and there were no complaints about its quality or how it fell apart.

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