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The Best Guide To Healthy Bulking Before You Start Cutting

There are two seasons of body building for all regular ones namely – Bulking and cutting. The bulking lasts for almost 4-5 months before they start cutting for summer. This is the ideal way and time to bulk up.

It is because an average person eats more than just rice in a day. And that affects the amount of “GI” index in your body after which eating any kind of rice will not change the way your body digests food. So, even though brown rice has more Glycemic Index, it does not really matter for people who want a better diet routine.

Types Of Bulking

Clean Bulking

It involves eating of only designated and healthy foods like rice, pasta, lean chicken breast, lean turkey with fat removed, bread, beans and fruit.

When people aim for clean bulk they focus on packing only the lean muscle and moderately gain fat while keeping a strict watch on how much fat is burnt along with it.

Note: Clean bulk is optimum for people with slower metabolism.

Regular Bulking

Regular bulking involves consumption of all kinds of food except fast and junk foods. This helps the person to moderately keep a check on the fat gained as well as bulk up with the lean mass more. Regular bulking is for people with a good metabolism and average digestion rate. The amount of workout required by these is more than clean bulking.

People with a follow up of regular bulking do not have much of food products in denial. Only the fast foods have to be removed. The ideal food for regular bulking are steak, chicken breast, skimmed milk, yogurt, eggs, less greasy pizzas, bread and other foods.

Dirty Bulking

This type of bulking is recommended only for people with a very high metabolism. It involves consumption of almost any food which is edible without any look on what and how it would affect the body.

There is no denial list for foods in this type of bulk. The person following this diet aims at gaining as much fat and bulk as soon as possible. This diet does not last long enough. It is shorter than clean and regular bulking tenure. People with a high metabolism will not have a problem cutting down the fat.

Note: It is the easiest yet most dangerous diet to maintain.

Identify Your Body Type For Best Bulking

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What Kind Of Routine Should You Maintain?

What Kind Of Food Should You Avoid?

When going for any kind of bulking try to avoid simple carbohydrates as they get consumed very easily and quickly and then leave you depressed. Products like sugar, sweetened juices, candy should stay away from you.

The perfect kind of carbohydrates during bulking is complex carbohydrates. They have a slower reaction on our metabolism and take time to digest. Carbohydrates are essential to provide you energy through out the day, but whatever is left unused get turned into fat, so a check on the amounts is necessary.

Are Supplements Required Along With Bulking?

When bulking, supplements are mostly not required as you are already consuming more than you burn. The body gets heated up with the unnecessary supplement and may cause side effects like headache, nose bleeding.

Apart from other supplements, you can opt for Creatine for pre workout. It will increase your workout session timings as well as the ability of body to store the lean muscle in designated areas.

The most required natural supplement is hydration. Always stay hydrated. It is good for your metabolism and will help you gain the healthy bulk as well as recover from the workout quicker.


When going for bulking, try to look for the aim at the end and then decide the amounts you need to increase in your weight. Although, bulking gives better cuts, high variations in bulking and cutting seasons may bring stretch marks on the body. So, try to keep the ratio less varied. Be determined in the cutting process after bulking to make the shape of the body best for you and the process will be a success.

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