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Theragun G3 Pro Vs Hypervolt -The Battle For The Better Massage Gun

The days of using manual massages to relieve muscle and body pain is outdated, and nowadays people prefer to use hand-held self massaging devices like massage guns. These guns can be used during pre-workout warm-ups as they help in preparing the muscles to function as well as to relieve post-workout soreness.

Massage Guns do various functions which include loosening muscles, relieving the tension, boosting recovery and improving blood circulation. It can also help relieve sharp pain that one may experience while working out.


Hypervolt and Theragun Pro are among the best-selling hand-held massaging tools available on the market currently. Here we have compared both massage guns so that you can figure out which is the best for you.

Theragun Pro

It is a massage tool that helps in relieving pain of sore muscles, and other people may use it to mitigate tight calves.Theragun G3 can be used after a long day of working or walking around and it will give the best massage and immediate feeling of relief. 


Theragun Pro  is one of the new therapy devices from the company which was founded in 2008 by Jason Wersaland, but this flagship model was launched in 2016. 




Theragun is powered by industrial-grade Japanese motor, and this makes G3 deliver 40 pounds of force to the muscles unlike G3PRO which offers 60 pounds of energy and the speed for treatment is 40 and 29 percussions per second respectively. 


Technical Specifications





Theragun G3 is a serious investment, and it is worth it since if you are suffering from chronic pain, then it will help in breaking up the tense muscles and ensure that there is blood flow. You can choose G3 if you want a message gun that is more compact and lightweight, it is a home-based percussion massager that is budget-friendly for satiating your soreness and pain. 


This is one of the formidable massage guns and is a portable massage device and has minimal noise disruption for a peaceful massage.

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It is a multipurpose massage gun meant for athletes and non-athletes for injury recovery, stress relief and muscle recovery. The Massager is useful for immediate comfort when one has muscle soreness or stiffness and helps in  alleviating tightness after workout, and it brings out the restoration. 

It speeds up muscle recovery using percussion therapy which involves vibrating muscles to strengthen them after exercise and loosen the tissues around them. It ensures that muscles are ready to go and prepares the body for training. Some users are using it to relieve pain associated with age, and others use it to ease cramps.


It was established in 2010. It is the latest product from Hyperice Company which produces foam rollers and ice compression packs.

Features And Specs




Technology Specifications


It is less expensive compared to Theragun G3 and G3PRO as it goes for $349 and offers the highest percussion per minute, which is 3200 to help the muscles after exercise. 

Some people say that Hypervolt is an investment that will not make one regret because it is pocket friendly.


Our Verdict

Using Hypervolt to warm up your body for a tough workout can help circulate the oxygen to the muscles, which will aid in the recovery process. When Hypervolt is powered on, it glows around the removable battery which also acts as a handgrip. Regular athletes, gym-goers, and sportspeople may use this since it fits their needs. It is suitable for one looking for a percussive massage.


Theragun G3 and Hypervolt are highly advanced massage devices, they serve the users very well in relieving pain. They both have a great design, but Hypervolt’s soundless operation takes the lead because people will always want to use it without disrupting other people in public or those around them. 

Theragun G3 has the best design and usability, but on the other hand, Hypervolt may be the best choice simply because of its price, and it is quieter. If one prefers changeable heads and ergonomic design, then he or she can go with Theragun. If one wants to go for a pocket friendly one among the two, then he or she can opt for Hypervolt.  

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