What Size Jump Rope For A 5 Year Old?

What Size Jump Rope For A 5 Year Old?

Jump rope is a fun activity that most kids like to do. A timeless and inexpensive piece of equipment that kids can use anywhere, jump ropes are a tool for developing hand-eye coordination and coordination.

How do you choose the correct size rope, though? Reading this article will help you find the sizing system of jump rope for your kids. 

In addition, it will further guide you as to what materials are best suited for a 5-year-old.

There are many kinds of jump ropes on the market that you can buy for your child, but it may be challenging to know which is the best kind for them. 

So before you buy one for your kid, there are some things that you need to keep in mind.

What Is The Best Kind of Jump Rope For Kids?

Buy a good jump rope that will make it easier for your child to learn and exercise. You can think about buying a bare rope or a pre-made jump rope.

What type of jump rope is best for kids?

You can also decide on the type of materials used for the manufacturing of these jump ropes. You can choose between plastic, nylon rope, or speed ropes.

You need to make sure that it will not break because if it does, it means that your children may be hurt.

What Is The Best Material for a Kid’s jump-rope?

Choose wisely depending on your kid’s age and ability to learn how to use them correctly. You can buy different materials of rope such as cotton, PVC plastic, or rubber.

  • Beaded jump rope- The children can use these ropes to play games and keep their attention. They are entertaining for your kids to use. These ropes have plastic segments that are made of beads that are very interesting for the children. These ropes are great for any age up to 5 years old.
  • Cloth jump ropes- These types of ropes are made from fabrics and are very soft and comfortable. They are also very easy to clean and can last a long time.
  • Speed ropes- Unlike the other ropes, this material is made from nylon and usually has a high quality. You can use it in sparring, which is a great type of training for children. 
Not all types are best for your kids. You need to be careful when buying rope for children if they are too big. 

The best kind of jump rope that you can buy for your child is one that you can adjust and has the correct sizing. 

What Size Jump Ropes Are Best For Children?

Two major factors can determine the right size for a jump rope for your children. The first is the height of your children, and the second is their weight. 

If you are not sure about the size, you can measure the child’s height and weight before buying it.

A 6 ft, 7ft, 8ft, or 9 ft jump rope is most appropriate for children depending on their height. A six-foot jump rope is better for the youngest kids. 

A 7-foot jump rope is ideal for kids from ages 5 to 6 years old, and an 8-foot jump rope is best for children ages 6 to 9 years old. 

Nine feet is most appropriate for your child, who is about 5’2″ to 5’10” inches tall.

Stand in the middle of the rope and pull it straight back through your legs. The starting point of the jump rope should reach the shoulders.

There are three different kinds of jump ropes: two-piece, adjustable, and one-piece. A two-piece jump rope consists of a handle with the rope looped through it. 

Adjustable jump ropes have a handle whose length you can adjust. One-piece jump ropes have a single handle and no adjuster. 

Types of handles best for children

There are three kinds of handles, namely wood, plastic, and foam. Wooden handles are more expensive than plastic or foam. 

However, it is preferable to use wooden handles because they are made from hardwood with more robust durability. 

Foam is cheaper than plastic, but the quality is not as good. In addition, children can damage these handles, and they can be very uncomfortable to hold for children who are learning how to jump. 

Plastic handles are a good choice for learning how to jump because they are comfortable and allow for proper grip.

How to Determine the Right Jump Rope Size for Kids


Make your child stand in the middle of the rope. Pull the handles up to the armpits. If the tips of the handle rest in the armpits or between the shoulder and the armpit, then it is the right size. It is too long if it goes beyond the shoulders, and you need to get a shorter rope. 


Follow a rope buying guide and calculate how high a child can jump on it. For example, a 6 ft, 7 ft rope is most appropriate for your child, who is about 5-6 years old. A 9 ft rope is used by a 5′ 10″ inches child.

Number of Jumpers:

If you plan to buy a rope for a group of kids for long rope jumps or double dutch rope activity, you will have to buy longer ropes. A proper jump rope length like 12 ft or more is necessary for this activity.

Health benefits of jumping rope for kids

What are the five benefits of jumping rope to health?

Jumping is fun, and kids love it. A high-quality rope for your child will be a great addition to their playroom.

The benefits of jumping are provided below:

  • Strong muscles
  • Stronger bones
  • Burns calories
  • Improves hand-eye coordination
  • It helps to increase flexibility and agility 

Final thoughts

A jump rope is an effective tool to help children improve their strength and develop more coordination in the legs. It is a great toy for all kids.

If you are a parent looking for toys for your 5-year-old child, then you should include a jump rope on your list.

6 feet or 7 feet jump rope is a great starting size and appropriate for your child's age. However, if your child is over ten years old, get a 9-feet jump rope. 

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