Bowflex PR1000

Bowflex PR1000 Review – Must Have For Everyone’s Home Gym

The Bowflex PR1000 is an excellent option for anyone looking to get a home gym that will last for years.

BowFlex PR1000 Home Gym
  • FULL BODY WORKOUT: 25 plus exercises that cover the entire body.
  • POWER ROD RESISTANCE: Over 200 lb. Power Rod resistance.
  • PULLEY POSITIONS: Multiple cable pulley position allows you to easily change the angle of resistance and increase effectiveness of many exercises.
  • AEROBIC ROWING: Vertical bench press with incline and flat adjustment and converts to a rolling seat for aerobic rowing.
  • DEVICE HOLDER: New integrated device holder to support your smart device.

It features a sturdy steel frame, heavy-duty power lifting-style resistance, and plenty of space-saving features. 

The Bowflex Home Gym comes with two strength training benches, a pair of safety bars, a set of dumbbells, a universal media rack, a folding frame for your towel, and a carrying bag for your entire rig. 

There are 25 different exercises you can do with this home gym, including chest, shoulders, arms, triceps, back, core, and cardio workouts.

In addition, the Bowflex Home Gym is easy to assemble and disassemble, making it perfect for storage when you're not using it.

Let’s look at the features of the Bowflex PR1000 Home Gym:

Are Bowflex home gyms any good?
  • Versatility: This piece of equipment allows you to conduct various workouts as you progress upwards. 
It is plenty for a full-body exercise while also allowing bodybuilders or those with a more aesthetic focus to focus on specific body regions or isometric training.
  • Easy to use: The Bowflex PR1000 is a more basic home gym model, making it suitable for a wide range of home gym customers, from beginners to those on a tighter budget.
Beginners who do not have competitive goals in strength sports but want to keep a consistent training program and develop strength would likely benefit from the Bowflex PR1000. 

They may also do practical at-home circuit exercises with simple, customizable settings.

  • Dimensions: With dimensions of 84 x 38 inches (213 x 97 cm) and a height of 81 inches (206 cm), the PR1000 isn’t the giant machine in the world, but it’s also not the smallest.
However, the machine's rods extend horizontally during movement, necessitating additional length for workouts such as rows and leg extensions. 

In addition, when you need mobility and wiggle room, you’ll need 103 × 80 inches (262 x 203 cm) of space during workouts for safety. In general, it can accommodate people up to 6’7″ (200cm) tall.

  • Durability: The frame of the PR1000 is steel that has been covered with anti-corrosive and scratch-resistant paint, and the bench is imitation leather upholstery that has been engineered to avoid stiffening, cracking, or ripping.
The maximum user weight for the machine is 300 lbs (136 kg). However, due to its sturdiness, it can withstand heavy users at the expense of wear.
  • Bench: The bench’s backrest is adjustable from 45° to 180° (flat), and you may remove it entirely for particular workouts such as rows. 
Furthermore, the location of the bench on the bottom frame bar is adjustable. When conducting rowing workouts, it can also stay unlocked.
  • Cable system: The wires are steel and coated with plastic sheets, while the pulleys are heavy-duty urethane. The end hooks are steel with an anti-corrosive chrome finish and can endure all machine resistance levels.
  • Assembly: Because of its weight, the box may require the assistance of two persons to move around.

Overall, the installation isn’t complicated, and there’s a guidebook with comprehensive directions. However, the procedure might take many hours to complete. 

Also, while the instructions suggest using two persons to build the machine, you should do it independently.

Remember that the packaging does not include assembly tools, so you’ll need an adjustable wrench and a Phillips screwdriver. 

If you don't want to perform the assembly, you may purchase largely or entirely constructed versions. 

However, they may not fit through your front entrance, so compare the size of your door to the specifications of the exercise machine beforehand.

  • Safety: Overall, power rods are a much safer option than weight plates. The first and second most prevalent injuries causes during exercise activities are unnatural movement and harm from fallen weights. By removing these two variables, the PR1000 gains safety points.
  • Rowing machine: When the bench is unlocked, you may use it to do aerobic rowing or leg presses by sliding back and forth.
This rowing machine alone provides excellent aerobic exercise. However, rows are an essential compound exercise with this machine since they train many muscle groups. 
Can you really build muscle with Bowflex?
  • Maximum Capacity: The PR1000 has a resistance range of up to 210 pounds (95 kg), insufficient for professional athletes. 
It should be plenty for most individuals for a few years until they acquire sufficient strength. However, it may be less for leg activities that require higher weight.
  • Comfort: If you’ve been lifting for a long, you’ve undoubtedly seen callus on your palms from holding metals. Bowflex compensates for this with foam-padded grips that provide a pleasant, solid hold during lifts.
The machine allows for natural motions and does an excellent job of keeping you from unintentionally exceeding your range of exercise, which is another safety benefit.
  • Costing: Cost-Effectiveness

The Bowflex PR1000 Home Gym is reasonably priced and an excellent choice for people on a tight budget. It may cost less than an annual gym membership price, depending on where you reside. 

If you're a novice or an amateur bodybuilder, it's a good choice that will last you several years until you hit its weight limit.

If you want a more serious alternative, consider the Bowflex Xceed or the Bowflex PR3000, which are more costly and feature more exercises (65 and 50, respectively) than the PR1000.

  • Warranty: The PR1000 is a low-cost home gym, so its warranty is inherently less than its competitors. 
The power rods are covered by a five-year warranty against material defects, while a one-year warranty covers the frame. A 60-day guarantee also covers the other parts.


  • It is composed of high-quality components, including a heavy-duty steel frame, Power Rods, and wires. Furthermore, the seat and grips are fine leather with foam cushioning for comfort users. It is tear-resistant and will not wear out quickly.
  • Workouts for various body parts- Another advantage of the PR 1000 is that it allows users to burn calories and develop strength with its 30 exercises. You may work out your muscles from any angle (low, mid, and high). Users will not become bored with a monotonous routine with the numerous workouts provided, unlike other brands.
  • Power rods outperform weights- Studies have shown that power rods give double the number of muscle advantages as traditional weights. The more you stretch it, the more robust the resistance becomes, just like a rubber band. 
As a result, you will exercise more of your muscles. Furthermore, the PR 1000 power rods provide an excellent range of resistance to deal with, ranging from 5 pounds to 210 pounds.
  • It is also straightforward to use, making it ideal for casual exercise aficionados. The rods are clearly labelled so that you won’t be perplexed. Some individuals choose to conduct their exercises at home with PR 1000 rather than going to the gym.
  • Economical– It costs less than $500 and comes with several tools, accessories, and a handbook. It saves space, taking up 100′′ x 78′′ of floor area. When not in use, you may fold it and keep it anywhere in the house.


  • Rods restricted to 210 pounds– The rods are limited to 210 pounds, cannot be improved, and are designed for beginners rather than expert muscle builders. For those looking for a more advanced device, the Bowflex Blaze is an option.
  • No DVD included– Some customers felt that the PR 1000 should come with an instructional DVD to help them with their training program. However, some people look for videos on YouTube or other sites.


Is the Bowflex PR1000 a good buy?

 Both yes and no. It may be worthwhile for beginners and those who do not anticipate requiring more than 210 pounds of resistance. However, if you ever want to improve or expand your range of workouts, this is not the most excellent option.

What exercises are possible with the Bowflex PR1000?

  • Leg extensions
  • leg curls
  • rowing
  • leg presses
  • lat pulldowns
  • curls
  • crossover rear delt rows
  • seated lat rows, bicep curls
  • bench presses
  • shoulder presses
  • shoulder raises
  • standing leg kickbacks
  • trunk rotations
  • crunches
  • seated hip abductions/adductions
  • calf raises
  • tricep pushdowns
  • tricep extensions and more are all possible.

Is it possible to update the Bowflex PR1000?

Unfortunately, you cannot upgrade the Bowflex PR1000. Other Bowflex home gyms, on the other hand, have this capacity.

What is the most OK Bowflex gym?

The Bowflex Blaze is a good machine; however, it is not available on the Bowflex website. The Bowflex Revolution has the most outstanding warranty of the current products. 

However, at almost $3000.00 before tax, it is significantly more expensive than any other alternatives. The Blaze or Xtreme 2 SE home gyms are good middle-of-the-road options.

What Is the Difference Between PR1000 and PR3000?

The PR1000 is a less expensive home gym for the beginner bodybuilder, but the PR3000 is much more expensive and flexible.

Which is more effective, Total Gym or Bowflex?

The total gym is generally superior for hypertrophy (leanness), but Bowflex is better for strength.

Customer reviews

Can the Bowflex PR1000 be upgraded?

The majority of reviewers claim the machine is easy, convenient, and inexpensive. Typically, the reviewers are families and fitness fanatics.

The Bowflex PR 1000 home gym is quite simple to put together, with most reviewers claimed they could set it up in less than two hours. 

When building this equipment, you should seek the assistance of a friend or family member. It stands 81 inches tall, 84 inches long, and 38 inches broad when fully built. People thought the PR 1000 was well-built and highly durable.

Some owners of this machine are concerned that its maximum resistance level of 210 pounds is insufficient for professional bodybuilders and attracts only casual exercise enthusiasts.

 It may turn off some die-hard gym users who want a machine they can rely on for intensive weight training workouts.

Another big complaint online reviewers have about this piece of equipment is that it does not come with an instructional DVD, unlike other home gym machines. 

However, the workout placard can suffice as a replacement because it can educate you on exercising safely and correctly.


  • The Bowflex Blaze home gym retails for $2,599.99. The Bowflex Blaze has more resistance levels than the PR 1000, making it a better machine for all-bodybuilders. However, it also has some drawbacks, including the lack of an instructional DVD and expensive cost.
  • The Xtreme 2 SE home gym is another alternative to the Bowflex PR1000. It retails for $1,749.99. This gym is more flexible than the PR1000 because it provides users with over 40 resistance levels. 

The Xtreme 2 SE has a weight capacity of 300 pounds, making it more useful for heavy-duty bodybuilders.

However, the price tag is significantly higher than the PR 1000, so it may be an unsuitable option for newcomers to weight training at home.
  • Bowflex PR3000 home gym retails for $1,000, and it is a bit higher in price than the PR1000. In addition, the PR3000 is a more challenging piece of equipment to assemble because you have to put together the other components separately. 

It also stands about 80 inches tall, which may be too large for small rooms or apartments.


BowFlex PR1000 Home Gym
  • FULL BODY WORKOUT: 25 plus exercises that cover the entire body.
  • POWER ROD RESISTANCE: Over 200 lb. Power Rod resistance.
  • PULLEY POSITIONS: Multiple cable pulley position allows you to easily change the angle of resistance and increase effectiveness of many exercises.
  • AEROBIC ROWING: Vertical bench press with incline and flat adjustment and converts to a rolling seat for aerobic rowing.
  • DEVICE HOLDER: New integrated device holder to support your smart device.

If you’re a novice or an amateur fitness enthusiast or just want to keep in shape without strenuous exercises, the PR1000 is a helpful piece of home gym gear that can replace many vital parts of home training equipment.

However, owing to its flaws, most notably the 210-pound weight restriction, it won't be adequate if you're serious about creating powerful muscles or if you've been lifting for a long enough time that 210 pounds aren't that much. In such a scenario, other choices, such as the Xceed or the PR3000, are available.

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