Sunny Health & Fitness Power Zone Half Rack Power Cage Review

Sunny Health Fitness Power Zone Half Rack Power Cage Review

Sunny Health & Fitness Power Zone Half Rack Power Cage review: Strong, sturdy and easy to use!

Power racks are an essential piece of equipment for any severe gym-goer. They let you add weight with ease, and give you the ability to perform more reps increasing the intensity of your workouts. Not only that, they’re a great way to get your body used to work with extra weight. 

Sunny Health & Fitness offers some of the most technologically advanced equipment on the market. The Power Zone Series is no different from this release of a half rack for squats and lunges. 

It features two adjustable levels of back support, four adjustable levels of seat height, and three levels of foam rollers. These features offer the user a variety of options for training while maintaining optimal comfort. 

The overall construction is highly durable and able to handle heavy loads for long periods. Sunny Health & Fitness products are used worldwide by elite athletes, bodybuilders, powerlifters, strong men and women, and everyday people who just want to get stronger. 

Let’s look at the features of the Power Zone Half Rack:

Sunny Health & Fitness Power Zone Half Rack Power Cage Review


It’s a sturdy squat rack. The frame is held together with large fasteners. The j-hooks and spotter arms are well-padded to protect the knurling on your barbell.

It is quick and straightforward to change the height of the spotter arms and j-hooks. The spotter's arms are equipped with safety locks so that you may use them with big weights. 

If you miss, they will catch the barbell and keep the frame stable, keeping you and your home gym safe from injury and damage.

The weight pegs, too, feature safety clips to ensure that the plates do not fall out unintentionally.


The Sunny Health & Fitness rack weighs 83 pounds, which is sufficient to keep it in place on its own. However, if you use big weights or kips, it will wobble somewhat. 

The wobble will not be severe enough to make you feel uncomfortable, but it will divert your attention for a while until you grow used to it. It is a widespread problem with any rack, regardless of price. 

All frames sway, but they don’t fall off until you use them violently. That’s all there is to it when re-racking. Furthermore, the rack may be bolted to the floor or weighted down with weight plates or sandbags.

Sunny Health & Fitness power cage has good overall stability.


The assembly is simple; however, we recommend using your tools rather than the ones provided. Sunny Health & Fitness did an excellent job at producing comprehensive assembly instructions. They are pretty simple to follow. 

Even individuals who despise DIY could put this together in less than 2 hours (depending on your skills). Because all of the holes line up perfectly, assembly is much simpler.

Shipping and delivery: 

Buyers have confirmed that each Sunny Health and Fitness Power cage is appropriately wrapped in plastic and cardboard to avoid any damage that may occur due to wrong shipment and handling. 

Despite this, several purchasers have complained about bent components and damaged parts, usually resulting from improper handling. As a result, many customers had to return the merchandise. 


The parts are clearly labelled, and all necessary parts are included (bolts, nuts, etc.). Some purchasers have reported that they needed to purchase bolts and nuts separately.


Sunny Health & Fitness offers a 90-day warranty for this product. They will replace or refund you if there is a manufacturer defect under the conditions listed below. 

The load capacity of the Power Zone Half Rack holds up to 352 pounds. It is pretty high for a squat rack, but you will have no problems using the entire load. Even if you use much less weight, the frame will be much stronger when loaded with excess weight. 

Pros & Cons


  • Great value- You can pick up a half-rack for less than $300 if you shop around, and you’ll get everything you need to use it.
  • Great weight capacity- The weight capacity is enormous, and it can hold up to an entire gym’s worth of weights if needed.
  • Sturdy- The frame is made of the same steel as more expensive racks so that you can squat, deadlift, bench press, and more without worrying about the structure is unable to hold the weight.
  • Easy to assemble- The instructions are straightforward, and the assembly time is rapid.
  • Nice construction-  It’s built like a tank, and it should last for many years without any problems (unless you decide to add some weight.)
  • Accessories- The rack comes with several accessories such as j-hooks and safety bars, so you’ll never have to worry about buying them separately.


  • This unit is very noisy, and the bolts it comes with don’t stay on very well. You may want to buy some locking nuts.
  • Weight pegs. The weight pegs seem a little flimsy, and they’re a hassle to put on the weights.

Customer reviews

Sunny Health & Fitness Power Zone Half Rack Power Cage Review

Overall, this rack seems to be very popular among customers. The main complaint is the noise; many buyers note that the noise will not bother you if you’re in a garage or basement gym isolated from traffic (such as an apartment or condo). 

Also, this rack will shake the floor whenever you do squats, but it's unlikely that anyone will hear it through floorboards.

The majority of buyers are happy with the quality and performance of this Sunny Health & Fitness Power Rack. They love that it does not take up a lot of space, and they can use it as an anchor for their home gym.

In addition, the stability and a sheer number of features make this rack an excellent budget purchase.


Power rack reviews suggest that the Sunny Health & Fitness Power Rack may be slightly better than other average power racks. 

However, there are many half racks on the market (and even more full racks). As a result, it can be tough to find a solid power rack for under $300. Most of the time, you'll end up spending over $100 more for a unit with better ratings and reviews.

The good news is that there are many other options. For example, the Titan T-3 Series power rack is a good option.

It's pretty cheap, has an incredible weight capacity (1500 lbs), is very sturdy, and is reliable to hold up for years to come (if you don't load it to its total capacity). 

It even includes five locking bars, which means you can do more exercise safely.

The Rogue Competition Power Rack has many of the same features as the Titan rack at a slightly lower price. However, it's pretty popular among powerlifters and squatters who buy it for its durability.


The Sunny Health & Fitness Power Rack is a lower-end power rack with all the bells and whistles of a more expensive unit. 

If you don't care about aesthetics, want maximum stability, want to save money, or prefer to try new things, then the Power Zone Half Rack is for you. 

It’s a beginner’s power rack that even serious lifters can use. It will likely last for many years of heavy lifting if it’s taken care of properly.

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