Oxo Brew 8 Cup Coffee Maker Review

Oxo Brew 8 Cup Coffee Maker Review

If you like coffee, you know that a good coffee maker is essential for preparing a delightful morning brew that you can’t wait to get out of bed for. 

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The typical coffee maker that you might find in your local department store or general store does the job, but it may not be as attractive as you would like. 

If you're looking for a coffee maker with an unusual look, you might want to consider the Oxo brand.

In this article, we review the Oxo brew 8-cup coffee maker, a very stylish and functional coffee maker that is as easy as it is attractive.

About the Oxo Brew 8-Cup Coffee Maker:

Oxo has been brewing coffee in Britain for 100 years, and its award-winning brand is now a global favourite, boasting a reputation for superior quality. 

Does Oxo make a good coffee maker?
But Oxo doesn't stop there: this brewer boasts a host of features and a sleek new design that help ensure you get the perfect cup of coffee every time. 

The included gold-standard coffee certification ensures you’ll be brewing the best possible cup of coffee, which the single-serve capability of this device helps to optimize. 

You can also enjoy your coffee from the showerhead, and the Rainmaker shower head distributes water over the grounds to maximize flavour extraction and reduce bitterness. 

And if you want to get into the finer details of how the machine works, Oxo has included a brew cycle tutorial that walks you through the process step by step!



The OXO Brew 8-Cup Coffee Maker is straightforward, but it has a sleek and modern appearance. The appearance of this machine is stainless steel with black accents. It also has a small footprint, measuring 13.5 x 10.5 x 7 inches. 

The OXO Brew 8-Cup Coffee Maker is extremely simple to use. Selecting the batch size includes two buttons on its base and a lever on the front of the filter basket. The OXO Brew 8-Cup Coffee Maker also can make four different cup sizes. 

In addition, this coffee maker has one-touch buttons that enable you to choose between small, medium, large or extra-large-sized coffee cups. The OXO Brew 8-Cup Coffee Maker comes with a brewing capacity of eight cups of water.

Setup Process

The OXO Brew 8-Cup Coffee Maker is simple to set up. All that is required is a thorough cleaning of the removable components, including the filter baskets (one single-serve and one large-batch basket), thermal carafe and lid, reversible well cover and platform, and coffee scoop. 

The instructions also suggest running the machine through with only water to clean the inside. It takes roughly 15 minutes to complete this operation.


It serves coffee that has been certified as gold by the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA). It means that it employs precision brewing to regulate the water temperature and brewing duration in compliance with SCA requirements. 

In addition, the OXO Brew 8-Cup Coffee Maker utilizes a pre-infusion cycle feature to extract the maximum amount of flavour from each bean. 

Finally, it includes a custom brewing guide to help you learn to perfect your coffee-making skills.


The price of the OXO Brew 8-Cup Coffee Maker is $170.


The OXO 8-cup includes a rainmaker shower head technique that uniformly distributes the water across the grounds. It allows you to evenly saturate all of your grounds with water rather than just one area.

Vacuum-Insulated Double-Wall Thermal Carafe

Vacuum-Insulated Double-Wall Thermal Carafe

The OXO 8-cup thermal carafe is double-walled and vacuum insulated to keep your coffee hot for longer. You also don’t have to open the lid before pouring; all you have to do is pour!


This coffee maker includes gold-standard SCA certification, which means the coffee will taste great!

In addition, the gold standard certification ensures that this machine is calibrated to brew coffee at the proper water temperature and brewing time to prevent bitterness.

Brewing Time

The OXO Brew 8-Cup Coffee Maker takes approximately 6 minutes to brew a whole pot of coffee if you select the large option, and it takes about four minutes to brew an entire pot of coffee if you choose the medium option. 

The brewing process starts with preheating, which takes about 1 minute from when you start it until it's finished.


  • Brews an 8-cup pot in less than 8 minutes.
  • Looks compact and stylish.
  • It is possible to prepare a single cup or a whole pot of coffee.
  • The carafe is easy to pour and keeps coffee hot
  • It makes fantastic coffee!
  • The coffee grounds don’t end up in the coffee.
  • It is easy to clean and maintain.


  • It does not have a timer

Customer reviews

The OXO 8-cup coffee maker has an average rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars. There are mostly positive reviews online, with people praising its sleek and modern appearance, its performance, the ability to make a single cup or a whole pot of coffee, and the ability to make 8 cups in less than eight minutes. 

However, there are some complaints about the customer service.


Other coffee makers produce cheaper cups of coffee than the OXO Brew 8-Cup Coffee Maker; we recommend testing out the Cuisinart CHW-12 or CHW-10 12 cup coffee makers instead. 


We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.

The Oxo Brew 8-Cup Coffee Maker is an exceptional all-in-one coffee maker that makes fantastic tasting coffee.

The coffee it makes is fresh and flavorful, and it does not leave any grounds in the cup, unlike the other coffee makers out there today. 

It also includes features like pre-infusion for maximum flavour extraction, a manual brewing guide to help you master the art of brewing coffee, and buttons that you can quickly program to your preferred cup size. 

As a result, the Coffee Maker is excellent for those who want an all-in-one solution without spending too much. 


Is the OXO Brew 8-Cup Coffee Maker easy to use?

Yes, it is effortless to use. The display is easy to read, and it has one-touch buttons that enable you to select among small, medium, large or extra-large cup sizes. The machine also only takes around 15 minutes to clean.

Is there a timer?

No, unfortunately, there is no timer on the OXO Brew 8-Cup Coffee Maker.

Does the OXO Brew 8-Cup Coffee Maker make good coffee?

There is no doubt about it: this is an excellent coffee maker. The quality of the coffee made by the machine is exceptional, and it has several features that allow you to experiment with your brews until you get it just right.

Is there a way to make your coffee stronger?

Yes, you can increase the strength of your coffee by using more coffee grounds when brewing. All you have to do is press the button corresponding to the size of your coffee cup, then press twice. It will give you more coffee in your cup with less water in the brew cycle.

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