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How To Get The Best Of Alternate Day Fasting Diet

Weight loss is a motive of almost every person who has some over weight on themselves. But, the thing that holds them back is the fact that they will not be able to eat their favorite food products anymore and have to switch to the bitter green veggies and health retainers like less calorie food.

Along with the diet comes the exercise which burns the calories and extra fat making the person even hungrier for the kind of food he stops eating to loose weight. But, not every diet plan makes you stop eating your favorite food and the alternate day fasting diet plan is one of them.

What Is Alternate Day Fasting Diet Plan?

It is basically one day normal food consumption and alternate day fasting plan. It means you get to eat any of your favorite food on one day while completely avoiding any calorie intake on the other. This alternate diet plan is also known as intermittent diet plan which has been studied about for over 100 years now.

How Does It Work?

Is It Renowned?

No, but scientists have been researching on this topic over animals and have found only the best results. In case of humans, a lifestyle is followed along with the diet and exercises making it difficult for the scientists to cop-up with them.

However, people have tried this style of dieting and shown their reviews on it which are pretty positive. They state that with this plan their mental stability over desires for food has come to control and better health is being noted.

Should One Adapt To Alternate Day Fasting Diet Plan?

Just like any other dieting plan, this one is also tough and may lead to some difficulties in following it later on a long term. People who have adopted this style of dieting have stated that their health has improved and metabolism is better than before. No side effects or negative sides have been reported to this style of dieting till now which makes it even better.

So, in a suggestion of public opinion rather than scientific proof, you should opt for the alternate day fasting diet plan. It is effective in weight loss and you get to eat your favorite ice cream donuts the day you don’t fast.


Any diet plan requires an equally regulated exercise along with it. When it comes to the alternate day fasting diet plan it is preferable to eat on the day of fasting rather than staying hungry. Eating only 20% calories or one fifth carbohydrates will keep the body demand calm. Exercising on the day of fasting may make you feel dizzy, so try to give more effort on the alternate day and stay calm and in controlled appetite on the day of fasting instead.

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