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ECHANFIT Magnetic Rower Rowing Machine Review

The ECHANFIT Magnetic Rower is easy to operate and designed for home purposes. This magnetic rowing machine helps tone and sculpt your arms, legs, abs, and cardiovascular system. 

As it has 16 levels of silent magnetic resistance, you can adjust the intensity of your workout to target specific problem areas. The console features an LCD screen for real-time workout data and a large digital display for accurate performance tracking.

The ECHANFIT rowing machine was designed by exercise physiologists and is the only rowing machine available in the market that has been clinically proven to burn more calories than regular cardio exercise. 

The patented technology provides a low-impact, full-body workout that targets all major muscle groups. It allows you to sculpt lean muscle while shredding fat and sculpting a slim, muscular body! 

Let us go through the features of the ECHANFIT rowing machine:

Is a rowing machine a good workout?

Design and Build quality

The design of this magnetic rower is similar to that of most other home rowers, but the build quality isn’t quite as impressive. 

The seat and handle are pleasant, and the footrests are in a nice place, but the actual construction and build quality doesn't hold up, especially when pushed to its limits. 

That is arguably one of its most severe drawbacks, and it isn’t even that bad if you intend to use it sparingly. Even if you decide to go all-in on a workout and break any components, everything here comes with a one-year guarantee.


The Echanfit Rower delivered a smooth, pleasant rowing stroke, according to the majority of users. The rowing stroke was flawless throughout, and there were no distracting sounds.

A silent rowing stroke is beneficial since it allows users to watch TV without turning up the volume and work out without bothering their family or neighbours.

The seat has an unusual form, although this is common on rowing machines. It puts less strain on your hamstrings while your legs are fully extended, but some people think it makes the seat excessively tiny. 


Because cheap rowers have a compact footprint, they typically offer strong storage capacities.

The Echanfit Rowing Machine folds up in a manner comparable to other models in this price range. Unscrew the central locking knob, remove the pin, fold the seat rail up, and replace the pin and locking knob.

That’s all! It takes no more than 30 seconds and is nearly difficult to get wrong!


The Echanfit Magnetic Rower has a large LCD, but it’s deficient. It means you’ll have to bend over to use it when rowing, which is uncomfortable and can make it challenging to track your stats.

The display is monochromatic and doesn't give you a lot of information about your workout itself. 

However, you can see your time in the stroke rate, distance travelled, calories burned, and calories per hour burned.

Assembly and maintenance

This rowing machine’s assembly and maintenance process isn’t flawed at all, and it only takes about an hour or so.

Warranty and Customer Support

The Echanft Rowing machine comes with a one-year warranty. Unfortunately, there aren’t any customer support options available to you, which means if anything goes wrong with the rowing machine, you should look for a replacement elsewhere. 

The one-year warranty is also disappointing since it doesn't cover damage caused by falling or misuse. 


  • Robust structure for a home-use machine — can support people weighing up to 350lbs;
  • Aesthetic design and a folding frame;
  • Wheels for transport on the front base;
  • Large, cushioned seat for extra comfort.
  • Rail is rather lengthy – it can support people up to 6’6″ tall.
  • Footrests that pivot and have adjustable straps;
  • Magnetic resistance that is quiet and has 16 different levels;
  • Simple to assemble


  • The console has no backlight
  •  a tablet put on the tablet holder will cover the LCD;
  • There is no pulse reading feature.


Does the Echanfit Rowing Machine come with a warranty?

The Echanfit Rower comes with a one-year warranty, which is standard for the industry.

Does this rower have an incline?

Unfortunately, it does not have any incline capability. It is best used for straight-pulling or pulling movements.

It can't provide any resistance if you are looking to grow at an angle. It only works for straight-pulls or workouts that require no resistance at all.

Can I row fast on this rower?

Because this rower is a magnetic rower, it doesn’t have any resistance during the pull-back movement.

Therefore, you need to pull yourself back slowly and at a steady pace. If you pull too hard, you will move the entire rowing machine while going through your stroke.

What is the price of this rower?

The price of this rowing machine is $306.99.

Can you lose belly fat on a rowing machine?

Customer Reviews

The Echanfit Magnetic Rower has an average rating of 4.4 stars based on about 24 customer reviews.

Most people are happy with their purchase, but there are still a significant amount of negative comments.

“I have had this machine for about two weeks now, and so far, so good. It arrived in good condition, was reasonably easy to put together. I did it myself in about 45 minutes or so, and the seat is very comfortable. 

"When the rowing machine arrived, it was utterly rusty, had two missing parts and no packaging. It was also damaged in several places on the frame that were not shielded by paint.

“I ended up buying a new base plate, some steel screws and some paint for fixing it. Not fun, but otherwise, the machine is sturdy.


Velocity Exercise Magnetic Rower

The Velocity Exercise Magnetic Rower is another magnetic rowing machine that comes at a similar price.

It has the same features, but it's slightly better than the Echanfit Rowing Machine because it has an extra resistance level.

ProForm 750R rower

The ProForm 750R Rower is another magnetic rowing machine slightly more expensive than the Echanfit Rowing Machine.

Although they are very similar, the ProForm comes with a better-connected app, which means you can track your workouts better.

Sunny Health & Fitness Magnetic Rower

The Sunny Health & Fitness Magnetic Rower is one of our top picks because it can support up to 500lbs and has a more adjustable resistance system than the Echanfit Rowing Machine. 


The ECHANFIT magnetic rower is good for home equipment to do full-body aerobic exercise, recovery training, increasing stamina, toning muscles, and losing weight.

It's also a reasonably priced trainer, presently retailing for approximately $300. It has 16 resistance levels, a big comfy seat, and a foldable frame. 

It has a pretty decent construction with a weight limit of 350 lbs, and it also has a console with goal-setting options for time, count, and calories.

But despite being a moderately priced model, it has a few flaws. For example, it can't be used with any incline, and its monitor isn't illuminated in the dark. Moreover, it can have some rust problems, especially if you live in a humid environment. 

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