Marcy Smith Machine Cage System Home Gym SM-4033 Review

Marcy Smith Machine Cage System Home Gym SM-4033 Review

Marcy Smith Machine Cage System: Home Gym SM-4033 – A full-body workout in your own home!

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Marcy’s SM-4033 is a tremendous little all-purpose home gym that you may use for strength training, cardiovascular conditioning, or a full-body workout. 

Its compact size makes it easy to set up and store away when not in use. Its sturdy steel construction is durable enough for regular use, and the powder-coat paint finish makes it resistant to rust. 

The SM-4033 is suitable for individuals who are just getting started with strength training and want to avoid the initial investment of purchasing a dedicated home gym. 

It also makes an excellent addition to an existing fitness centre or commercial gym and can be used as an inexpensive way for existing members to add a few new tools to their arsenal.

The SM-4033 has three main exercise stations: a multi-grip bar, a free weight rack, and a stability ball. The multi-grip bar can accommodate dumbbells or barbells, and it features two handle positions for a more excellent range of motion. 

The free weight rack has eight fixed parts, and the stability ball is great for exercising the core. 

In addition, you may purchase two optional accessories separately: a pull-up bar (for performing chin-ups) and a medicine ball (for throwing to develop upper body strength). 

At such an affordable price, all of this functionality makes the Marcy Smith Machine Cage System a no-brainer for anyone who wants to get into shape and stay healthy but doesn't want to spend a fortune.

Let’s look at the features of the machine:

Is Marcy a good brand for exercise equipment?


The Marcy SM-4033 Smith Cage is composed of a 14-gauge steel tube and has a heavy-duty structure. A robust, corrosion-resistant, and chip-resistant paint finish covers the majority of the frame. 

The Smith elements and the lat machine's guide rods are chrome-plated. It also applies to the cross-over adjustable pulleys' adjustable posts.

Workout stations

There are five primary training settings offered on the Marcy Smith Machine SM-4033. These are the following:

  • Smith’s cage: This is, without a doubt, the Marcy SM-4033’s prominent exercise feature. It comes with a 7-foot Olympic bar. Compared to free barbell workouts, it allows you to do secured squats or deadlifts with a little more control. 
The cage's front pillars also include j-hook attachment holes in case you wish to do free squats. Unfortunately, the Smith element is the only one with safety hooks.
  • Pull-up station: There is a multi-grip bar with this attachment. It allows you to do various pull-ups or chin-ups and is strong enough to accommodate weighted activities. 
There are no foam sleeves on its grips. They are, however, knurled for better contact.
  • Cross-over station: Two movable pulley attachments make up this exercise equipment. There are 15 adjustment settings on their upright posts. In addition, they have a 90° inner swivel and handles for simple adjustment on their carriages. 
They allow you to perform a variety of cable cross-over workouts, as well as lat pull-downs, standing rows, shoulder presses, and other activities.
  • Butterfly press: This add-on is beneficial. It is made up of two arms with oversized cushions and a backbone with an additional backrest pad. It connects to the lat machine and allows to perform butterfly workouts. 
  • Low pulley station: The unit’s low pulley is at the base of the lat attachment. It allows you to do sitting and standing rows, as well as other intense pulley workouts. A footrest plate is there in the machine for added assistance during sitting rows.


There are 31 pulleys on the Marcy SM-4033 Smith Machine. These are constructed of abrasion-resistant nylon and have sealed bearings for smooth operation. Steel ropes with PVC wraps on them are supplied to protect the pulleys from scratching. 

The cables are certified for 2,000 lbs (907 kilograms) strength, although most of the machine's stations are for 300 lbs (136 kg) of weight loads.


The Marcy SM-4033 is especially beneficial if you frequently work out alone. The Smith machine has adjustable safety latches in addition to handy steel lockout points, so you can move out of harm’s way even if you fail a rep.

You'll observe that, other than the J-hooks, the squat rack lacks any safety features. However, it is a good thing because if you didn't, you'd force the barbell into them, perhaps causing you to drop the weight on yourself.


Marcy Smith’s Machine Cage System comes in five boxes. I recommend obtaining a decent socket set and some open-end wrenches, as well as some Allen keys before you start.

13-step safety advice is included in the owner's handbook to help you avoid harm's way and avoid injuries. Following that, you'll get a 6-step maintenance guide explaining how to care for your new SM-4033. 

Overall, it will take you around 7-8 hours to complete all 37 tasks. Because there is no text in the assembly manual, several users found it to be a little ambiguous. 

And, although I see their point, I've grown to expect this from Marcy, and it doesn't take away from the diagrams, which are clean and clear.

However, they do inform you when to tighten the bolts and only half pull them entirely. It is impossible to overestimate the value of this. After all, it might make the difference between a smooth installation and having to redo large parts.


  • Construction of a 14-gauge steel frame;
  • Pull-up bar, butterfly press, low pulley, cable cross-over, and Smith cage are several exercise stations offered.
  • You may adjust the bar catches and dip bars in 17 different ways.
  • Pulleys made of heavy-duty nylon with steel ball bearings;
  • Steel wires with a tensile strength of 2,000 pounds and PVC wraps;
  • You may adjust the cross-over pulleys in 15 different ways.
  • Bench with many positions for adjustments.
  • The bench has a weight capacity of 600 pounds.
  • For the bench, there is a height-adjustable preacher pad;
  • Bench and fly press backrests have thick foam cushioning;
  • On the back base bar of the bench, there are transport wheels;


  • There are no safety bars for free squats, 
  • Standard 1′′ weight plates are not suitable.


Can you get a good workout with a Smith Machine?

What are the measurements of the cage?

212cm L x 172cm W x 219cm H is the size of the Marcy Smith Machine Cage System SM-4033.

Is there a set of weights included?

You’ll have to buy your weights. The good news is that the SM-4033 accepts both regular and Olympic discs.

What kind of maintenance is required?

A 6-step maintenance instruction comes with the owner’s handbook. All you have to do is wash down the bench, check the components regularly, and oil the guide rods every 12 weeks.

What flooring is best for protecting the Marcy SM-4033?

The Interlocking Jigsaw flooring is simple to put together and has a non-slip surface. The high-density foam also provides excellent noise suppression.

It is especially useful if you prefer deadlifting or have to train early in the morning and don't want to bother your non-lifting neighbours.

Customer reviews

Out of the over 450 customer reviews of this product on, 90% gave it a four or 5-star rating. One of the most frequently mentioned benefits is the sturdiness and quality of this machine. 

It's an excellent piece of exercise equipment, which is a good thing if you're a beginner and encounter some problems with your form. The sturdiness also ensures that you can keep working out even if your form isn't 100%. 

“There’s no doubt that this is an excellent machine for experienced lifters. The quality of the welds, steel, and components is outstanding. I used it at the gym for years before I bought my own.” – Lawrence P., Amazon customer.

Another big plus mentioned in many reviews is that the Marcy Smith Machine Cage System takes up little space, making it ideal for home gyms. It doesn't take long to set up either. 


The Sunny Health & Fitness SF-RW Smith Machine/Cage Combo is the most similar alternative to the Marcy SM-4033. They both have similar features and cost around the same. 

These standard features include adjustable bar catches, pull-up bars, dip bars, Smith cages, and preacher cushions. 

Another alternative is the Body Sport BS-650B Olympic Smith Cage System. It has similar specifications to the Marcy SM-4033, including 2,000 lbs (907 kg) of weight capacity, but it has an upgraded bench with wheels and a bow-type handle. 

The final alternative is the Body-Solid GSESmith Cage System. This machine is more expensive than the Marcy SM-4033 but has almost double the weight capacity at 3,000 lbs (1,361 kg). It also comes with an upgraded version of the Marcy SM-4033's bench with wheels.


We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.

The Marcy SM-4033 Smith Machine is a full-featured strength-training machine. Five primary exercise stations are the Smith cage, adjustable cross-over pulleys, multi-grip pull-up bar, butterfly press, and low pulley.

It's also a home gym for people of all fitness levels, with more than 50 activities to choose from. Finally, even though it is not for commercial usage, it comes near to the quality of a commercial strength training system. 

You can find a complete list of exercises accessible on the Marcy SM-4033 on Marcy’s website. If you get tired of the same workout routine soon, I strongly advise you to try the SM-4033 as your next workout system.

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