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Ascent Native Fuel Whey Protein Powder Review

Whey Protein Powder is the most consumed protein supplement for athletes and fitness buffs. It’s convenient, affordable, and tastes great in a wide variety of protein-rich drinks. You can also use it as a recovery and meal replacement shake.

Ascent Native Fuel Whey Protein Powder - Post Workout Whey Protein Isolate, Zero Artificial Ingredients, Soy & Gluten Free, 5.7g BCAA, 2.7g Leucine, Essential Amino Acids, Chocolate 4 lb
  • Made with native whey, the least-processed whey protein available today
  • Zero artificial ingredients
  • Rapidly digesting protein – perfect for taking after your workout
  • 25g protein per scoop, 5.7g of naturally occurring BCAAs, and a clean, minimal ingredient panel
  • Certified Gluten Free and Informed Choice Certified

However, choosing a whey protein powder can sometimes be confusing. There is no clear answer as to which whey protein powder is the best on the market.

There are different types of protein powders and thousands of brands and products available.

Some protein powders are made from animal proteins, while others are from plant-based proteins. Some powders have a high protein content, while others have a low protein content. 

As you can see, there are many variables to consider when choosing a whey protein powder. The real question is, which whey protein powder is the best?

In this article, I will take an in-depth look at Ascent Native Fuel Whey Protein Powder. I'll discuss key features, the nutritional aspects, ingredients, and flavours. I'll also discuss the pros and cons. 

And, of course, I’ll provide all the information you need to make an informed decision on whether this whey protein powder is suitable for you or not.

Ascent's Native Fuel Whey Protein Powder Blend is advertised as the new "benchmark in protein purity." So what's all the hype about? Does it deliver what it promises?

Let’s find out!

About the Manufacturer – Ascent Protein

Is native whey protein good for you?

Ascent Protein does not take the path of least resistance, like many overrated nutritional giants. Instead, it ensures the absence of an all-white protein, cost-cutting fillers, or false commitments.

This fitness company, which is based in Denver, Colorado, and has been operating for the last thirty years, has set stringent regulations:

  • No artificial ingredients whatsoever (flavours, additives, flavours)
  • Grade A milk purchased from trusted farmers
  • Informed-Sport Certification with a banned-free substance promise
  • Gluten-free products for smoother digestion

Today, Ascent is one of the most respected nutrition distributor companies in America.

The company's partners include the NFL's Carolina Panthers, Spartan Race, USA Weightlifting, and CrossFit's two-time champion Katrin Davidsdottir.

What is Ascent Native Fuel Whey Protein Powder?

Ascent’s Native Fuel is the answer to a protein powder with the highest degree of purity. It uses whey protein isolate as the only protein source, making it a complete protein source. It also includes super antioxidant-flavoured inclusions and natural flavours.

It is a 100% natural, non-GMO product that uses milk from grass-fed cows without added hormones or antibiotics. Its protein source is grass-fed cows in Ireland.

Ascent uses the whey “native” to the milk compared to other methods that use acid coagulation, heat, or harsh chemicals to separate them from the whey. As a result, it takes longer to produce, but it creates a much higher quality product.

Most of all, Ascent strives for transparency: they let you know how they make their protein powder and tell you what's considered proprietary information.

The best part is that there are also no artificial ingredients in this product. It’s free from colours, preservatives, and sweeteners.

Key Features of Ascent Native Fuel Whey Protein Powder

Native Fuel is “the purest protein on the market.” It’s the only whey protein isolate in their line of products. It also boasts 100% of the daily recommended amount of bioavailable BCAAs (branched-chain amino acids) vital for promoting muscle growth.

Other key features of this whey protein powder include:

  • Amino acids that nourish and repair muscle
  • GMP manufacturing process for safety, purity, and quality from farm to package
  • Non-GMO product made from pasture-raised grass-fed cows in Ireland
  • Antioxidant-flavored ingredients with natural flavours for a naturally delicious taste
  • Rapidly digesting protein – perfect for taking after your workout
  • 25g protein per scoop, 5.7g of naturally occurring BCAAs, and a clean, minimal ingredient panel

Nutritional Facts

  • Serving Size: 1 pouch
  • Servings Per Container: 1
  • Calories: 120
  • Total Fat: 1g
  • Saturated Fat: 0g
  • Trans Fat: 0g
  • Cholesterol: 20mg
  • Sodium: 100mg
  • Total Carbohydrate: 3g
  • Dietary Fiber: <1 g
  • Sugars: 1g
  • Protein: 25g

Ingredients of Ascent Native Fuel Whey Protein Powder

How bad is whey protein powder for you?

The average gym-goer will see the 25g of protein per serving and think it’s good enough to buy.

But, how many unpalatable ingredients does each batch contain?

If we’re talking about Ascent Native Fuel Whey Protein Powder, the answer is none! Here’s a look at the ingredients you’ll find in every scoop:

  • Whey protein isolate: It is essentially pure whey protein, free of 99% of its lactose content and boasts 90% protein.
  • Whey protein concentrate: This is an excellent quality source of whey protein that comes from milk, so it’s naturally rich in B vitamins and other essential nutrients. 
It is deficient in fat and sodium, which makes it great for those with sodium sensitivities. In addition, this protein powder is loaded with BCAAs for optimal muscle growth. 
  • Milk-derived casein: This is a milk protein that the process of acid coagulation has broken down. It’s a solid form of protein ideal for people who strain their stomachs when consuming dairy products.
  • Protein blend: This blend includes whey isolate and protein concentrate.
  • Natural flavours: This provides Native Fuel with a delicious taste. All of the scent’s flavours are widely accepted as possible, but one of the main things they wanted is to avoid putting artificial ingredients in their product.
  • Natural colours: This includes beta carotene that is derived from vegetables like carrots, butternut squash, and spinach. It adds colour to your shake and serves as an antioxidant that protects your body from harmful free radicals.
  • Sunflower lecithin: The overlooked component that prevents protein shakes from producing gags. It’s a slippery liquid that enables the protein to bind to the particles of the digestive system.
  • Monk fruit extract: The best kind of sweetener is the one that’s in your milk, and this natural extract has been added to the powder without any unnecessary additives.
Since it's a complete protein, you don't have to worry about any chance of missing out on your daily requirements of vital amino acids.

How Does Native Fuel Work?

What's better whey protein or whey isolate?

Native Fuel has been billed as one of the purest protein powders in the market, and that claim holds up once you open a package and look at the ingredients.

It contains several nutrients, including protein that's derived from grass-fed cows from Ireland. That means you're getting a natural healthy protein source, free from harmful hormones, chemicals, or artificial sweeteners.

Because Native Fuel is a whey isolate powder, it boasts one of the highest amounts of protein per serving.

It also has 25g of BCAAs, which, as the name suggests, are essential amino acids that help promote muscle growth—all in one serving.

If you're concerned that 25 grams of protein aren't enough, Ascent might have a solution for you with Native Fuel's protein blend. It includes whey isolate and concentrate, which mixes the best of both worlds in a compact package.

 It’s got the benefits of a whey protein isolate with the inclusion of some whey concentrate.It also has non-GMO ingredients, which makes it an excellent product for looking for a gluten-free or vegan protein powder. 


Ascent Native Fuel Whey Protein Powder comes in different flavours:

  • Vanilla
  • Lemon
  • Chocolate
  • Cappuccino
  • Chocolate Peanut Butter
  • Strawberry
  • Unflavored


Is it bad to drink 2 protein shakes a day?

Native Fuel is an excellent product if you’re looking for a protein powder with great taste.

All of the flavours are delightfully sweet and smooth. Many whey protein powders have a chalky texture, but Ascent avoids that by adding natural flavours to their powder. 

Ingredients like sunflower lecithin also play a big part in ensuring that you get the right consistency and mouthfeel when drinking it.

Size Options & Cost

There is no mystery behind Ascent’s whey protein baggies. You’re able to pick from three options:

  • 2 lbs: $39.99 (27-29 servings )
  • 4 lbs: $64.99 (54-58 servings)
  • Individual serving packets: $39.99 (15 servings for on-the-go refuels)

Where to buy it?

The Whey Protein is available in the official Ascent store or on Amazon. You can also find it at GNC and other supplement stores.

Pros & Cons


  • 25g of protein per serving
  • Natural flavours made from natural ingredients that you can pronounce
  • No sugar, artificial sweeteners, or preservatives in every single serving: Ascent Native Fuel is an entirely natural product that has no unnecessary additives in its recipe
  • It mixes effortless and leaves no clumps behind
  • Tastes excellent and goes down easy
  • A high-quality product at a reasonable price  


There is nothing negative I could find about this product. However, after a lot of research, I did come across one complaint again and again, albeit a minor one that likely won’t bother most folks.

It’s too sweet

Some lifters find the sweetness to be too much, overwhelming, or off-putting. 

If you don't like sweet tastes, this might be a deal-breaker for you. Vanilla or chocolate powders will have some tartness to them.

The Unflavored version would give you a free hand to create your recipe. Just be aware that it doesn’t have any monk fruit extract, so it’ll be as bland as physically possible!

You'll find yourself sprinkling in natural sweeteners yourself!

Final Verdict:

Ascent Native Fuel Whey Protein Powder - Post Workout Whey Protein Isolate, Zero Artificial Ingredients, Soy & Gluten Free, 5.7g BCAA, 2.7g Leucine, Essential Amino Acids, Chocolate 4 lb
  • Made with native whey, the least-processed whey protein available today
  • Zero artificial ingredients
  • Rapidly digesting protein – perfect for taking after your workout
  • 25g protein per scoop, 5.7g of naturally occurring BCAAs, and a clean, minimal ingredient panel
  • Certified Gluten Free and Informed Choice Certified

Is Ascent Native Fuel Whey Protein Powder the right choice for you?

The Ascent Native Fuel Whey Protein Powder is an excellent product for anyone looking to build muscle fast. 

It’s a 100% natural product that mixes up easily with water without additives or preservatives.

If you're looking for a great-tasting whey protein, Ascent might have the solution for you. It contains vanilla, chocolate, and cappuccino flavours to suit the tastes of any lifter who wants to add a little more flavour to their fitness journey.

It’s made with grass-fed cows in Ireland, so you’re getting a natural source of protein that is free from HGH and hormones.

In addition, the protein comes from cows fed on grass free of herbicides, pesticides, and antibiotics which means you get the maximum benefit.

The whey protein also has 25g of BCAA blend. It’s an essential amino acid found in every cell of your body, and it helps repair muscle tissue.

You'll quickly notice that your muscles will become more pliable after a few weeks of using the powder.

Ascent Native Fuel Whey Protein Powder is one of the best whey protein powders with the highest protein per serving—naturally sourced and free from artificial sweeteners. So if you’re working on bulking up, you can’t go wrong.

Finally, It certainly lives up to its "benchmark in protein purity." being the purest protein powder in the market.

My Final Score: 9/10

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