Should You Do Cardio On Leg Day?

Should You Do Cardio On Leg Day?

 Cardio on leg day? That sounds like a nightmare! 

The thought of Cardio on your leg-heavy day of the week sounds like a hard day is on your way.

But, it’s up to you to decide whether you should or not do Cardio on the day that requires more walking. Well, we have some answers for you.

Usually, Cardio on leg day is for advanced lifters, and you should only do it if your body can handle it. 

Read on for a few pointers to make sure that Cardio doesn’t completely screw up your legs.

Many people who work out use a split routine, which means they train a specific body part on each training day.

Should I do cardio before or after leg workout?
For most people, leg day is the most strenuous day of each week or training cycle.

Leg day is the most exhausting time for many. It involves the movement of large muscles in the body, specifically hamstrings, hips flexors, quadriceps, gluteus maximus, gluteus medius, and the calves.

Can you do Cardio after you use these muscles during leg workouts?

Should I do cardio after leg workout?

Cardio fitness is a move that builds body strength while improving your endurance levels, but can it be done during leg day?

This article gives an insight into everything you need to know about Cardio on leg day,

Ultimately, it is possible to work out the legs on weights day. Although, you will want to do the weight training first.

You won't give your total effort to the task that you are only doing second because you will be fatigued by the first task. 

Don’t train too hard on the Cardio. While it’s essential to work out, don’t do so without also giving your legs a break.

Low impact cardio choices, such as swimming and the elliptical trainer, should be your top preference. 

However, because leg training is intensive, it’s much better to carry them out on separate days.

However, if your schedule requires doing Cardio, or if your leg training is not too intense, you can do Cardio and not suffer any reduction in results.

Cardio on leg day may not be an issue for you or may ultimately be off-limits. Therefore, let's talk about both points in detail below..

Why is it not a Good idea To Do Cardio On Leg Day?

Why is it not a Good idea To Do Cardio On Leg Day?

It might not be the best to do Cardio on leg day. Leg day is for building strength, not for racing around the gym doing activities we’re not used to.

In addition, running can make your feet tired, irritates tendons, and can cause injuries as well as lead to muscular imbalances. 

You can also risk injury when you push yourself too far after already fully fatiguing the muscle.

For example, have you ever done a thorough chest workout and then tried to do a few push-ups late that day? It doesn’t feel good, and the pain is a warning to give it a rest for a little while. 

But that doesn't mean that you can't do Cardio on a leg day.

The type of Cardio you do is essential. Don’t do too much Cardio on leg day. Cardio on leg day isn’t the best idea, but it is okay to do the right kind of Cardio on leg day.

"Too much" Cardio on leg day means not giving the legs enough time to rest to recover from the weight exercises.

If you do too much Cardio, you’ll be more likely to get injured, and your legs may hurt more than they should.

If you want to do Cardio on leg day, it’s best if you do low-impact Cardio. Swimming or cycling are excellent low-impact exercises that will still get your heart pumping and make a perfect addition to your leg training routine.

Running isn't a good idea because it's high-impact which means your feet will pound the floor with each step you take.

A light, 20-minute jog first thing in the morning, followed by a weight training leg session later in the day after several hours of rest and a few meals, will not hamper your training at all.

Whereas a 5 mile uphill run to the gym to do heavy squats will not be a good situation.

The intensity of your weight training and your Cardio, along with the time spacing throughout your day, will make a big difference. 

For example, if you’re not going very hard in the gym and your “leg day” consists of leg extensions and leg curls, you will be able to do much challenging Cardio afterwards.

After a light workout like that, you may want to go for a run or hop on a stair-climber right away—no big deal.

But if you’re going at it hard with heavy squats and deadlifts, leg presses, etc., your muscle glycogen will be thoroughly depleted.

It will make any attempt at anything other than the lightest Cardio, i.e. slow walking or swimming, near impossible to perform. In addition, your legs will be shaky and very weak. 

So, “Should You Do Cardio On Leg Day?”

So, "Should You Do Cardio On Leg Day?"

There is no one best way; the answer to this question is dependent on your goals; with most things, what matters is what you want.

If you have the intent solely for building muscular size, then actually, why should you do any cardiovascular workouts?

On the other hand, if you're just trying to maintain good heart health, 2-3 cardio sessions per week are plenty—no need to do it on leg day. Just concentrate on the weight lifting that day.

If you want to lose fat, focus on Cardio. It’s essential to do Cardio on your leg day so you can burn more calories. Make sure it is after you work out, and ideally give some time in between.

Your legs may not have the same strength after a weight workout that they did before. It all depends on the intensity of your weight workout.

Keep the intensity moderate, and you won't have any problem with running later on.

On the other hand, A hard workout like heavy squats can put too much strain on your body. So if you’re going to do Cardio, make sure it isn’t intense.

Besides, you probably won’t be up to doing Cardio the same day either! “Let the muscles recover, then go for a run.”


Should you end leg day with cardio?

If you want to build muscle, first start with weight training and then Cardio. If you’re going to burn fat, do Cardio just before your weight training.

Or even after your weight workout if your goals are just fat loss or maintaining lean body mass.

So Cardio on Leg Day is fine if the intensity is not high. 

Hence, It all depends on what you want to accomplish in the end!

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