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Bowflex 552 vs 1090 – The Best Dumbbells For Your Home Gym

While exercising the legs, back, abdomen, shoulders or arms at your home gym,  adjustable dumbbells are a good choice for a daily full-body workout.

We are reviewing Bowflex 552 vs 1090 which are the best adjustable dumbbells in the world and hope this detailed review will help you choose the best for yourself. 


We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.
We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.

Adjustable dumbbells are the best option for people who want to exercise at home and don’t want a whole lot of gym equipment at home.

Adjustable dumbbells let you add or remove weight as required with just a simple turn of a dial or with the click of a button with weights ranging from 5 to 50 pounds.

Bowflex is a popular brand with two excellent adjustable dumbbells and the review on Bowflex 552 vs 1090 will let you know which is the best option for you. 

Comparison Of Bowflex 552 vs 1090

Bowflex has really improved the adjustable dumbbell space and provided the best options like Bowflex 552 and 1090 models.

Here is an in depth analysis of the two which will help you make the decision about which one is more suitable for your home gym.

Appearance and Size

Bowflex 552

The look and feels of these two dumbbells are almost the same as they both are made out of iron.

The Bowflex 552 featured 15 weight settings and you don’t have to worry about screws to add or remove weights.

It has an art dial system that allows you to change 15 weights in one and it goes up to 52.5 pounds altogether (5 – 52.5 lbs. for each dumbbell) changing range of 2.5 lb. increments up to 24 lbs. and thereby it will be 5 lb. increments above 25 lbs.

The 552 provides two dumbbells for adjustments and the weights can be gradually increased without lifting one single weight at a single go which is the added feature of the instrument. 

Bowflex 1090

On the other hand the 1090 features 17 weight settings with an adjustable dial mechanism to provide the service life.

This adjustable mechanism allows you to adjust up to 90 pounds without any difficulty (10 – 90 lbs. for each dumbbell) with the changing range of 5 lb.

Increments up to 90 lbs. 1090 provides just one dumbbell for exercise. So if you want to work out more, you probably have to buy another set. 

For a beginner with little weightlifting experience, Bowflex 552 is the right option. On the other hand, if you wanted to go for a relatively more intense workout experience, then Bowflex 1090 suits you best. 

The base of the dumbbells

Bowflex 552

It contains a metal base that is rigid and relatively heavier than the other dumbbells. Though the metal base looks good, it will still be in the view as an improvement. 

Bowflex 1090

On the other hand, Bowflex 1090 comes with a plastic base that seems like a disadvantage, but actually, it is strong, much lighter and rigid when compared to Bowflex 552. 


Bowflex 552

The Bowflex 552 provides a lovely grip because of the rubber elements that are added to the handles, however, the price designed for this product makes you feel that the rubber gets worn down after a few exercises or might split during the heavy use.

Bowflex 1090

In contrast with 552, Bowflex 1090 featured with all metal handles that look so stylish and feel good to buy the instrument.

However, you don’t have to worry about the grip on as the pattern of the grip is designed such that it works pretty well.


Bowflex 552

There seems to be no difference between the sizes of the dumbbells when comparing these two specific models. With 552 each dumbbell sizes 15.75” long x 8” wide x 9” tall.

Bowflex 1090

Whereas in Bowflex 1090, the dumbbells measure 17.5” long x 10” wide x 10” tall.

Customer satisfaction

Bowflex 552


The Bowflex 552 has been in the market for longer and has more than 3000 reviews. The rating of the product is high at 4.7 out of 5 stars on Amazon which is considered to be a very high ranking.

As discussed before the product, this dumbbell deserves it. Users responded that the dial in this model is ten times better than any other power blocks and are ten times more fashionable than others.

It has a sturdy construction and users don’t feel uneasy to use it at any time. The locking mechanism of the dumbbells was also very easy and didn’t cause any problem with changing the weights.

The only issue faced by the customers is the length of the dumbbell as it causes issues among 5% of users. Regarding the grip, it is in the right size and firm, plates don’t seem to be bulky.

Bowflex 1090


The Bowflex 1090 is a bit new to the industry and thus they don’t have many reviews from the users (just some around 500 reviews on Amazon so far).

However, the dumbbells rate is slightly lower when compared to that of 552 – just 4.3 out of 5 stars.

That is still a quite decent ranking when compared to the newly launched products in the market and there are few issues regarding the above product which is why the rating goes down. 

The customer reviewed regarding the handles – as they are going heavy when used to about 50 lbs and felt like the hands tear up.

When compared to the standard ones the dumbbells are felt very long enough of around 6 inches to store though they don’t seem to be difficult or tiresome while using.

Few recommended to wear gloves as these handles need grip and without which the skin seems to become very touch after long term usage of the instrument.

While there are many advantages over the dumbbells including the flexibility they offer, weight can be changed with the turn of a dial which could be faster and easier when compared to other products online and the dial to twist also found easier and smoother providing the good thick and grip feel to the user. 

Price comparison

The cost of one set of 1090 is the same as getting a pair of 552 and both to come to around $400 on Amazon.

So if you would like to have a single dumbbell to life then go for 1090 and if you wanted to change the weights gradually then getting 552 is the best option.


Both these models come up with a 2 year warranty on the weights and to the parts as well.


The space efficiency of both the dumbbells is great as they offer multiple weight combinations in a single dumbbell which is considered to be relatively space-efficient when compared to the other traditional products in the market that require a benchtop or a corner of the room to store them.


Bowflex 552

Bowflex SelectTech 552

Bowflex 1090

Bowflex SelectTech 1090

In the comparison between the Bowflex 552 vs 1090 we let you know the key differences of the products.

If you want to work with two dumbbells with less weight and with the increments of 2.5 pounds, then Bowflex 552 is a more suitable option.

On the other hand, if your workout is strenuous and more intense, then Bowflex 1090 is the best option with higher weights.

Choosing one best among them is again based on your workout goals and efficiency you prefer.

In terms of features, dimensions, specs, prices, space occupation, etc., these two dumbbells are very close to identical and these two are excellent choices for a home gym.

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