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Lady Boss Protein Review – What I Liked

Lady Boss Lean is a meal replacement shake that promises to help women maintain their weight and stay fit.

According to the manufacturers, this food is packed with excellent proteins and vitamins that keep users satisfied.

This groundbreaking recipe is created by Lady Boss Labs and is part of the company's more extensive 5-product transformation strategy.

It also claims to increase protein levels, boost immunity, reduce cravings, promote digestive health, and save money by serving as a breakfast substitute.

Lady Boss Lean is one of five steps (or products) of a “Complete Transformation System.” It is how the system works:

Does LadyBoss lean help you lose weight?
  •  Breakfast with Lady Boss Lean.
  •  For workout inspiration, use Lady Boss Fuel.
  •  To kickstart your metabolism, use Lady Boss Burn.
  •  Lady Boss Greens, which promotes general health.
  •  Recharge your batteries with Lady Boss Rest.

Quick facts

Lady boss protein shakes 30 servings:

  • FORM: Powder
  • BENEFIT: Weight Loss
  • FEATURES: Meal Replacement
  • FLAVOR: Vanilla cake
  • ADDRESS & PHONE: 10010 Indian School Road NE, 87112, Albuquerque, United States
  • 877-246-0781,
  • USES: Help women to lose weight
  • PRICE: $69.00

Now, let’s take a look at the list of ingredients in the protein powder.

Lady Boss lean ingredients

There is a lot of protein in Lady Boss Lean. There are three different types of protein: whey protein, egg white protein, and casein. So this lean meal replacement shake contains 27 grams of high-quality proteins.

  • Whey Protein Isolate is a milk protein isolate.
  • Whey Protein Concentrate (WPC) is a protein derived from milk.
  • Maltodextrin is a naturally occurring sugar.
  • Vitamin Pre-Mix is a supplement that is similar to a multivitamin.
  • Fibersol-2 is a well-known fibre supplement.
  • Dry Non-Fat Milk means dried milk powder
  • Fructose is a kind of sugar found in fruits.
  • Digestive Enzymes are enzymes found in the digestive tract.
  • Stevia is a natural sweetener. 
  • Whey Protein: This is a popular protein source for supplements. Due to its solubility and absorption, whey protein may be the finest protein supplement available. In addition, whey has a high concentration of critical amino acids.
  • Stevia: It is a sweetener derived from plants. It is a zero-calorie sweetener, a sugar substitute, and a flavouring agent. Stevia is supposed to improve weight loss and maintenance by lowering energy consumption.
  • Fibersol-2: It is a maltodextrin-based bulking agent that is high in soluble fibre. This element may have a crucial role in biological functions like lipid regulation and glucose homeostasis. It also serves as a prebiotic and may help to avoid colon disease.
  • DigeSEB: It contains digestive enzymes that are supposed to improve whey protein absorption.

Lady boss lean Nutrition facts

Serving Size: 1 scoop- 28g

  • Calories- 100
  • Total Fat – 1.00g
  • Saturated Fat – 0.000g0
  • Trans Fat – 0.000g
  • Cholesterol – 3mg
  • Sodium – 45mg
  • Total Carbohydrate – 7.00g
  • Dietary Fiber – 2.0g
  • Sugars – 5.00g
  • Protein – 17.00g

Side effects

  • Some things to watch out for:
  • Bloating
  • Gas
  • Feeling of fullness
  • Loose bowel movements
  • Constipation
  • Thirst
  • Fatigue

These Lady Boss Lean side effects are common in products that have fibre, enzymes, and whey. 

Pros & Cons


  • It is a low-calorie beverage.
  • It contains high-quality protein that may aid in the development of lean muscle mass.
  • It contains vitamins that can help your immune system.
  • It has a high protein content, which will keep you fuller for longer.


  • Some people dislike the artificial sweeteners in this product.
  • It contains a lot of sugar.
  • Product packaging has a busy design that is unappealing.


On its official website, a packet of Lady Boss Lean costs around $69.00. However, other websites have it for as little as $47.50.

Company warnings

The manufacturer warns of the possibility of feeling bloated and gassy after using the product. However, the majority of customer complaints are about these side effects.

How to use it

This item is used as a meal or snack substitute. As a result, the number of doses taken each day will differ from person to person.

How does it work

Lady Boss Lean is a meal replacement product; thus, it can be taken in place of a meal or snack. For example, when consumed in breakfast, this protein shake supplies the consumer with all the nutrients needed to keep their content until the next meal.

This product also contains whey protein, which can aid in the development of lean muscle mass. In addition, it includes a trace of carbs.

Customer reviews

8 out of 10 positive reviews on Amazon.

What do you mix lady boss lean with?

“If you can put up with your stomach feeling uncomfortable and diarrhoea that is likely to happen for the first three days, then this product is definitely for you.” – Jen.

"This product works fairly well. I've only been using it for two weeks and have lost 5lbs, but......I still feel like I'm starving all day long. I think that eating less and exercising more would really help." - Elissa.

“I have dealt with a lot of unhealthy products and weight loss products in my career, but this is by far the worst one out there.” – Taylor Graham.

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If you don’t receive the results you want, there are other alternatives to explore. Here is a list of goods that may be more suitable for your requirements.

  • Plexus Slim- $89.95
  • Fitmiss Delight- $27.99
  • Phen 375- $65.95
  • Amsa Fast- $59.99 +Shipping
  • RazaLean- $69.95

Bottom line

The Lady boss protein meal replacement powder is entirely safe. However, it’s also nothing exceptional, and the corporation should concentrate on transparency by naming components, providing research, and clarifying what the supplements do.

If you want to try weight-loss products that are healthier and more lasting, you should consider including exercise and a general beneficial eating strategy in your efforts. 

On the other hand, if you prefer to build your weight loss program around a specific supplement, a meal replacement powder is an idea worth considering.

You can give it a try if you are not so worried about the side effects and the money; otherwise, try something else.

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