Rogue Sandbag 2.0 review

Rogue Sandbag 2.0 review

The Rogue Sandbag 2.0 is a sandbag system designed to be used for training purposes.

It has some great features for its low price. In this article, we give you our thoughts on its pros and cons and some advice on how to use the Rogue Sandbag 2.0. Let’s get started!

About Rogue Sandbag 2.0

The original Rogue Training Sandbag was the first sandbag training product to feature a permanent funnel filler bag sewn into the lining.

While the original version was a hit with customers and reviewers alike, we knew there was room for improvement. 

The original design was heavy, bulky, and difficult to clean, and it didn’t have a funnel opening that made filling the sandbag easy.

As a result, we redesigned the bag to incorporate several improvements to create a better product.

The new Rogue Sandbag 2.0 is more comfortable, easier to load, and lighter. It’s also now available in three sizes: Small, Medium, and Large. Each size has a different number of handles, which will enable a wide range of training movements. 

Our new version also features an integrated funnel filler bag sewn into the lining, so you can fill it with sand right out of the box without worrying about adding or switching out modular filler bags. 

The bag is constructed from durable 1000D Cordura, which means it won’t tear or wear out over time. The reinforced nylon backing on the zipper ensures consistent, secure closure and smooth operation. 

The Rogue Sandbag 2.0 comes in two colour options, black and olive drab. Both are excellent choices for military training or law enforcement use.



This sandbag is made from 1000D Cordura- a nylon-based fabric created for US soldiers during WWII.  It benefits from its exceptional abrasion resistance and waterproofness.

Each bag has seven handles, allowing for a variety of workouts. After filling the bag with the necessary sand, you may be sure that no sand will leak. 

It is made feasible by two features. 

First, there's the heavy-duty zipper, which can resist repeated opening and closing without becoming clogged. 

The second feature is the velcro flap closing, which seals over the zipper to protect it from hard hits. To top it off, each bag is held together using double and cross stitches.

Available Sizes and Maximum Weights

  • Small size- 19.5″ long x 7″ diameter. Approx max weight: 40LB sand
  • Medium size – 24″ long x 9″ diameter. Approx max weight: 80LB sand
  • Large size – 35” long x 10.5” diameter. Approx max weight: 150LB sand

The Filler Bag

The Rogue Sandbag 2.0 now comes with an integrated funnel filler bag sewn into the lining. For added convenience, the filler bag is now permanently attached to the sandbag.

When filling the sandbag, unzip the heavy-duty zipper to find a tucked roll secured with velcro. Use the thumb tabs to open and fill to your preferred volume. 

The filler material contains a small amount of sand (approximately 1/4″) to help smooth out the top of the bag. For best results, fill to 80% capacity.

Zipper – Heavy-Duty, Smooth Operation

Using the Rogue Sandbag 2.0 is easy enough, but you’ll want to make sure it opens quickly and smoothly over time. To make this possible, Rogue uses a heavy-duty zipper with a reinforced nylon backing. 

Further, a cross-stitch design ensures consistent contact and smooth operation. 5. The Support Frame

The Rogue Sandbag 2.0 is constructed with a nylon support frame to prevent the bag from becoming too heavy.

This frame provides stability so the bag won't topple over when complete. It also protects the heavy-duty zipper from wear and tear.

The Bags – rugged but lightweight


To ensure that no matter how much weight you put through this bag, it will not tear, Rogue uses double and cross stitches throughout each bag’s construction process. 

The process involves sewing the nylon webbing together to form long, strong straps. The heavy-duty zipper is then sewn securely into the straps using two rows of stitching.


The Rogue Sandbag 2.0 is available from many different manufacturers, which means you can find a great price on it from various online retailers. The price online is $130. 


  • Seven handles are included.
  • Cordura construction
  • A velcro flap conceals the zipper.
  • There are four sizes available.
  • Double stitching provides reinforcement.


  • The most expensive sandbag available on the market.
  • The grips aren’t cushioned.
  • The most significant size may appear to be too long.


Brute Force Sandbag

The Brute Force Sandbag is constructed from high-quality material. It holds sand very well, and it’s also a hefty duty. It has an additional nylon webbing for grip work, which is great for MMA fighters. 

The inside of the bag is made with rigid Cordura material, so you won't need to worry about wear and tear. The Brute Force Sandbag is $170 online.

Franz Sports Sandbag

The Franz Sports Sandbag has an extensive range of affordably priced sandbags available on the market.

The bags are constructed from durable synthetic material. It's also moisture resistant making it perfect for outdoor use. 

Each bag comes with seven handles, which allows you to manipulate the bag in various ways. In terms of size, it has 54″ length and 10″ diameter when filled with sand.

Customer reviews

It has got great reviews online. Customers like it because it’s straps are easy to grip. They also like it because it is well made, secure, and versatile. 

Many customers recommend it to other people because of its price; however, some customers reported breakages during shipping. 

If you’re “upgrading” from a different type of bag, it might be beneficial to buy the newest version that’s still available, such as the Rogue Sandbag 2.0 or the Brute Force Sandbag. 

Although these bags may seem expensive, they will likely be well worth the money after going through one, especially if you're an active user. 

This type of bag is excellent for everyday workouts and personal training sessions at your gym.


The Rogue Sandbag 2.0 is worth the investment. It’s not necessarily the best, but it’s one of the most versatile sandbags on the market. It’s made with excellent craftsmanship, and it will last you a long time. 

The bag is large enough to be useful for workout routines but still small enough to be portable. It also comes in several sizes, allowing you to pick one that will fit your specific workout needs. 


Is the Rogue Sandbag 2.0 safe?

Yes, the Rogue Sandbag is safe. It’s made from high-quality materials that hold up against constant use.

Is the Rogue Sandbag 2.0 comfortable?

The Rogue Sandbag is comfortable because it has several handles to hold onto. Even if you put a lot of weight through it, it won’t damage your hands and wrists due to its firm and padded material. 

Can I use the Rogue Sandbag 2.0 to work out at home?

The Rogue Sandbag 2.0 is excellent for workouts at home; however, it’s not always available online.

If you decide to order the bag online, make sure there are no additional costs for shipping and handling.

How do I purchase the Rogue Sandbag 2.0?

If you’re ready to invest in the Rogue Sandbag 2.0, you can purchase it online or at a local fitness store. The bag is available online for about $130.

How do I store the Rogue Sandbag 2.0?

You should store your sandbag in a dry place away from direct sunlight after each workout session. 

Why is the Rogue Sandbag 2.0 so expensive?

The Rogue Sandbag 2.0 costs $130, which means it’s more than most other sandbags on the market. The price is high, but the benefits are great. 

The bag is designed with extra straps to prevent it from becoming damaged. It's also made with excellent craftsmanship to last for a long time under constant use.

Does the Rogue Sandbag 2.0 fold up?

The Rogue Sandbag 2.0 folds up when empty. It’s one of the bag’s unique features, making it easy to store and transport when open.

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