MiM USA Hercules 1001

MiM USA Hercules 1001, Commercial Smith Machine, All in One Gym Review

Everyone gets motivated for a healthy life and picks up a workout regime. Every fitness freak has its own workout routine.

But if you are someone who is not so familiar with this field, then you might be trying different workout machines in bits and pieces.  

To experience the wonderful world of working out without putting in the time and effort, you should try working out with our MiM USA Hercules 1001. It will change your life. 

When you pick up the Hercules 1001 gym equipment, the first thing you’ll notice about it it’s sturdiness. It isn’t just some cheap, plastic gym equipment that you can knock off when you get tired of using it. 

The Hercules 1001 is constructed from a high-quality, all-steel frame, and every part is reinforced with thick, chromium-plated steel. Not only does this mean it's incredibly durable, but it also makes it very resistant to rust. 

In addition, the Hercules 1001 comes with a Limited Lifetime Warranty.

MiM USA Hercules 1001
The MiM USA Hercules 1001 is an all-in-one, fully-functional gym machine for a full-body workout no matter where you are. 

With 17 different exercises, you can target virtually every major muscle group in your body, making this one of the most comprehensive fitness training systems available. 

In addition, the unique design of the MiM USA Hercules 1001 allows you to safely use this equipment in your home or at the gym, making it the perfect choice for people of all fitness levels.

Let’s have a quick look at the features and benefits of the Hercules 1001:

Key Features:

  • Dimensions: 87 x 67 x 91 inches
  • Item Weight: 680 pounds
  • Weight Capacity: 800 pounds
  • Accessories: V-Handle, Ankle Strap, Push Bar, Grips, Push & Sit Up Attachments, Knurl Bar, Straight Bar, and many more
  • Cable System: High/Low


The MiM USA Hercules 1001 Machine is easy but time-consuming and may require two people. However, the assembly instructions are precise and straightforward in the user handbook.


The MiM USA Hercules 1001 Commercial Smith Machine is highly durable because of its reinforced steel structure.

This equipment is intended for continuous commercial usage 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and includes intensive strength training and weightlifting.

It’s no surprise that it’s incredibly sturdy and durable, with a lifetime warranty on the frame. Components such as Cable Length, Copper Bushing, and Hard Chrome Plated Sleeves reinforce the structure, while Spring Clips and a Rubber Stopper provide smooth sliding.

Stylish Appearance

The MiM USA Hercules 1001 is a trendy watch with a stunning colour motif of red and black.

Maximum Allowable Weight

The Hercules 1001 has an impressive weight capacity of 800 pounds.


A smith machine is helpful in a variety of situations. The MiM USA Hercules 1001 is more versatile than a standard Smith machine because it includes various exercise machines. 

It consists of a Power Cage, Functional Trainer, Dip & Chin Up Station, Vertical Leg Press, Barbell, Spring Clips, Lat Bar, Straight, Curl Bar, Standard and Olympic Bar Storage, Adjustable Weight Bench, Spring Clips, and a complete set of Strength Workout Solutions.

This machine has everything needed to work out all of the major muscle groups. 

  • Strap Handle
  • V-Handle
  • Triceps Pull Down Rope
  • Ankle Strap
  • Leg Press Attachments
  • Push Bar
  • Knurl Bar
  • Grips
  • Arm Workout Tube 
  • Crossovers Handles
  • Functional Training Bar
  • Straight Bar, Bar Storage, and 
  • Hooks are all included.

All in One

Because Hercules 1001 contains all of the workout equipment, the user does not need to utilize various machines to work different muscles. Instead, they may perform the arms, shoulders, chest, back, abs, core, and legs on the same device.

A Wide Range of Workouts

Smith Deadlifts, Smith Deep Squat, Free Weight Exercise, Flat Chest Press, Incline Chest Press, Weight Incline, Morning Exercise, Press Squat, and Triceps Extension are just a few of the workouts that can be done with the Hercules 1001.

Storage that is built-in

The MiM USA Hercules 1001 is significant, but it includes built-in storage for weight plates, cable attachments, and barbells, so it doesn’t take up much room.


  • Sturdy and strong structure
  • Elegant aesthetics in a red-and-black colour scheme
  • Extremely stable
  • Versatile
  • With one single machine, the user may efficiently do hundreds of workouts.
  • Consists of everything a user may require to strengthen all main muscle groups.
  • Built-in weight plate, cable attachment, and barbell storage
  • Simple to assemble
  • Excellent client service


  • May be out of reach for certain people’s budgets.
  • There are no weight plates.
  • Assembly takes time and may need the use of two persons.


What is a smith machine?

MiM USA Hercules 1001

A smith machine is used in weight training to perform squats, shoulder presses, and other exercises involving the legs and torso. 

The smith machine allows a person to lift a barbell with a stable amount of resistance, regardless of the person's strength level. George J. Smith invented it in 1891 at Philadelphia College of Physical Culture.

How does the smith machine work?

The smith machine uses cams to control resistance. As the user pushes the bar forward, the cams increase resistance, forcing it to move slower. Conversely, when moved backwards, there is less resistance, so pulling is easier.

Customer reviews

“This is the best equipment purchase I have ever made. I bought this for myself, but my brother wants one now. No matter your fitness level, you need to get one of these machines. It’s one of the most economical investments I have ever made.”

"I've been using this machine now for seven weeks and could not be happier. Best investment I've ever made."

“This is now my go-to gym because it accurately delivers exactly what it’s supposed to do: train all major muscle groups at once.”


If you are in search of a machine to provide the same results as the smith machine but at a lower cost, an excellent alternative would be the Xmark Commercial Linear Guidance System. It has similar features to the smith machine but at a lower price.

Final Verdict

The MiM USA Hercules 1001 is one of the most durable and versatile smith machines on the market today.

It can withstand continuous use 24 hours a day, seven days a week, because it is made with a reinforced steel structure. 

Therefore, people who are just beginning their fitness journey and professional bodybuilders and Olympic athletes can use this machine because it has everything needed to strengthen all muscle groups. 

I hope you enjoyed this article. This review is for my readers who are looking forward to purchasing new gym equipment. 

I found this machine to be the best one on the market because of its sturdy construction and its quality performance.

If you want to know more about MiM USA Hercules 1001, please visit their official website at http://www.themimusa.com/products/hercules1001.

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